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Do Your Chart for Free: Sample Report

Go beyond the daily horoscope and map out your whole astrology birth chart. Want to know your moon and rising signs? Find out which zodiac signs all the planets were in when you were born, and enjoy short descriptions of what that means. Do as many sample charts you want—they’re free! Do a free chart now >



Full-Length Custom Astrology Reports by Email

Want to know more? We’ve partnered with our stellar friends at at Astrolabe to offer printable, customized charts.  While we don’t write the content for these, Astrolabe is an acclaimed and credible source in the astrological community, and we stand behind their predictions. Below are the different types of charts that are offered

Personal Natal Chart


Who are you and what makes you tick? Discover your unique life purpose with an in-depth personal chart that explains your planetary placements and aspects. GO >

Compatibility Chart


Secrets to understanding your mate revealed! How well do you click and what issues will you have to overcome? A complete guide to your romantic compatibility. GO>