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Libra Black Moon Podcast: How to Balance & Beautify at the New Moon

libra new black moon podcast 2016

The Black Moon in Libra will rise in the skies on Friday, September 30, 2016, marking the second new moon to fall within the same month.

This potent Libra new moon is also a Black Moon: similar to a Blue Moon, which happens when a second consecutive full moon occurs within the same calendar month. The Black Moon is indeed a rare cosmic occurrence—making September an extra dark month since new moons are invisible—and we won’t “see” another one until 2019.

The Libra new moon (Black Moon) marks the halfway point of the annual horoscope cycle, since Libra, the star sign of beauty and balance, is also the zodiac’s midpoint sign. It’s a time for looking back at what has recently come to pass, but also to look ahead. The new moon in Libra marks a time for partnering up. In this podcast, Tali explains how to work with the powerful energy of the Libra Black Moon, especially since we’re fresh out of an anxious Mercury retrograde cycle!

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