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  • Just say baa! February 18, 2015 will kick off the Year of the Sheep in Chinese astrology. Bid adieu to the prancing, pompous Horse and all its 2014 fanfare. Instead of galloping hooves and in-your-face flair, we have the contemplative and indirect Sheep ruling the general vibe. Where the Horse comes on too strong, the Sheep can be a […]

  • 2015 Planetary Planner

    January 29th, 2015
    2015 Planetary Planner

    ON SALE NOW! Are you ready for almost 300 pages of astrological insight, detailed planning advice and power moves for your zodiac sign? Fellow astro-obsessors! Our 2015 Planetary Planner ebook (PDF) is on sale now! Dive into 300 pages of must-know dates and events to help make 2015 your best year yet. Each sign’s chapter is divided into […]

  • Ah, Mercury retrograde, how you vex us so. Just when everything is running along smoothly, you swoop in and scramble all the signals, pushing us to the edge of our patience. But, we surrender! We understand that you want us to press pause and review the past. So, as you tour quirky, Space Aged, mad-scientist Aquarius […]

  • LEARN ASTROLOGY WITH US IN TULUM, MEXICO: APRIL 18-24, 2015 Join The AstroTwins in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera to master the basics of chart interpretation. Make lifelong friendships. Luxuriate with sunshine + white sand beaches. Master the basics of chart interpretation. Join us this April 2015 in Tulum, Mexico—home of the ancient Mayans—for our “Become Your Own Astrologer” women’s […]

  • How to survive three weeks of communication and technology breakdowns without having a nervous breakdown. Ever have a week when nobody understands you? Your cell phone erases itself, people argue over nonsense, traffic sucks, and your computer crashes as you’re typing the last sentence of your Great American Novel. Flights are delayed or cancelled, or […]

  • Come one, come all! There’s a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of groups, humanitarians causes and technology. Whether you’re connecting virtually or in real-time, this is a powerful opening for finding your tribe. In 2015, there are actually TWO consecutive Aquarius new moons, a rare event. This first one, on January 20, happens to be […]

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