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Crystal Horoscopes: Healing Gemstones for Aquarius Season

We’re excited to bring you our monthly Crystal Horoscopes column by spiritually savvy and dynamic Gemini, Chartreuse Tembo Barriere, founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy. Each month she will bring us tips on how to use crystals and gemstones for the astrological season, so we can stay aligned and in tune with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. Enjoy! -Tali & Ophi

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This month’s crystal horoscopes teach you how to tap into the humanitarian and collaborative spirit of Aquarius. By working with the healing powers of crystals and precious gemstones, you can connect with the collective unconscious and spark your inner genius.

Crystals and Astrology:
Every planet and star sign has corresponding crystals that share their energetic resonance. Think of it this way: The planets are massive, heavenly rocks that influence the energy fields on Earth, while crystals are massive, inner-earth rocks that can also influence our bodies here on the Earth’s surface. In other words, just as the big planetary rocks in the heavens are an astrological macrocosm of our lives, the rocks below us in the earth are a microcosm of our experience. Consciously working with crystals and gemstones that correlate with the energy of each astrological season can benefit the mind, body and spirit.

As crystals form within the earth, rocks and minerals are in a constant process of transformation: creation, change and dissolution. The zodiac reflects this process from the spark of the birth of Aries (the first sign of the zodiac), the growth through the signs, and the completion and undoing in Pisces (the twelfth sign).

The Aquarian Resonance:
The Sun is in Aquarius from January 19-February 18, shifting our focus away from our individual selves and towards the world at large. This future-forward sign governs technology and innovation, helping us blaze exciting new trails. Pick up those picket signs and get to work! Revolutionary Aquarius wants to change the world through the spirit of social justice.

Aquarius is ruled by two paradoxical planets: eccentric, chaotic Uranus and structured, old-school Saturn (like its precedent sign Capricorn). During Aquarius Season, we have the electric spark to expand upon our practical plans but also the logical thinking required to bring genius ideas to tangible form.

Fixed signs are initiators. Fixed air sign Aquarius is the stabilizer of the zodiac—the one who makes a solid plan to transmute lofty ideas into reality. Physiologically, Aquarius pertains to the ankles—the parts of the body that support the us from the ground up.

Just as new habits take about a month to become ingrained, working with a crystal for several weeks helps your body to integrate the new vibration in conjunction with the stone. Working with the 28-day moon cycles is ideal, especially for women. Or you could start working with a new stone at the beginning of the month, or the start of a zodiac season—or of course, whenever it feels intuitively right.

Healing Crystals for Aquarius Season (January 19-February 18)

Crystals form when liquid magma from the earth’s core moves toward the surface, cools down to solidify, then crystallizes over millions of years.

Aquamarine and fluorite are the two crystals I recommend for Aquarius season, for those with strong Aquarius, Uranus or Saturn in their natal charts, and for those who want to tap into their Aquarian energy any time of year. As the Age of Aquarius picks up speed, working with these stones regularly helps us to harness the structures of the future as we write the new story of existence on the blank slate.

Properties of Healing Crystals


aquarius season aquamarine


Aquamarine is the zodiac birthstone for Aquarius and ranges in color from blue green to light blue. It is a member of the beryl family, of the hexagonal crystal system, and of the primary/igneous mineral formation. Primary stones signify the spark of creation—they are formed from pure magma. They encourage learning processes and personal development.

Aquarius is all about the futuristic mindset. As we can see, the Age of Aquarius is heralding this time of technological innovations at warp speed. Similarly, aquamarine invokes higher states of consciousness as it activates the third eye chakra—our energy center of higher insight and inner knowing. Aquamarine is a stone of spiritual awareness and service to humanity. Meditating with this crystal helps to integrate Aquarian futuristic ideas into actionable plans in the present.

On the physical level, aquamarine can be used to regulate hormonal balances as it is said to harmonize the pituitary, thyroid, and pineal glands. Emotionally, aquamarine bestows a sense of light-heartedness and a happy disposition, which resonates also with Aquarian tenets of maintaining a bird’s eye view and a universal perspective.

Aquamarine is a non-toxic stone and can be constantly in contact with the body, and is commonly found cut and faceted and worn as jewelry.


aquarius season fluorite


Fluorite is a cubic stone that brings structure and stability into our lives, while activating our creativity and free-spirited nature. Like aquamarine, it is also a primary stone concerned with helping us to develop and unfold into our inner potential.

Fluorite is like the perfect synthesis of Uranian and Saturnian energy—the two planets that govern Aquarius. It opens the gateway to the subconscious, but at the same time has an emotionally stabilizing effect which helps clear confusion. Since Fluorite’s cubic nature brings forth structure, it is a great learning aid or accompaniment when working on an important project. It stimulates the rapid absorption of information and boosts our self-confidence.

As Aquarius physiologically pertains to the shins and ankles, fluorite resonates here due to its ability to help with physical mobility. Fluorite is said to improve stiffness and joint problems, and also fortify the bones and enhance the cerebrum and other parts of the nervous system.

Fluorite is great placed on a desk, in a workspace, or also worn as a pocket stone to enhance productivity.

Metaphysical Properties

Aquarius is associated with the pineal gland and pertains to that higher insight and inner knowing. Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth and can help to enhance mediumistic, clairvoyant abilities.

Aquamarine has long been considered a protective stone against negative forces and a great assistant for reducing stress, which can be a common occurrence with forward-thinking Aquarians. Aquamarine encourages one to take personal responsibility for every aspect of their lives, and this helps with the Aquarius mission of bringing about social change and justice.

