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  • April is the month of radical acceptance. Can you flaunt your individuality without burning bridges or disrupting the harmony of your relationships? April’s stars beckon us to find that delicate balance. This challenge arrives amid a spell of seismic change, as we are smack in spring’s unpredictable eclipse season. We’re all a bit like surfers […]

  • Eclipse season is upon us! In 2015, there will be four page-turning eclipses, which can bring moments of unexpected change. This spring, there are two eclipses—a March 20 Pisces total solar eclipse, which accompanied a supermoon AND the spring equinox (whew!); and the April 4 total lunar eclipse in Aries. Here’s what you need to […]

  • The signs of spring are cropping up everywhere — and so are the signs of love. This time of year always brings that frisky rush and the desire to come out of hiding and adorn ourselves once again. But no matter what the season, love is a favorite topic of the astro-obsessed. If we’re not […]

  • What style calls to YOUR soul? Your “spirit print” is written in the stars. As globetrotting Sagittarians, we are always up for a travel experience—even if we’re simply being transported by the power of imagination. Checking out new corners of the globe is one of the major ways draw inspiration for our writing. But sometimes the […]

  • You say you want a revolution? Well, the planets are with you on that. With the final of seven Pluto-Uranus squares ramping up from March 11-28,2015 (can we get an amen?!), we are coming to a grand finale of one of the most intense three-year cycles history has seen in a while. Pluto and Uranus only align […]

  • 2015 Planetary Planner

    March 1st, 2015
    2015 Planetary Planner

    ON SALE NOW! Are you ready for almost 300 pages of astrological insight, detailed planning advice and power moves for your zodiac sign? Fellow astro-obsessors! Our 2015 Planetary Planner ebook (PDF) is on sale now! Dive into 300 pages of must-know dates and events to help make 2015 your best year yet. Each sign’s chapter is divided into […]

  • March is the month of passionate disruption. What do you stand for…and why? The planets in March invite us to question our long-held beliefs and values. Some of those cherished ideals, it turns out, may have gone a bit stale. Others are actually worth preserving and defending, even if they’ve fallen out of fashion. But […]

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