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Mercury Retrograde Is Over! Bring On the Rescue Remedy

mercury retrograde is over

Let the cosmos rejoice! Mercury turns direct (forward) on January 8, after a three-week communication breakdown in ambitious Capricorn and then outspoken Sagittarius.

Can we get an amen? Mercury retrograde is over! Messenger Mercury was backspinning through stern Capricorn from December 19-January 4, before rounding out the final days of its cycle in live-out-loud Sagittarius. You’ve probably experienced a few meltdown moments with your loved ones…ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. Thankfully, on Sunday, January 8, the messenger planet pivots forward into direct motion, helping to iron out those scrambled signals. Praise be! Caveat: Discernment is STILL a must for the next three weeks, with Mercury’s “shadow phase” still in effect. Beware the “retroshade,” as we like to call it!

retroshade: it ain't over 'til it's over

Mercury returns to levelheaded Capricorn on Thursday, January 12 until February 7, restoring a bit of sanity to our lives. It’s Capricorn season from December 21 until January 19, making this cycle one of the most driven and goal-oriented times of the year. It’s quite fitting that the season of the persistent and stable Mountain Goat falls during the new year, when we all tend to be the most fixated on our biggest plans and projects.

Mercury’s shift back to Capricorn marks the second leg of a tour that started from December 2 to January 4 (including that pesky retrograde from December 19 to January 8). Capricorn is an earth sign, helping us plant our feet on terra firma—despite the push-pull from other cosmic events. Mercury in Capricorn can help us clean up our structures and put savvier systems in place for the future. Set some goals, then make a practical plan.

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Since Mercury rules the transfer and travel of information, hopefully your data has been password-protected and backed up to the cloud. (Tip: Try to keep it that way.) And with career-obsessed Capricorn still at the helm, we’re armed with all the facts and figures we need to make clear-headed choices for ourselves. (For more on Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, read your Monthly Horoscope.)

Utilize the time Mercury turns direct to the end of its shadow to make those big bold changes. Use Mercury’s shadow period to dive into practicing a new, empowering way of goal-setting—addressing any roadblocks head on.

And just a friendly reminder…

One thing you should know is that EVERY planet goes retrograde. The word “retrograde” has become so ominous these days, and even oversaturated in the mainstream. And while we might find this annoying in some ways, these cosmic cycles are also key times to really review, refine and reconfigure. While Mars and Venus only go retrograde every other year, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in reverse annually, for a good chunk of each year, giving us all ample time to fine tune our most cherished projects and goals.

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