With Aquarius energy being light years ahead of the rest of the world, this energy may come with feeling challenged to fit in with society. Aquamarine is useful in helping us to be comfortable with our surroundings and release self-defeating patterns. Meditating with aquamarine helps us to be more of our authentic selves without provoking opposition. Its ability to invoke higher states of awareness is also a useful synthesis of the mixed blessings of being ruled by Uranus and Saturn, two planets with seemingly opposed agendas.

Since Aquarius is a fixed air sign operating in the mental and social realms, one of the challenges is remaining flexible and open to change through personal evolution. In uncertain and evolving times, fluorite is useful to help us dissolve our mental blocks, blind spots and narrow-mindedness.

Fluorite can help turn conflicts into cooperation—and bring more of a sense of centered structure rather than the strict rigidity that comes from Saturn’s influence. It brings an awareness of our suppressed feelings, but also the will to be productive and work with them.

The Saturn part of Aquarius wants rules and regulation, but the Uranus influence on the sign wants to break free and create revolution! With its cubic molecular structure, fluorite can help us be radical and uncompromising when encountering oppression and injustice, but at the same time structure our lives so that our resistance is also productive. We want to be dynamic, but also find stability.

How to Cleanse and Program Crystals

Crystals are largely comprised of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is the material used in watches for timekeeping and silicon computer memory chips for storing large quantities of information. Thus, crystals are inherently programmable, and you can set your intentions for what you would like to work through with your stone.

Before working with any crystal, it’s a good practice to smudge (or energetically cleanse ) the stone by passing it through the smoke of a purifying type of incense such as white sage, Palo Santo, or frankincense and myrrh. Just as white sage is used to bless and clear a new home, smudging crystals neutralizes any previous energetic imprints in the stone.

To program your crystal, sit upright comfortably with your stone in your left hand, and place your right hand over the crystal. Take three deep breaths with the intention of attuning with the crystal’s vibration, and state your intentions either in your head, or spoken aloud. Sample intentions are offered below.

divider2Meditation, Intentions and Affirmations with Crystals for Aquarius Season

Meditating with crystals during Aquarius season can help ground us as we reach for even our loftiest goals, as Aquarian energy can often leave us feeling scattered. To make meditation a daily habit, start by spending five to ten minutes each morning focusing on your breath and working with these Aquarius-themed intentions and affirmations for your meditation practice.

I recommend writing down the affirmations below with pen on paper, keeping them beside you as you meditate. Feel free to add your own Aquarius themes as you see fit. If you find it challenging to quiet your thoughts as you sit in silence, there are many meditation apps available, such as the Calm app or Headspace. Or, you can search for crystal singing bowl meditation tones or binaural beats on YouTube such as these:

Powerful Root Chakra Meditation video (15 min)
Binaural Meditation Music Channel (entire channel)
Crystal Pyramid Room Curated Meditation Videos Playlist (videos of different lengths)

IntentionMay I be creative and courageous in the quest to influence the world.


I put on my crown of excellence daily.

I honor my gifts as a steward to the world.

I fortify myself first in order to be of service.

I enjoy the process of integrating polarities.

I am thankful for my forward-thinking perspective.

I collaborate with others to find solutions for the whole.

I recognize intersectionality and the many different ways to be human.

Technique: Aquamarine Visualization
While laying down, place a piece of aquamarine on your third eye chakra; the space between your eyebrows. Visualize yourself in the future. What do you need there? What changes have to be made? What steps have to be taken? Allow your mind’s eye to be creative and picture things clearly.

After you have laid in quiet visualization mode for at least ten minutes, sit up and free-write everything that comes to mind in a journal to keep track of your visions. Writing ideas down on paper is the second step in manifestation.

IntentionMay I cultivate a new frontier as a conscious creator.


I am a pioneer of social responsibility.

I am worthy and whole because I exist.

I can productively dismantle to create anew.

I share my perspectives in a unifying manner.

I give thanks for my futuristic points of view.

I use my gifts as an innovator and trendsetter.

I raise the bar to a state of default excellence.

Technique: Aquarian Heart-Centered Meditation

Write down the suggested affirmations and keep the paper in front of you as you relax into meditation mode. Speak the affirmations above three times before closing your eyes to meditate.

Fluorite’s resonance with both Saturn and Uranus works great for the heart chakra—the point through which we synthesize our grounded energies with our higher spiritual energies.

Meditate with fluorite by lying down and placing a raw or tumbled piece of the stone on your heart chakra. Think about that which you are grateful for and take 10 deep, slow breaths, envisioning your heart chakra opening.

Picture a golden sphere of light growing larger from your heart center with each breath. As it becomes larger and envelops your whole body, picture what you desire for yourself and the world at large. The more detailed the vision, the more powerful the manifestation.

Meditate daily for at least 5 minutes, and remain consistent in your visualizations.

On a galactic scale, we are in the middle of a shift of the ages, transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces was patriarchal and dogmatic, but we can clearly now see old structures dissolving, empires crumbling, and the dawning of a new innovative approach to seeing the world. The transition process can be daunting, but remember the big picture and knowing the universe is pushing us toward our own sovereignty.

This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

crystal horoscopes chartreuse tembo barriere

mizChartreuse, the headMIZtress of The Venus Academy, is a Zambian-American womb wellness astrologer, writer, and metaphysicist in the business of #DecodingTheAll. She is the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: Your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey. From print to the web, mizChartreuse’s work has appeared at Tarot.com, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPo, AstroStyle, Numerologist, Sharpe Astrology and more.

Facebook: Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Instagram and Twitter: @mizChartreuse

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