Have you given up on creating the love you really want?

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Hang on—we're here to help.


...and you're tired of feeling alone, but you're also scared of being hurt or disappointed...of making a mistake.

Maybe your relationship role models weren't great. Perhaps you've been burned in ways that have made you hesitant to open up again.

Either way, you're frustrated. You have so much to give, but you want to connect with the right person—someone safe, sexy and supportive who will love you back the way you deserve. 

You want to start a new chapter in your love story, but you're not sure where to start.


...and you've been through the magical honeymoon phase. You're committed. But you know things could be better, richer, more connected and loving. 

Maybe you've compromised away passions that really matter to you. Or you can't figure out how to effectively communicate about an issue without getting into a fight.

You quietly hold onto resentments that grow into a wider and wider chasm. The stresses of life now pull you apart instead of bringing you together. 

How did this happen...and what can you do about it?





When you were born, the planets wrote  a love story just for you.

At your moment of birth, the stars and planets mapped out a love story customized only for you. Your soul already knew what you needed to learn in this lifetime, and how love could help you grow.

But on the other side of our desires and needs is often fear. A good old "frenemy" that tricks you into using your protective mechanisms, and limits you from receiving the wonders that love wants to give you!

Now it does!

If you ever wished love 

came with instructions...

Join The AstroTwins for a life-changing course.

Astrology Lessons

Each Monday, you will receive a new week of easy-to-follow, guided astrology lessons from Ophi and Tali in our private member portal.

We are moving from mystery to mastery in a fun and exciting way. 

All videos, worksheets, and exercises are designed for any level of astrology knowledge, from beginner to seasoned stargazer.  

Live. Guided. Supported.

This entire course will be grounded in personal connection. You'll make friends and be lifted up by us and your classmates. 

We know it takes a loving village to support ANY kind of real transformation.

You'll get personal interactions with us as we guide your journey—and teach you how to follow the stars in a practical, proactive way.

Powerful Rituals

Together as one powerful group, we will do practical and simple rituals together to help you integrate all the planetary wisdom.

Get ready to release everything that holds you back, and manifest all that your heart desires!


Easy to fill in templates  and practical exercises to help you extract the most important information and help you implement it into your life. 

Simplicity is bliss!  

Cosmic Support Community

Your tuition includes access to our private Facebook Group, where you can hang out with The AstroTwins for weekly livestreams and daily conversations—and get encouragement from your fellow course members through the whole process.

Private membership platform.

You get lifetime access to all the material, so you can study at your own pace, and revisit the program anytime you wish. 

Over 6 weeks you'll get cosmic clarity on...

In the first lesson, you'll learn how each planet in your chart sets your "love GPS."  We'll dive into your birth chart, planet by planet, exploring how each cosmic player creates the total blueprint of you. 

 Week 1: Your Love GPS

Okay, so you've tuned your GPS to the frequency of love. Now, where should you go? Follow the 12 houses to get to the places that are most conducive to love—and to avoid the ones that aren't.

Week 2: Your Love Locator

Did you know that every relationship has a chart of its own? This week, we'll examine the combined (composite) chart—the cosmic blend of you and another person.

Week 3: Relationship Maps

This week, we'll teach you "the secret of distance"—how the angle, or aspect, between any two zodiac signs creates a vibration that's either harmonious or challenging.

Week 4: Compatibility

When conflict or challenge strikes, you can feel lost in space. So how can you make a safe landing before the relationship runs out of oxygen? Tricks from the cosmos, coaching and neuroscience to get back into each other's orbits!

Week 5: Cosmic Conflict Resolution

Is there a "good time" for love? Well, yes! While we believe you can create happiness at any moment, some cosmic cycles are more supportive for romance. We'll teach you how to plan your relationship moves by the movement of the stars. 

Week 6: Divine Timing

Design Your Dream Relationship starts 

October 22, 2018

Join before registration closes 

October 21 at 11.59 PM EST


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As soon as you purchase the course, you will receive a log in to our pre-course, to get you started with your birth chart. 

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Then, get ready for some a-ha moments, emotional rebirths and lots of transformational, beautiful stories shared between each other as we go deeper into our love planets on this guided tour—together!

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 Includes all bonuses and a 3-month access to our new membership program.

You also get an extra group VIDEO call—exclusive for our pay in full members!


This option fits every budget -

12 payments of $37 (total: $444 )

Includes 30 day access to our new membership program and the 2019 Planner!

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