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AstroTwins Radio: Gemini Full Moon Edition


We’re back with another moon magic podcast! This Wednesday, November 25, the full moon in Gemini lights up the skies. Double your pleasure, double your fun! The zodiac’s twins brings a bonus serving of social energy to our Thanksgiving celebrations. But la luna locks into a tricky T-square (3-way tug of war) with staunch Saturn and crisis-junkie Neptune and that could bring some seriously scrambled signals.

On our latest AstroTwins Radio podcast, Tali talks about how to use this week’s cosmic beams to create a stronger rapport and stay out of gridlocks.

Exciting news! We’re on iTunes now so subscribe to our station, AstroTwins Radio for free and get our podcasts delivered right to your mobile as we release them. We’d be so thankful if you write us a review too, which will help us lift off a whole lot faster. Happy Thanksgiving. We’re so grateful you’re reading our ‘scopes and listening to our new ‘cast.

Tali & Ophi

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