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Body Image Horoscopes: How to Love Yourself By the Stars


Do you REALLY need a rock-hard body to rock your body? We say, hell no!

Here at Astrostyle, we’re all about banishing body shame, advocating for everyone’s right to feel sensual and alive in their own skin. Astrology is one of our favorite tools for self-acceptance: It gives people permission to not only ADMIT that we have quirks, but also to embrace and celebrate them.

And is that not a metaphor for our bodies? They all have individual lumps, bumps, curves, swerves, scars and such…and we’re here to take the shame out of that game. With “bikini season” fully upon us, we’re delving into your horoscope to help you understand and dismantle the sign-specific stressors and anxieties that could tempt you to hide during the year’s most social and celebratory season.  

It just so happens that Ophi’s pre-astrology career was as a body image activist—her book “Body Outlaws: Rewriting the Rule of Beauty and Body Image,” first published in 1997 and in its third edition, is a multicultural women’s anthology of body acceptance stories that even still widely used as college curriculum nearly 20 years later. Sadly, the anecdotes continue to be relevant, since our world has only gotten more FaceTuned and Photoshopped. So, let us invite you to a cosmic coming-out party for your body under the blazing summer sun.

We teamed up with our friends at The New Potato and gave our June body image forecast for all 12 star signs. How can you look and feel like an exalted child of the sun (or fine, just comfortable at the damn pool!) while reveling in the skin you’re in? Click here to read the full post and find out…

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