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Crystal Horoscope: Healing Crystals for Scorpio Season

crystal horoscopes for scorpio season

In our monthly Crystal Horoscope column, spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere—who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy —selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. 

Tap into Scorpio’s magnetic, alchemical energy. By working with the healing powers of crystals and precious gemstones, you will fan the flame of your deepest desires.

Scorpio is the star sign of intense, fiery passion, often compared to the Phoenix that rises from the proverbial ashes to be born again.

As the Earth tilts away from the blazing Sun and slowly becomes darker, Scorpio season is a time to dive within. Working with Scorpio season crystals can takes us to the depths as we transition into the shadows. Traditionally, many cultures recognize otherworldly spirits during Scorpio season, such as Halloween in the U.S., the pagan ritual “Samhain,” and the Day of the Dead, commemorated by indigenous populations around the world.

Scorpio (the ruler of the eighth house in astrology) is known for its traits of power-mergers, sexual energy and transmutation. The transformational energy of this sign is deeply personal for me, as my daughter Eleven is also a Scorpio, born on 11/11.

crystal horoscopes scorpio zodiac pendant

Scorpio symbol zodiac pendant, available at AgeOfEleven.com

In medical astrology, Scorpio is associated with the sexual organs of the reproductive system, as well as the excretory system. So it makes sense that Scorpio symbolically ushers us into the underworld, the afterlife and the metaphysical.

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is as deep and unassuming as a looming iceberg. Scorpionic energy is also associated with sex appeal—not in an in-your-face kind of way, but rather, an enchanting allure; a subtle, come hither magnetism.

Just as new habits take about a month to become ingrained, working with a crystal for several weeks helps your body to integrate the new vibration in conjunction with the stone. Working with the 28-day moon cycles is ideal, especially for women. Or you could start working with a new stone at the beginning of the month, or the start of a zodiac season—or of course, whenever it feels intuitively right.

Healing Crystals for Scorpio Season (October 23-November 22, 2018)

Crystals form when liquid magma from the earth’s core moves toward the surface, cools down to solidify, then crystallizes over millions of years. Malachite and black obsidian are the Scorpio season crystals I recommend, for those with strong Scorpio or Pluto in their natal charts, and for those who want to tap into their Scorpionic energy any time of year.

Malachite is an intense stone of transformation that resonates with Plutonian energy, Scorpio’s ruling planet. It helps us to understand deeper concepts, and fortifies our capacity to observe. As a stone of the monoclinic crystal structure, it embodies the state of “permanent flux,” or “making flexible plans.”

Differently from malachite’s monoclinic crystal system, obsidian is amorphic, meaning it has no set crystalline structure on the molecular level. Obsidian is volcanic glass which cooled too quickly for any significant crystallization to occur. In essence, obsidian is a “young” mineral compared to other stones which are old enough to have crystallized.

Amorphous stones form under extraordinary circumstances, and working with these stones helps us to see how every moment is new and spontaneous, and that we all are in position to experience the full spectrum of emotions. Amorphous stones help us to let go of rigid plans and to be the flow, and obsidian’s rapid solidification is resonant with the fast process of transformation associated with Scorpionic energy.

Properties of Healing Crystals


crystal horoscopes malachite


Malachite is a deep green mineral that forms alongside copper in layers of different shades of green. Its copper properties give it both an energetically conductive charge and a highly toxic composition if inhaled or ingested, much like the intensity of Scorpio!

Similarly to malachite’s properties, Scorpio detonates and destructs at the push of a button, so you really have to stay grounded when working with such intense energy.

Meditating with malachite can accompany you through the Scorpionic transformation process, encouraging you to look deep into the metaphysical causes of any ailments or troubles, particularly in the reproductive region of the body. Similar to copper’s healing properties, malachite’s mineral formation is said by crystal healers to protect against radiation, energize your cellular structure, enhance blood circulation through the sex organs, and ease any challenges with feminine processes such as menstruation or childbirth.

Black Obsidian:

crystal horoscopes black obsidian

Black Obsidian

A Scorpio’s karmic theme and lesson in their lifetime is to master power on all levels. Black obsidian can be one of the most powerful stones to work with in this regard, as it takes you to the depths of great psychological insight.

In antiquity, obsidian was used as an aid for spiritual rituals and indigenous shamanic ceremonies, as it dissolves tension and helps move stagnant energy. Often polished like a black mirror, obsidian can be used in the process of crystal gazing, also known as scrying.

Obsidian can help relieve physical pain, emotional grief and subconscious trauma, as well as initiate the psychological release of blockages. Similar to malachite and its copper-like qualities, obsidian also can improve circulation.

Metaphysical Properties


My home country of Zambia produces a lot of malachite in a region called the Copper Belt. Malachite is also abundant in South Africa, Zaire, Russia, Australia, Germany, Romania, Chile, and in many states in the southern region of the United States.

