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A Ritual for the Aquarius Full Blood Moon Eclipse to Reveal Your Magic

aquarius full moon lunar eclipse ritual 2018

Total eclipse of the heart! On July 27, 2018, at 4:20PM EST, the year’s only Aquarius full blood moon arrives as a total lunar eclipse, and brings out the freaks and geeks in us all. Harness the potency of these galvanizing moonbeams with an alchemical full moon ritual to channel your most authentic, quirky self.

Eclipse season is in full swing with July’s total lunar eclipse in high-minded, eccentric Aquarius. During a lunar eclipse, we can see the shadow of the Earth dance across the moon. Metaphorically speaking, a lunar eclipse can reveal shadows within ourselves or hidden opportunities that have been blocked from our view. Be open to surprises!

Ritual: Rainbows & Unicorns Picnic

Summon the unicorns! With a lunar eclipse in offbeat Aquarius, all things weird, wacky and otherworldly will captivate and enchant. There could hardly be a better time for flying the old freak flag and letting our alter egos out to play. Make it a rainbow connection! Known by some Native American tribes as the Full Buck Moon and the Full Thunder Moon, the Aquarius blood moon lunar eclipse honors the world’s most colorful characters—not to mention the brightest hues of the spectrum. Forget about your summer whites or LBDs and reach for reds, purples, oranges and neon greens.

But why be so liberated all by your lonesome? Host a Rainbows & Unicorns Picnic and share the love! Aquarius loves to commune, and this lunar eclipse celebrates the spirit of social experimentation. Invite everyone from the Coachella bohemian to the corporate banker type. You’ll be surprised to see who clicks. If you live in a warm climate, make it a picnic in the park or a barbecue You might even bask in the light of the Aquarius full moon after dusk—or see the eclipse, if you live in the right time zone (alas, this one won’t be viewable for us in North America).

Participation and collaboration are Aquarius keywords, so this should be a potluck so that everyone can help create the spirit of the gathering. Go full-on with the Rainbows & Unicorns theme. Spread out a multi-colored blanket or sparkly white and silver clothes. Bring on the cosmic cosplay: Have friends dress in rainbow colored clothes or, hey, as unicorns. (One of our Aquarius friends actually owns a head-to-toe unicorn suit—a zip-up onesie with a horned hood.) You could even pass out unicorn horns as party favors for guests. Make your fare rainbow-colored or fantasy-themed. Think: cotton candy, a rainbow assortment of crudité, ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles. (Check this Pinterest selection of rainbow and unicorn treats to spur your imagination.)

Keep your guest list wide open and encourage friends to invite a plus-one or two. Don’t be surprised if strangers stroll up, curious about your fete. Tell them to pull up a picnic blanket: the more is always the merrier under an Aquarius full moon—especially a total lunar eclipse. This lunation could even bring the bonus surprise of new long-lasting friendships.

Other Ideas:

  • Invite friends to watch a documentary together (Netflix has a great selection!), then, have a salon-style discussion afterwards. This eclipse is both progressive and thought provoking!
  • Streamline social media, deleting posts and photos that don’t represent your current values or beliefs.
  • Aquarius rules electricity so make a point of conserving and “green-ifying” your home. Switch to LED bulbs, sign up for green power (ask your electricity provider about this option), explore solar chargers for your small devices or a solar keyboard for your computer.
  • Attend a group meditation or yoga class to awaken your higher mind—Aquarius is associated with the third eye chakra.

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