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August Monthly Horoscope: Big Hearts, Truth Bombs & Plot Twists

august 2016 monthly horoscopes

Will summer’s intensity ever let up? August’s monthly horoscopes bring the continuation of Leo season, a Mars move into Sagittarius and an Aquarius full moon…but end with Mercury going retrograde.

Raise your hand if you’re more than just a little bit relieved that July is over. Although the stars portended possible peace, our hopes were dashed. The lower-vibe energies also swirling through the sky simply gained too much strength and momentum last month.

Combative Mars fueled this climate, moving through intense and shadowy Scorpio from May 27-August 2. The world’s morale and mean-spiritedness dipped to new lows in June and July. From the United States’ most absurd, frightening and mean-spirited election season, to celebrity Snapchat wars, life has felt, at moments, like a schoolyard terrorized by bullies.

Will August bring the turnaround we all hope for—or will it further polarize our world? The Sun is moving through bighearted Leo until August 22, which awakens courage, self-expression—and possibly some outsized egos. While it’s important to speak from the heart, we also need to do so in an informed way. The August 2 Leo new moon, which will make a harmonious trine to structured Saturn, can pull us out of the craziness. This new moon’s big question: Where can we lead with love?

Life has felt, at moments, like a schoolyard terrorized by bullies.

Also on August 2, energizer Mars moves into Sagittarius until September 27, its second visit this year (the first was from March 5-May 27). With the red planet out of vengeful Scorpio and now in the visionary, expansive sign of the Archer, maybe we’ll finally live into the mantra Michelle Obama teaches her daughters, “When they go low, we go high.”

Of course, Sagittarius is the zodiac’s most outspoken sign, so anything that’s been simmering in the shadows while Mars was in Scorpio could now come into the open. Sagittarius is the sign of global politics, so international and multicultural tensions could also rise. Some of the “truth bombs” Mars ignites could be damaging if we aren’t careful.

Luckily, mature Saturn will end a five-month retrograde in Sagittarius on August 13. Here’s hoping this helps us address any tension from a grounded, sensible place. Mars and Saturn will make an exact conjunction on August 24, and we’ll feel their combined effect all week. With hasty Mars rushing us and cautious Saturn pumping the brakes, the atmosphere could get tense. But if we play our cards right and regulate our energy, we can blast through barriers and get ahead.

The August 18 full moon in Aquarius shines a light on group dynamics, technology and humanitarian spirit. This full moon is also a penumbral eclipse (or “pseudo eclipse”), so its effect will be especially potent.

We’ll ride its supernova waves into Virgo season, which begins on August 22, when the Sun moves into the sign of service, health and analytical thinking. Some grounded, earthy energy will do us all some good.

But the month ends with a plot twist, as communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from August 30-September 22, which could cause glitches with technology, interpersonal ties and travel. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Back up your important data, triple-check travel reservations and take a deep breath before flying off the handle at anyone.

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