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  • Coming to SXSW in Austin this month? We’d love to meet you! We’ll be speaking at the Ipsos Girls’ Lounge on Saturday, March 14 with some amazing women, talking about entrepreneurship, dreams and desires…and of course, astrology! PANEL: Authenticity. For Real. with Amanda de Cadenet of “The Conversation” Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:00 – 5:00 pm The […]

  • March is the month of passionate disruption. What do you stand for…and why? The planets in March invite us to question our long-held beliefs and values. Some of those cherished ideals, it turns out, may have gone a bit stale. Others are actually worth preserving and defending, even if they’ve fallen out of fashion. But […]

  • The Oscars are around the corner, and we can’t stop buzzing about the powerful actresses up for Academy Awards on February 22. With a slew of fire and air sign ladies in the running, it’s all very, “we are women, hear us roar.” Who will walk home clutching the trophy for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in […]

  • Are you an entrepreneur, or an aspiring one? Do you feel stuck between four cubicle walls, or a monotonous daily routine? Do you like your job well enough, but have a nagging sense that you’re “meant” to do something bigger? Are you unsure of when to take a risk, because you’ve got bills to pay […]

  • Just say baa! February 18, 2015 will kick off the Year of the Sheep in Chinese astrology. Bid adieu to the prancing, pompous Horse and all its 2014 fanfare. Instead of galloping hooves and in-your-face flair, we have the contemplative and indirect Sheep ruling the general vibe. Where the Horse comes on too strong, the Sheep can be a […]

  • Come one, come all! There’s a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of groups, humanitarians causes and technology. Whether you’re connecting virtually or in real-time, this is a powerful opening for finding your tribe. In 2015, there are actually TWO consecutive Aquarius new moons, a rare event. This first one, on January 20, was a potent perigee […]

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