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December Monthly Horoscope: Hope and renewal

Raise your glass—it’s Sagittarius season! November had its darker moments, thanks to the Sun and several planets touring watery Scorpio. The stars sent us into the eye of the needle. Many of us emerged transformed, if not a bit shaken by the experience. Now, Sagittarius time sweeps in to give us hope and vision. We went down into our depths, excavated a few things. How can we transmute that lead into gold?

While Scorpio may have sparked this process, Sagittarius sends us on an alchemical adventure or two. With the Sun in worldly Sag until December 21, it’s time to reach upward and outward. Emerge from the myopic bubble and go interact with people and places beyond your comfort zone. Sagittarius is all about expansion, personal growth and risk. During Sag season, we believe that the world is conspiring in our favor.

We went down into our depths, excavated a few things. How can we transmute that lead into gold?

So embrace evolution with a spirit of adventure, especially at the December 11 Sagittarius new moon. Just don’t abandon your common sense. A tough square between the new moon and Jupiter in fastidious Virgo reminds us that we still need to plan, inspect, budget and follow certain protocols. Even if you’re making a quest through the unknown, you can still pack that GPS. The moon-Jupiter square reminds us that too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, too. Pace yourself so you don’t burn out!

In December, we’ll continue to weather the challenging square between structured Saturn in Sagittarius (the international sign) and secretive Neptune in Pisces, which rules hidden agendas and healing. The crux of this square was on November 26, but it was in place during the tragic Paris attacks last month, from which the world is still reeling. Saturn and Neptune will square off again from June-September 2016, inciting a need for better global relations and safe havens. The refugee crisis, international peace and the spread of ISIS will be ongoing topics in the headlines this month.

On December 21, the Sun moves into traditional Capricorn, just in time for the Christmas holiday season. In fact, December 25 is a major day in the stars this year. It will feature the final supermoon of 2015—a full moon in Cancer, the sign of home and family. This can put the spotlight on visiting relatives, or bring cozy domestic moments. Devote the day to nesting and resting if you can. Caution: full moons can also bring buried emotions into the open, so if you’ve been holding something back, especially with a female relative, it could be hard to bite your tongue. Supermoons intensify everything (as we all experienced in late September and October this year). Luckily, this full moon will form a harmonious trine to compassionate Neptune in Pisces. Although this can make people passive-aggressive, it can have a soothing effect. Let’s use our sharing to heal, not harm.

If you’ve been holding something back, especially with a female relative, it could be hard to bite your tongue.

Also on December 25, radical Uranus will end a five-month retrograde (backward) cycle in fiery Aries. As the rebellious planet awakens from its nap, people could be looking for a fight. Make sure you have a healthy outlet for aggression or frustration. As much as the Cancer full moon makes you want to chill by the fire binge-watching past seasons of your favorite shows, you’d be wise to get some physical activity in, too. Otherwise, emotions can build up and lead to conflict. Better to save that authentic conversation for a day when people are less sensitive.

Happy, healthy New Year? The moon will spend its final hours of 2016 in Virgo most places. This moon can bring a much-welcomed simple elegance to your festivities, perhaps even a healthy twist. Will you ring in 2016 with a kale martini or an organic spread, making lists of your 2016 desires with fellow guests? Virgo is also the sign of perfectionism; don’t spend so much time fussing with your wardrobe and styling that you nearly miss the midnight moment! The moon will move into Libra on New Year’s Day, keeping the lighthearted vibes flowing. Brunch? Yes, please!

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