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  • By Kerri Aab, BFRP, seedtoblossom.com Lights, camera, Leo time! For the next month, the stars zero in on self-expression and ask you to shine your big, beautiful, bright light for all to see. Make some bold moves, take some chances and treat the world as if it were your own personal stage. For some of […]

  • On July 25, 2015, Venus—the planet that governs romance, beauty and peaceful relations—flips into retrograde mode. Trouble in paradise? Or, uh Cupid acting stupid? Not necessarily. Venus’ U-Turn, which happens approximately every 18 months, might just bring a refreshing pause in the dramatic scripts of our love stories. Are we truly writing ourselves into suitable […]

  • LEARN ASTROLOGY WITH US IN TULUM, MEXICO: APRIL 2-8, 2016 Join The AstroTwins in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera to master the basics of chart interpretation. Make lifelong friendships. Luxuriate with sunshine + white sand beaches. Master the basics of chart interpretation. Join us this April 2016 in Tulum, Mexico—home of the ancient Mayans—for our “Become Your Own Astrologer” women’s […]

  • Lead with your heart! The July 15, 2015 new moon in sentimental Cancer kicks off a compassionate and nurturing six-month cycle. Cancer is a touchy-feely water sign, ruler of the fourth house—the most personal and domestic zone on the zodiac wheel. The fourth house sits at the very bottom of the chart, representing foundations. This new moon prompts […]

  • Our resident number-guru Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, joins us on Astrostyle every month to give you a new kind of forecast, one that will complement your Monthly Horoscope. To find your monthly Numerology prediction, you have to do a wee bit o’ math to calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year […]

  • Ready, steady, build. The July 1, 2015 full moon is in structured Capricorn, the sign of long-term goals and plans. Capricorn is ruled by stern Saturn, who’s all about paying dues and mapping out a sustainable future—one built on a firm foundation. This is an unusually active day in the skies, because the full moon […]

  • Love expands, then contracts. Two full moons. Mid-July star wars. Retrograde high season (five planets!). July is one busy month. Let love reign…or rein it in? July begins and ends on two wildly different notes. On July 1, love-planet Venus will form the first of 2015’s three potent conjunctions (exact meetups) with expansive Jupiter. It’s […]

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