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VIDEO: Leo Season Forecasts for Love, Money & More at Refinery29

astrotwins at refinery29 headquarters!

The AstroTwins discuss Leo season, the end of Mars in Scorpio, Uranus retrograde and of course, love. We give the horoscope scoop and answer your burning questions on our Facebook Live talk at Refinery29 HQ.

Our friends at Refinery29 invited us back for another installment of “AstroTalks with The AstroTwins,” our Facebook Live show filmed at Refinery’s HQ in New York City. This month, we talked about what to expect during Leo season and how Mars in Scorpio (May 27-August 2) has brought out some low-vibration energies—from the Kimye-TSwift debacle, to political campaign tactics—that are soon to transform (hallelujah!). We also took live questions from our viewers, with lots of juicy love advice that you won’t want to miss. Watch and enjoy!

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