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Gemini Moneyscope: 7 Tips to Manifest Financial Abundance

Gemini Moneyscope Manifest Financial Abundance

Ready to put your money where your mouth is? We’re excited to bring you this “moneyscope” column tailored specifically to Gemini season, to help attract financial abundance into your life. We’ve tapped our friend Hillary Augustine—a fiscal health and healing expert—to share her cosmic economic wisdom as a guest contributor for quick-witted, super-charged Gemini Season. Enjoy!

By Hillary Augustine 
Financial Health & Healing Expert


From May 20 to June 20, the Sun is breezing through chatty Gemini, the irresistible sign of the Twins and first air sign of the zodiac. Our global approach to finances will be colored by this fresh gust of wind, making us vibrant, quick, communicative, restless, and even impulsive.

Gemini is the star sign ruled by Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger planet, making us all feel more spontaneous and dynamic. This restless energy can make us more prone to capricious spending—before we know it, money can slip right through our fingers. Unless, of course, we harness the energy of Gemini season, and work with creative, out of the box solutions that let us play and indulge without breaking the bank.

Here are seven savvy spending strategies to engage with your finances in a healthier way and help fuel sustainable change—all while resisting apathy and boredom.

1. Use your hands: Hold and spend cash.

Gemini is the star sign associated with the hands and fingers. Instead of breaking out the debit or credit card, hold and spend actual cash this month. This is a more tangible way to stay on top of your spending patterns. For the first week, calculate how much you spend in seven days by writing it in a small notebook or on a piece of paper. Identify abnormal expenditures. For example, you bought tires (not a weekly occurrence) or you hosted a big party (food expenses are unrealistically high). Subtract irregular expenses to represent your typical weekly cash outflow. The second week, withdraw this amount of money from the bank. Spend ONLY the withdrawn cash for one week—and for extra credit points, journal about the emotions that arise when you have to “deprive” yourself by not spending something that’s not in your cash-conscious budget.

Consider repeating this exercise for several weeks to gain consciousness of your cashflow. Palpably touching the money in your wallet will serve as a modern day, money-mediation practice. It’s slow. It’s rhythmic. It’s intentional. And, it’s a Gemini-stoked revolutionary act. In a plastic-based society, using cash activates new brain synapses that have gone numb in a credit card swiped, comatose existence.

2. Use your words.

Gemini energy is verbal, communicative and quick with words. So forget what you heard about money being a taboo topic. Start communicating about your cashflow and talk to friends or a financial planner about how to earn more, invest, or strategize for savings.

3. Find a “money twin” for a 30-day challenge.

Since Gemini season is all about #twinning, pick someone to do this exercise with. Sit down (over coffee or a cocktail…this IS Gemini season, after all) and discuss the following three questions, and then, write them down.

  • I want to save X dollars in 30 days.
  • I want to give X dollars in 30 days.
  • I want to cut my expenses in this category X dollars in 30 days.

For the next step, you’ll both need to make a list of potential hurdles to your goals. Make a second list of all the people who will support your success. Read your two lists aloud to your money twin. As you speak, help each other identify obstacles and additional supportive elements. Your twin will see things for you that you don’t see, and vice versa.

In 30 days, share the results with your support person. Check in regularly throughout the month. To stay in the game, weekly—even daily texts or calls—can be helpful. Remember: perfection is not the goal…but awareness is. At the end of the 30 days, answer these questions:

  • Did you meet your goal?
  • If yes, how did you do it?
  • If not, what hurdles got in your way?

Every piece of data is significant to highlight your money patterns. Remember, seemingly subtle adjustments foster sustainable change. During Gemini season, it’s all about the details. Little financial tweaks go a long way.

4. Make it automatic.

Gemini and its ruler Mercury governs the mobile world, helping us find quick and clever ways to track and transfer data. Tap those apps, or use your bank’s online services to automatically flow a set amount of cash to different savings accounts each week. Ask your human resources department to divide your paycheck between savings and checking. Use online tools like www.digit.co (tap their free app) to begin saving money right away. Digit scans your bank account every few days to withdraw a safe amount from your checking account based on your lifestyle. You will receive updates via text with inspirational quotes to support your savings journey. As their website says, “Save money without thinking about it.”

Also, does your employer offer a 401K or 403(b) matching plan? These plans require a certain percentage of allocated pretax income. The employer generally matches between 3%–6% of your contribution. Essentially, you get bonus income from your employer for saving money. If you are self-employed, you can use the same strategy. Is there an ideal time in your money month (first, middle, or last) to auto-flow a certain amount toward savings or retirement? Setup a Self Employment Retirement Plan (SEP), or a mutual fund or stock portfolio with your financial planner. For the self-learners, use online websites like www.etrade.com or www.vanguard.com. Both websites offer financial advising assistance to learn about investment strategies. Ritualized activities and automatic savings strategies grow a small seedling into a full grown money tree.

5. Make a play fund.

Gemini season is all about fun, curiosity, and creativity. We can’t deprive ourselves of life’s pleasures! Make a list of your top three impulsive pleasures. Pick one pleasurable, fun item from your list. How much do you need to set aside daily, weekly, or monthly to manifest that reality? Use your www.digit.co money as the “play fund,” set up a weekly, online transfer to a savings account, or plan a weekly ATM visit specifically to withdraw fun money. You are weaving together frivolous spending with increased money consciousness. Enjoy the integration and the spending that comes with it!

6. Get two for the price of one.

The buddy pass is perfect for the time of #twinning. Invite your money twin to a free gym class or free museum admittance. Monthly pay-what-you-can or free museum offerings are popular in most major cities. New experiences with a buddy will invite fresh discussions, new ideas, and future money strategies to flourish. Don’t forget about 2–for–1 deals from www.livingsocial.com or www.groupon.com as you plan your #twintime. Wonder-Twin powers, activate!

7. Money education: watch and read.

Gemini season can often mean notoriously short attention spans, but you can learn in quick bursts. Google some TED Talks about finance to pull together a comprehensive list of recommended money videos. Pay a visit to Lynne Twist: The Soul of Money Institute to download the audio version of the “Soul of Money.” Short, daily commitments (20–30 minutes) of audio listening will change your money perspective over time.

With supercharged creativity this season, I also recommend considering money guidance patterns through the portal of traveling: Read, “Dream. Save. Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers Like You.” There is nothing like a dream to capture and guide impulsive money strategies. To further supplement your learning, read one financial article per week. I recommend looking at the website: www.PennyHoarder.com. They offer practical, real-life money hack stories with an innovative, energetic vibe.

During Gemini season, don’t stifle yourself with “shoulds.” There is only room for uniquely customized solutions to your financial life. As a bonus expression, paint your world with splashes of yellow; post-it notes are a perfect Gemini size and color. Use visual cues to support the exercises above. Remember, you won’t find clarification through traditional routes. Expect a kaleidoscope of blended data, intentional conversations, and unexpected options to serve as your compass and your guide. The sky is truly the limit with Gemini energy supporting your creative money efforts.

Image by Creative Shenanigans via Tumblr


About Hillary Augustine

Hillary is a financial visionary and healer. She works with individuals, couples, and organizations who are interested in financial alignment and lifestyle integration. Hillary believes that financial health and healing are significant to overall wellness. She is constantly delving into the guidance of life’s most precious currencies: time, money, and energy. Hillary’s catalytic personality and multidimensional thinking opens up fresh ideas and new perspectives. Find out more about Hillary’s work here: www.hillaryaugustine.com.

Check out Hillary’s Air Package, “Infuse Fresh Wind into Your Financial Picture.” Perfect timing for Gemini Season!

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