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A Leo New Moon Podcast To Restore Your Roar

The Leo new moon electrifies the skies today, bringing out the passionate, theatrical and regal nature in us all. Are you down to wear the crown? You may hear the call to greater leadership today. But remember, new moons are simply starting blocks. Don’t get caught up in a Game of Thrones, forgetting that this ascent could take time. You have until the corresponding full moon—in this case, the Leo full moon on February 10, 2017—to rise through the ranks and slay!

While these moonbeams are sure to restore your roar, today, you might come across a bit more fiercely than you realize. This day also marks warrior Mars’ transition from intense, brooding Scorpio into outspoken, fiery Sagittarius. That cauldron of emotion that’s been brewing inside could bubble over…and even explode! To avoid burning bridges, we suggest leaning in to sensible Saturn, which is sweetly angled to luna. In this podcast, Tali explains the savviest strategies for making magic out of these moonbeams. Pssst: Romance, celebration and a style overhaul could all be spurred starting today!

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