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July Monthly Horoscope Podcast: Tune In to the Stars!


Plan it by the planets with our July Monthly Horoscope podcast!

Tune in and listen to our July monthly horoscope podcast as we reveal what July’s stars have in store. We’ll give you a first glimpse at the most important cosmic events to put on your calendar so you can be prepared and powerful all month long.

In this episode we talk about the heartfelt, sensitive nature of Cancer season and the Sun’s shift into flamboyant, expressive Leo on July 22. We’ve got tips for navigating romance as Venus dances through flirty (but fickle) Gemini and assertive Mars pulses through passionate Leo. Find out about the powerful goal-setting full moon in overachiever Capricorn and the first of two RARE Leo new moons on July 23. Listen above and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at AstroTwins Radio!

Music by Strong Sun Moon


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