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December 2017

You're in your social element as December begins—right on track for the most festive time of year. With the Sun soaring through your eleventh house of group activity and networking, this is sure to be a lighthearted time that will put you in the path of some fascinating figures. And since this is one of the busiest cosmic months of the year, the stars will give you plenty to talk about!
It all begins the first weekend, an action-packed time with some prime opportunities for career, love AND strategic socializing. On Saturday, December 2, expansive Jupiter will form a rare and auspicious trine to healing Neptune, making you a masterful manifestation machine. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune trines that will form between now and August 2018, and they'll touch down in your professional and financial houses. Major abundance could be headed your way, so do some creative visualization this weekend. What would you like to attract, and how would you like to feel? By "acting as if" and imagining that a dream has already come true, you'll activate the Law of Attraction under some very potent skies!
This horizon-broadening combo could bring a long-distance job offer or a chance to do meaningful work that makes a difference. Your confidence and influence will both be enhanced by this heart-opening hookup. Don't be surprised if you're publicly recognized for your work or earn praise for your compassionate leadership style. Not that you ever do anything purely for accolades, Aquarius. This isn't about getting your ego stroked. You're being called to follow the saying, "If not you, who?" If you see where a change needs to be made in the world, rise up, speak up and lead the way.
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Your self-expression gets a boost on Sunday, December 3, when the year's only Gemini full moon heats up your fifth house of passion, creativity and love. On this live-out-loud day, nothing will hold you back, whether you're unleashing a tidal wave of emotions (look out, world!) or finally telling someone how you really feel. A budding romance could consummate, and couples could enjoy a decadent day together (or receive pregnancy news). Some Water Bearers might spend quality time with a younger person who inspires you to get in touch with your own childlike spirit.
Just watch out for drama, as you're prone to knee-jerk reactions under this flamboyant starmap. You could attract fame or public attention—and with the creative Jupiter-Neptune trine at play, artists and musicians are especially favored this weekend. Volunteer to play a benefit gig or donate something to a worthy cause. With charitable Neptune and generous Jupiter teaming up, the more you give, the more you'll get out of it.
But be discriminating about where you direct your big-heartedness, Aquarius. From December 3 to 22, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Mercury's backspin is already scrambling all things digital and interpersonal, so you'll need to double-down on your prevention. Someone in your circle could be quite a hell-raiser now, acting rebellious and uncooperative at a time when everyone needs to pull together. Watch your own tendency to play devil's advocate, both in person and on social media. You may fancy yourself a witty provocateur when you're actually speaking from an uninformed place and offending people. Best to steer clear of political debates and controversial topics unless you have a well-supported argument. And even then, it's likely to be taken the wrong way. Steer clear of difficult friends and don't extend any “pity” invitations to them. If you KNOW they'll ruin the vibe of a dinner or party with their selfish antics, you shouldn’t feel a shred of guilt about excluding them.
A better use of Mercury retrograde would be to tap into all activities beginning with the prefix "re-": reunite with old friends, revamp a personal website, rekindle a connection with a kindred spirit. Clean up all your devices, change passwords and sort things into folders on your desktop. Who knows? You could come across a forgotten message in your Inbox that leads to big opportunities. In true retrograde fashion, Mercury makes it worth reviewing all that old mail!
The week of December 18 is the next highly active period in the stars. That day, the year's only Sagittarius new moon brings fresh energy to your social eleventh house. This could spark a fruitful collaboration or a promising new friendship that unfolds over the coming six months. With the Sun, chatty Mercury, serious Saturn and romantic Venus here, new bonds could turn into serious business or romantic alliances. Take your time and explore—but stay open to blue-sky possibilities.
The big shift happens the next day, when structured Saturn ends a three-year visit to Sagittarius and shifts into Capricorn, where it will remain from December 19, 2017, until December 17, 2020. For the last three years, Saturn has been reshaping your alliances as it marched through your eleventh house of groups, technology and teamwork. You've solidified quite a network, even if you've endured a few tough tests along the way. And you've learned who really belongs on Team Aquarius, which might now be a leaner crew than ever. Quality over quantity is Saturn's mantra.
When Saturn moves into Capricorn, it activates your twelfth house of healing, closure and the subconscious. A long, 29-year chapter of your life is wrapping up, readying you for a new phase when Saturn enters Aquarius three years from now. What will you bring along, and what will you leave behind? Slowly but steadily, you'll sort that out.
The next three years are a time to slow down and turn inward and confront any unprocessed hurt or emotional blocks. We know—not exactly lighthearted fare, especially with the holidays approaching. If you find yourself slipping into a pensive or nostalgic mood, you could be feeling Saturn's effects. Don't run away or make a joke out of it (your normal M.O.). Do your best to sit with any uncomfortable feelings and figure out what they're trying to tell you.
You might get serious about working as a healer—or WITH a healer. Holistic health is ruled by the twelfth house, and you could get into any- and everything from flower essences to acupuncture to hypnotherapy (that is, if you aren't already!). If you're dealing with specific health issues, Saturn in Capricorn is a perfect time to explore the mind-body-spirit connection and to mix conventional treatments with alternative therapies.
Saturn rules boundaries, and the twelfth house dissolves them—a paradox that could play out in certain complicated relationships. During this three-year cycle, you could get solid lessons on how to create healthy borders. You might work to break free of codependence or heal from addictive patterns. If you've been escaping into unhealthy vices (smoking, drinking, bingeing) or "self-medicating" instead of dealing with an actual problem, Saturn puts the kibosh on that. There's no cutting corners under Saturn's rule. And in this karmic zone of your chart, you'll want to make sure YOU do right by people, lest your actions come back to haunt you. If you're the type of Aquarius who's too quick to trust, you might be forced to see someone's unpleasant true colors. Be careful who gets into the inner sanctum of your world now.
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Saturn's influence will amplify starting December 21, when the Sun begins a monthlong visit to Capricorn. Slow down and end the year on a mellower note, with lots of self-care, bonding and extra sleep. By New Year's Eve, the Sun, romantic Venus, Saturn and transformational Pluto will all be gathered in Capricorn, lending a spiritual and surrendering energy to the changing of the calendar. Focus on what you want to let go of, and make a sincere effort to leave it in 2017. You might do a ritual to release what no longer serves you, such as writing down what you want to move on from and then burning the paper.
Not that you should spend NYE in an emo funk or anything! The moon is back in Gemini and your vibrant, glamorous fifth house, ringing the bells for a dressy, decadent celebration. With energizer Mars and expansive Jupiter in your upscale tenth house, a VIP gala or benefit party could be the perfect entry into a fabulous new year. A romantic midnight kiss (followed by a sexy nightcap) could start 2018 off on a sizzling note. Just watch your champagne and eggnog intake, as this lunar cycle makes you prone to dramatic displays. Keep the wild antics on the dance floor, and drink plenty of water between the bubbles. (And don't forget to eat!)

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