Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

October 2018

Spread your wings, Water Bearer! The Sun is soaring through Libra and your expansive ninth house until October 23, giving you a wide-angle view on life and emboldening you to take risks—creatively, emotionally and in every way. To your future-forward sign who's happiest when you have something big to look forward to, Libra season might be one of your favorite times of year. With your mind so open to new possibilities, you'll easily stumble upon spontaneous moments that can lead to new friendships and adventures. Follow your curiosity, Aquarius, and see where it takes you.
The ninth house rules travel, learning and entrepreneurship. The October 8 Libra new moon is the perfect time to get any such plans underway. You could head to far-flung shores for a bucket-list trip (or at least start saving up for one), enroll in a mind-expanding workshop or class, or publish your work. Maybe you'll launch your own indie business venture, like the creative Aquarius designer behind Freda Jewels, who curated vintage pieces from around the world into custom protective amulets. Tune in to your passion and find a way to share it, Aquarius—adding your own unique stamp, of course. Seeds planted at the Libra new moon will get extra fertilizer because they'll culminate with a rare TWO Libra full moons in March and April of 2019.
You're even more motivated to "do you" this October because energizer Mars is blazing through YOUR sign from September 10 until November 15, giving you the courage and charisma to pursue your passions and put yourself out there. Mars typically only visits your sign every two years, but this year it's been in Aquarius twice. The first round, which was from May 16 to August 12, was interrupted by a two-month retrograde that began on June 26. With Mars granting you a "do-over," ideas that stalled over the summer could hit the accelerator now.
There's another reason to distract yourself with hobbies, launches and adventures. From October 5 to November 16, Venus will be retrograde, disrupting its domain of relationships, harmony and beauty. Everything from love to aesthetics to friendship can go awry during this six-week cycle, which happens every 18 months. With the Galactic Governess of Glamour and Goodwill hanging her "Do Not Disturb" sign, people's normal levels of compassion and kindness could go MIA.
During Venus retrograde, exes can creep out of the woodwork, and old issues resurface. Relationships of all stripes could hit speed bumps. Whether those lead to a turning point or a breaking point depends on how you handle the curveballs of this retrograde. With Venus backing through introspective Scorpio from October 5 to 31, we advise examining your own unconscious motives, trigger and blind spots before pinning blame on anyone else. We're not suggesting you lower your standards or stop holding people accountable. But remember that relationships are mirrors that offer the opportunity to see deeper dimensions of ourselves as we move through the vulnerable and sometimes scary process of trust and intimacy.
For you, Venus' retrograde through Scorpio will take place in your tenth house of career and long-term goals. This could stir up ugly office politics and discord among coworkers. Considering an office romance? Proceed with the utmost caution while Venus is retrograde here. For couples, this reversal will raise the issue of whether you want the same thing for the long haul. Pause to assess: If, for example, one of you feels like life would be incomplete without children but the other is fairly certain they never want kids, you won't be able to sweep that aside in the name of love.
The tenth house rules fathers and men, and Venus governs the feminine. As October begins in the wake of the Kavanaugh-Blasey Ford Senate Judiciary hearings, some Aquarians may come down with a burning case of "patriarchy flu" (a chronic condition for many justice-loving Water Bearers, TBH). If you find yourself triggered during this Venus retrograde, seek outlets for emotional support because this lightning-rod issue can resurrect a host of buried trauma and lead to profound confusion and anger.
On October 31, Venus will back into her home sign of Libra for the duration of the retrograde (until November 16), reversing through your ninth house of travel and truth-telling. Research a romantic getaway but wait to press "book now." Heads-up: On November 16, right as Venus turns direct, Mercury will go retrograde until early December, a time that's notoriously tricky for travel. Distract yourself with fare alerts and a "dream vacation" Pinterest board in the meantime.
On October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio and your tenth house of career and ambition, fueling your #bossgoals even more. Stay out of any pettiness and pour your energy into a bigger project. As the confident Sun connects with Venus in Scorpio (and communicative Mercury, which is here from October 9 to 31), you may finally find the words to address a relationship rift or to discuss clear boundaries and agreements with an important person.
But take a break from being "all business" on October 24 and make time for home, hearth and heartfelt bonds. The annual Taurus full moon lands in your domestic and sentimental fourth house. The spotlight is on personal matters, so take a deeper look at your emotions. If you're thinking of moving, buying or selling property or expanding your brood, this full moon could set things in motion.
Have you been too busy for self-care? Treat yourself to some resting and nesting to refill your tanks. Warning: With the Sun and volatile Uranus making their annual opposition across your home and career axis that day, you could tip into emotional overload. Your stormy reactions could be intense, and you may not be able to keep strong feelings inside, especially if someone oversteps a boundary. Try not to completely eviscerate them, Aquarius, even as you make your limits excruciatingly clear. And if you find yourself on the verge of yelling at everyone in your office for no good reason, that's your cue to retire to your bedroom or favorite spa, posthaste. Mood management will be crucial today.
Once THAT blows over, fetch the matching Halloween costumes! If you're celebrating on October 31, the moon will be in Leo and your partnership house, a night for dynamic duos of all stripes. Whether you head out with your favorite plus-one or meet someone while you're adorned as your favorite TV characters, two is the magic number this Fright Night. With the moon squaring the Scorpio Sun, however, duty may call, so try to get ahead of the work curve so that a midweek deadline or other responsibilities don't cut into your quality time a deux.
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Retrograde Venus will also oppose Uranus, bringing another round of unpredictable mood swings and potential outbursts with a friend or love interest. Before you pass out the first handful of snack-sized candy bars, you might need to have a clarifying convo about needs, expectations and even where a relationship is going. Maybe not exactly what you had planned for the night, but with the love planet and the celestial disrupter at odds, a few curveballs could come hurtling your way.

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