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Astrology & Asanas: Yoga for Aquarius Season

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All together now! Just in time for Aquarius season and a future-forward, community-centric cosmic cycle, we’re thrilled to bring you our latest installment of zodiac-themed yoga poses by Andrea Rice, a harmonious Libra and yoga teacher, and Astrostyle’s own Managing Editor. For each astrological season, Andrea will share her favorite planetary poses tailored to the traits of the corresponding star sign. By embodying astrology and asana, you can move more in tune to the natural rhythms of life; enhancing your perceptions and elevating your spirit. Namaste! –Tali & Ophi 

divider2By Andrea Rice

Innovative Aquarius brings progress and pandemonium to our hopes and dreams. As a high-minded air sign symbolized by the Water Bearer, Aquarius season invites us to embrace our inner mad scientist and even unite around a common cause.

Much like the zodiac wheel, our bodies are always shifting, progressing and changing form. From the “birth” of Aries season to the “death” of Pisces, we too are experiencing a continuous life cycle. In other words, we cannot be born again until the outmoded parts of ourselves are released. It is only when we stop spinning our wheels and actually witness our patterns that we can actually become aware enough to break free from them.

Picture yourself like a spiraling galaxy, where at your galactic core is your light, your source, your divinity. It is by moving into that very center of serenity that change and growth can occur. It is where yoga begins. Astrology is a wonderful complement to yoga asana, as both disciplines require self-study. And since the purpose of yoga is to stabilize the fluctuations of the mind, we can more readily look to astrological insight from a place of clearer perspective with acceptance and without any judgment. In other words: Free your mind—and the rest will follow.

Each year during Aquarius season we are reminded that we can indeed get by with a little help from our friends! Rebel-rouser Aquarius takes the goals and intentions we set during this ambitious phase of Capricorn season and then helps us to start building. Aquarius is a fixed sign, taking the ideas that cardinal signs spark, and crafting them into something real. Ruled by radical Uranus, Aquarius also reminds us that a little spontaneity can go a long way.

By looking toward the future and forging synergistic collaborations, yes-we-can Aquarius season helps us to craft even our loftiest dreams into real, tangible results.


Planetary Poses for Aquarius Season (January 19-February 18)

Aquarius rules the ankles and shins in the body. The following short yoga sequence is designed to strengthen and lubricate the ankle joints and ligaments to cultivate more stability and focus. After the Sun’s goal-setting stint in structured Capricorn, lighthearted Aquarius season invites our aspirations take flight. For musical inspiration, I recommend “Revolution” from the Blue Album by the Beatles to inspire you to activate your inner activist during this “power in numbers” phase.

3, 2, 1…Liftoff! Dynamic Chair Pose Sequence

Begin standing tall in Tadasana, Mountain Pose, with the palms face out and feet hips-width distance apart. Cycle through a few repetitions of swinging the arms overhead and lifting to the balls of the feet; followed by lowering the heels with control and returning the arms alongside the body. Keep the gaze affixed toward the future, in true forward-thinking Aquarian fashion, as you then begin to lift the arms overhead and sweep them behind you like wings to sit low into a Chair Pose (Uttkatasana) variation with the heels lifted. Lift the heart high while drawing the shoulder blades together, then lower the heels back down and return the arms toward the sky. Repeat for a few cycles, then shift your weight into your right foot and draw the left knee to lift to 90 degrees, return to a number 4 variation of Chair pose, actively flexing through the left heel. Switch sides.

Video courtesy of Beth Kessler Photography

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