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A Capricorn Full Moon Podcast to Restore Sanity in a Crazy World

Capricorn Full Moon Podcast

On our Capricorn full moon podcast, Tali explains the astrology behind this crazy week.

As we reflect on the July 19, 2016 Capricorn full moon, we are looking at the structures and systems that keep crying out for change. Capricorn is the “big daddy” sign of the zodiac, ruling governments, the patriarchy and established systems of power. A simple scan of the headlines quickly reveals that the struggle for domination is getting fierce.  And yes, this summer has been particularly intense! Polarizing politics, senseless acts of violence, even vengeful celebrity feuds…can we bring order to the chaos? In this podcast, we explain what’s behind all the madness (Mars in Scorpio, Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius we’re looking at you). We also offer tips for restoring sanity with this earthy moon.

The next NEW moon is in Leo and takes place on August 2. We can use the days leading up to that to harness the power of this Capricorn full moon. Warning: This podcast gets political  and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. But as above, so below. The summer stars are serving up some shadowy truths that need to be dealt with.

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