Similar to the qualities of Scorpio and the eighth house, malachite represents seduction, sensuality and beauty, and is said to alleviate feminine challenges in menstruation or labor. Historically, malachite has often been dedicated to goddess energy: in Egypt it was Hathor’s stone, the goddess of joy and feminine love. In classical times it corresponded with Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. In Norse mythology it was associated with Freja, the goddess of flowers, fruit trees and gardens. In Slavic mythology, malachite was dedicated to the Mistress of the Copper Mountains; also known as the Malachite Maid.

The green color of malachite resonates with the heart chakra—a good reminder for Scorpio, as this sign can often operate in the depths of darkness and in the lower root chakra. Its forceful nature can absorb negative energy and pollutants, and will bring to light to that which blocks your spiritual path. Since it forms banded, circular layers, it complements the mystical, watery depths of Scorpionic energy.

Black Obsidian:

Obsidian goes straight to the subconscious realm and unearths the shadows of our nature—even the aspects that some of us would rather not see in ourselves. Working with obsidian can help us to understand how certain triggers may be dormant or subconscious within ourselves.

When working with black obsidian, one must be ready to harness the darker energies of Scorpio and journey into the underworld to transform. Much like Scorpio energy can sting, obsidian brings very blunt and direct insights and answers when you work with it. Not a stone to be taken lightly, obsidian unearths a lot of subconscious trauma while it brings clarity.

One has to prepare to be presented with a lot of potentially heavy energy, which is why Scorpio season is prime time to work with this stone.

Note: Since black obsidian is so intense, apache tear and snowflake obsidian are a few softer varieties you could use during Scorpio season.

crystal horoscopes apache tear

Apache Tear

Apache tear (not pictured) is a lighter, more translucent variety of obsidian and may be gentler on the psyche. Rather than blasting you with a surge of deep energy, apache tear brings comfort in times of grief and helps one to attain true understanding of a situation.

crystal horoscopes snowflake obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is a slightly older formation of the obsidian mineral that has already begun the crystallization process; hence its grey specks of feldspar. This gentler version of obsidian helps us to recognize the beauty in aloneness and go deep into meditation and surrender to the process.


Meditation, Intentions and Affirmations with Crystals for Scorpio Season

Scorpio is all about power, and how you wield or mold it. Meditating with these Scorpio season crystals can help amplify your intentions of moving about the world in a powerful and productive way. During Scorpio season when the nights grow longer, sunrise meditations are especially powerful, setting the tone for the day as darkness gives way to light.

Since Scorpio pertains to the reproductive region of the body, it also resonates with the root chakra near the base of the spine. We hold our subconscious trauma in this root area, since it pertains to our power, security and sense of feeling grounded. Women in particular carry a lot of trapped energy in their womb center as well.


Intention: May I remain grounded and protected as I do this deep inner shadow work to bring my subconscious blockages to light.

Place the obsidian on your lower abdomen while lying down, or if sitting up, place obsidian at your root chakra. Close your eyes and take eleven complete deep breaths before repeating these affirmations either in your mind, whispered or spoken aloud:

I trust the process.
I recognize the suppressed aspects of myself.
I integrate my shadows.
I liberate myself from the underworld.
I embody true magic.
I productively magnify my power.


Intention: May I integrate my lower and higher chakras, and operate through the heart center.

Place the malachite over your heart chakra while lying down. Close your eyes and take nine complete deep breaths before repeating these affirmations:

I create my life.
I recognize the lessons in each moment.
I accept responsibility.
I spiral upward to wisdom.
I embrace all parts of me.
I rebirth anew and transformed.

Meditation Technique: Cyclical Breathing

Sit comfortably upright, or lie on your back and focus on your breath. Don’t worry if you still have thoughts; just bring your focus to your inhale and exhale.

Inhale: Take a deep breath in to the count of five, expanding your belly. Envision your energy all drawing up the right side of your body.

Pause: Hold your breath and envision a ball of energy above your head for five counts.

Exhale: Slowly blow out all the air from your body for the count of five, flattening your belly. Envision your energy moving downward to the left side of your body.

Pause: Hold your breath and envision the ball of energy swirling below your feet for five counts.

Repeat: for five to ten minutes each morning before you start your day.


Crystals and Astrology “101”

Discover more about the way crystals form, how to cleanse and program your stones. Read meditation tips and find out how these natural wonders correspond with astrology. All this in our Crystals and Astrology 101 section!


This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider. 

crystal horoscopes chartreuse tembo barriere

mizChartreuse, the headMIZtress of The Venus Academy, is a Zambian-American womb wellness astrologer, writer, and metaphysicist in the business of #DecodingTheAll. She is the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: Your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey. From print to the web, mizChartreuse’s work has appeared at Tarot.com, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPo, AstroStyle, Numerologist, Sharpe Astrology and more.

Facebook: Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Instagram and Twitter: @mizChartreuse



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