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Capricorn New Moon Podcast: Clearing the Decks for the New Year

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New year, new you, new focus! The Capricorn new moon on December 29 fixes our eyes to the proverbial prize. It’s time to think big…and bigger still.

Early Thursday morning, the Capricorn new moon gives us a head start on our resolution making. Capricorn is the star sign of outsized ambition—the zodiac’s motivator who gets the job done right. New moons are powerful for planting potent seeds of intention, which we harvest under the light of the corresponding full moon six months later.

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The Capricorn full moon puts progress and productivity high on our agendas. With alchemical Pluto and Mercury retrograde also in Capricorn, we need to set some serious soul goals—ones that satisfy our deepest desires while bringing material rewards.

Capricorn is also the sign that rules the archetypal masculine and the patriarchy. In this podcast, Tali discusses ways to work proactively with this energy — and stay grounded in the face of its imbalanced use.

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