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How to Thrive at the Rare Jupiter-Pluto Trine

Jupiter Pluto trine

Power: unleashed! June 26 brings an epic meetup with expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto to form the second of this year’s two rare trines (120-degree angles of harmony).

Jupiter and Pluto made their first trine back on March 16, and now the two potent planets have locked into celestial synchronicity once more for another go at it. But after June 26, the next Jupiter-Pluto trine won’t form like this again until 2024—so take advantage of this golden opportunity now!

So, how will this mashup of two such formidable cosmic forces play out? Pluto rules the unconscious, energy that’s hidden in the shadow and even from our awareness. Jupiter is a magnifying mirror. All that’s been concealed could now be revealed. Energy that’s been roiling below the surface could crescendo into a full-on breakthrough.

With shadowy Pluto in the mix, some inconvenient truths could also be revealed—and not all of them will be pretty. Corrupt politicians and abuses of power could be exposed. Both Jupiter and Pluto are in earth signs, so we may see strong shifts in the ecosystem or heightened global concern for the environment triggered by these trines.

On a personal level, we need to face up and take personal responsibility for our actions. If we’ve overstepped a boundary or accidentally steamrolled someone, honest amends are the way to go. Pluto rules unconscious projections, so you may see in bold illumination where you’re blaming someone else for your own “stuff.”

Jupiter is in analytical Virgo and Pluto is in master-planner Capricorn. This is a great day for business and financial affairs. Precise calculations and doing your homework will pay off big-time. Our grandest plans could get a huge push forward from enterprising Jupiter’s trine to calculating Pluto. Since Jupiter rules entrepreneurship and worldwide reach, one of your ideas could go global. Think bigger!

Jupiter calls for breadth while Pluto is all about depth. Shallow concerns and superficial ideas have no place at the table today. We need to push our powers of critical thinking now, instead of just taking things at face value. Pluto rules hidden forces, while Jupiter puts everything out into the open. Research and investigate, especially if something sounds too good to be true. There’s more going on below the surface than you may think. Assume nothing!

That said, with this powerful and lucky trine in effect, things may actually be THAT good. Allow the cosmos to arrange some miraculous outcomes for you. Follow your intuition, as Pluto will scatter subtle clues in your midst. Enthusiastic Jupiter also urges you to follow your excitement. What FEELS good? Go that way and explore.

Artist: Laura Liedo

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