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Making Magic with The Pisces Moon & Guest Star Gala Darling: Periscope Horoscope #2 of 16

Hey all you mermaids and unicorns out there! It’s day two of our Periscope Horoscope series: 16 Days Until 2016.  The moon is still hovering in enchanted Pisces. So who better to bring on for today’s episode than our favorite magic-maker, Gala Darling, who leads her own Radical Self Love coven (yes…watch her for more on that.). Ophi and Gala hopped on Periscope this morning for today’s inspiration. Tune in daily because we’ll be guiding you through a starpowered countdown to 2016 between now and January 1st. And you can even ask us live questions while we’re recording! We’ll announce the time on social media each day and the vids will be up on Periscope for 24 hours.  And if you missed the ‘cast you can catch the video here, alas without all the lively comments and floating hearts of Periscope. Now, on to the magic!

What does 2016 hold for your sign—in life, love and career?

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