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January Monthly Horoscopes: Let’s Commune

Come one, come all! January 2015’s stars bring the band together, as an unusual number of planets commune in eclectic Aquarius, the sign of group activity, technology and humanitarian efforts. We’re talking picket lines and picket signs, virtual connections, and ideas gone viral. There’s strength in numbers, that’s for sure! As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Here are some of January 2015’s highlights:

1. Five planets in Aquarius: hello, friends!

Go-getter Mars is here until January 12, revving up the teamwork. Romantic Venus could add a “benefits package” to a friendship when it joins that Aquarian party January 3-27. Network like a fiend while chatty Mercury is here January 4-March 12. Then circle January 20, when the Sun enters Aquarius for a month, arm-in-arm with an Aquarius new moon (supermoon).

2. Sun in Capricorn: Don’t lose sight of the plan.

Resolutions, ahoy! The Sun is in structured, ambitious Capricorn until January 20. So while the Aquarian merrymaking will be impossible to resist, put a few solid commitments in place so you don’t drift away from your lofty aims.

3. January 4: Full moon in Cancer.

Cue the vintage Mariah: You’ve got me feeling emotions! There could be tears, hugs…or blowout fights. Caution: Any residual resentment from holiday encounters with the family could bubble up. Clear the air, but try to do it with a cool head.

4. Mars in Pisces: Welcome to fantasy island.

Blazing sensuality ignites when red-hot Mars goes into Pisces, the sign of sweet escapes. But Pisces dreams can also be delusional, so watch that you’re not seeing someone through a skewed lens, especially if physical attraction is involved.

5. Mercury retrograde: protect your tech, walk your talk.

Uh-oh! News of Mercury going retrograde (backward) can strike fear into hearts, as it’s known to foil communications, crash electronic devices and delay travel. But with the right amount of preparation and prevention, you can dodge Mercury’s mischief.

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