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A Full Moon Ritual for the Gemini Supermoon to Channel Your Intuition

Gemini full moon ritual

Twinning, anyone? On December 3, 2017, the full Cold Moon in Gemini rises at 10:46AM EST, reminding us that pairing is caring. You can harness the power of the Gemini supermoon by channeling your inner twin with an alchemical full moon ritual. 

Calling all dynamic duos! 2017’s first (and last!) full supermoon in air sign Gemini rises in the skies on Sunday morning. It’s essential to choose the right partners NOW! First off, Gemini’s ruler chatty Mercury is beginning a three-week retrograde during the Gemini full moon. Secondly, la luna will also lock into a three-way tug of war—called a T-square—with the illuminating Sun and master of illusions, Neptune. Trust is a must! This lunation could lay down a few loyalty tests and even reveal a snake in the grass. But on the bright side, we may also discover some solid devotees, getting the green light to forge stronger friendships with these forever faithful folks!

divider2Ritual: Automatic Writing

Guided by voices? Our Gemini full moon ritual will be a round of “automatic writing.” For this exercise, you’ll actually be your own twin, allowing that little voice in your head (a.k.a. your intuition) to provide answers to some of your most probing questions. While this might seem strange at first, your inner twin has more to tell you than you may realize.

Pick a quiet (no music), comfortable and private place for this exercise, which should be done in solitude. Pour yourself a mug of tea and settle down with your journal and a favorite pen—one that just flows across the page. Think of a question you really want answered. Nothing is off limits, but you might try phrasing your query in a more action-based manner. For example, instead of “When will I meet The One?” try “What do I need to manifest true love in my life?”

Write the question on a blank sheet of paper, then read it aloud. Place your hand on the page and allow yourself to just write. It’s imperative to release all judgment for this exercise. Trust us, answers will start to flow if you let your subconscious take the wheel. You might even write some things that seem to be nonsensical now but later take on significant meaning. During a similar exercise, Ophi wrote down a strange word that made zero sense in the moment. When she Googled it later, she found out that it was the name of an Egyptian king who guarded the temple devoted to Sagittarius—our Sun sign! Had she brushed this off as gibberish, she would have missed that awe- inspiring sign. She’s been obsessed with Egypt and the pyramids since grade school, so this was definitely bizarre and perhaps a confirmation that she wandered through those very structures in some past life.

Other Ideas:

  • Make plans to meet a cherished old friend—the perfect celebration of Mercury retrograde and Gemini, the sign of kindred spirits.
  • Set up a ride share or carpool to lower your carbon footprint: Gemini is the sign that governs transportation.
  • Support a local business by shopping for some of your holiday gifts there instead of purchasing everything at chains or mall outlets.
  • Marry yourself! Buy a “wedding ring” as a symbol of your devotion to Numero Uno. Gemini rules the hands, so adding some bling to any finger would be a nice symbol for this lunation.

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