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A Ritual for the Libra New Moon to Attract Your Other Half

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Make it a doppia! It’s twosome time as October’s new moon in Libra ignites the spirit of partnership and cooperation on Monday, October 8, 2018, at 11:46PM EST. Libra is the sign of balance, ensuring that opposites will attract. 


Ritual: Cupid’s Candle

Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to get a little witchy with this one! (We’re talking Glinda here…good witch vibes only, okay?!) For this ritual, we are going to make a candle devoted to Cupid. The intention is to attract love or improve the relationship you are already in. Before you get started, purify your motives. We reap what we sow. You want to make sure you are attracting healthy and available partner into your life, and the new moon in harmonious, commitment-seeking Libra is here to help!

Pro tip: Do NOT devote this candle to someone who is already in a relationship. If you are in love with someone who is otherwise engaged (and we realize this does happen), you might devote the candle to divine timing, asking for the universe to reveal the right moment for your sacred union to manifest but also to set you free from attachment until that time arrives. Another option? Ask Cupid to send you someone who you love even more than that unavailable paramour.

Now, on to the ritual: You’ll need a pink candle—the color that represents romantic love, reconciliation and a heart- centered connection. You’ll also need a carving tool like a small knife or a safety pin, even. If you get a votive, make sure the candle can be removed from the glass as you will be carving into the wax.

With your tool, carve your name into the candle, then carve the name of your beloved. If you are single and looking, you might carve “my future love.” Don’t worry about making the letters super neat. The point is that you know what you carved. If you feel like etching a heart into the wax, don’t hold back. Our friend Gala Darling likes to roll her candles in glitter; bling is very much in alignment with the sparkle and adornment of the Libra new moon.

Create a lovely space for burning your candle. We collect vintage metal trays, which are perfect because there is space to set other objects around the candle like crystals, a love note or a wish list for your romantic desires. Set a small piece of aluminum foil under the candle to collect the melted wax. Light the candle and let it burn down fully while you are in the room. You might even light it over the course of a week as you visualize yourself receiving the love you desire.

cosmic love incubator

Other Ideas:

  • Celebrate peace by watching a documentary about an activist who is bringing harmony and love to the world. Invite friends to join you and have a salon-style discussion afterwards.
  • Libra loves to get fancy! Throw a cocktail (or mocktail) party to give your friends an excuse to dress up
    Take an artsy workshop, like a paint ‘n sip, guitar or singing lesson, or a ceramics class.
  • Frame photos of the people you adore to surround yourself with reminders of love and community
    Write a pros and cons list about anything that’s left you feeling indecisive. As the sign of the Scales, Libra needs to see both side of the situation before making a decision.

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