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Astrology Fundamentals: Take Control of Your Destiny & Rock Your Relationships


Do you ever wish you had an instruction manual for your life? A tool for decoding your best moves in love, career, personal relationships—for all the big decisions you have to make every hour of the day? 

The astrology chart IS that guide—a road map to your soul’s true purpose and how to thrive by the stars…right here on earth. If you’re ready to move beyond the generic daily horoscope, this class is for you!

 We’re thrilled to announce our brand new, in-depth video course, Astrology Fundamentals: How to Take Charge of Your Destiny and Rock Your Relationships. It just debuted today and we can’t wait for you to check it out! 

We teamed up with MindBodyGreen to create this comprehensive video class, which you can do at your own pace. Through this course, you’ll become masterful at interpreting astrology charts, even if you’re a total beginner! Understand the planets, zodiac signs and houses…and learn how to put together the puzzle that explains how every human being ticks!

The course includes a companion study guide, which you can check out, along with some free preview videos, right here