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  • Ready, steady, build. The July 1, 2015 full moon is in structured Capricorn, the sign of long-term goals and plans. Capricorn is ruled by stern Saturn, who’s all about paying dues and mapping out a sustainable future—one built on a firm foundation. This is an unusually active day in the skies, because the full moon […]

  • Love expands, then contracts. Two full moons. Mid-July star wars. Retrograde high season (five planets!). July is one busy month. Let love reign…or rein it in? July begins and ends on two wildly different notes. On July 1, love-planet Venus will form the first of 2015’s three potent conjunctions (exact meetups) with expansive Jupiter. It’s […]

  • Itching to break free from a confining situation? Want to make a quantum leap to the next level in your life? On June 22, the cosmos pour rocket fuel into your dream machine. Expansive Jupiter and radical changemaker Uranus will meet in a rare, golden trine (120-degree angle), blending their transformational powers. These dynamic planets are both in […]

  • The summer solstice is almost here, and to celebrate, we co-hosted a party at Calypso St. Barth‘s store in East Hampton. Guests sipped champagne, nibbled on treats and sat with us for personal summer horoscope readings. They also enjoyed 20% off Calypso’s gorgeous merchandise. It was an afternoon of celestial fun, as well as a […]

  • Saturn’s last hurrah in Scorpio until 2041 is from June 14 – September 17, 2015. What lessons are left to learn? (Warning: This post touches on some pretty “controversial” topics. That’s because we’re talking about Scorpio. And Saturn.  So, we just had to go there.) On October 6, 2012, taskmaster Saturn landed in Scorpio, the zodiac’s […]

  • If we haven’t said it before, we’ll say it now: We LOOOOOVE our readers! You write us the most thoughtful, inspired and intelligent emails, Tweets and posts. You shore up our faith that critical thinking lives on, in a world that tries to oversimplify everything. And, as we sit in solitude writing our endless stream of horoscopes, […]

  • Anyone who’s picked up a Wheaties box—or a remote control—in the last 40 years knows the name Bruce Jenner. But the man behind the legend? Bruce, we hardly knew ye. No surprise: As a mysterious Scorpio, Bruce was able to keep THAT secret locked in his emotional vault, even while living with round-the-clock camera crews. […]

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