Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

June 2018

June is off to a fiery start! Not only is the Sun traveling through Gemini and your playful, passionate fifth house until June 21, but ribald Mars is making its once-every-two-years visit to Aquarius. If you're not feeling hot and vibrant, you're not paying attention in cosmic class. 'Tis the season for swagger, so ditch that false-modesty act and lead with confidence and charisma! Mars gives your mojo a booster shot, and if you suspect you're turning more heads than usual, you're probably right. People are responding to your life-force energy, which is sending out scintillating signals without you even trying.
Mars is in your sign from May 16 until August 12, an extended visit that's getting you all revved up for new projects and plans. And with the Sun in your creative fifth house along with clever Mercury until June 12, it's okay to prioritize those over practicalities. Mars could spark up romantic revivals and new love interests, though its placement in your independent first house has you craving room to roam. Clingy people can step to the left during this feisty, frisky phase! (At least until Mars tones it down a little and turns retrograde on June 26—more on that in a bit.)
The June 13 Gemini new moon kicks off an exciting moment for love and self-expression. As you naturally bubble over with excitement about whatever's captured your fancy, you could draw some ardent admirers. Over the next six months, your talents and novel ideas could bring fame—you might even see your name in lights before the corresponding November 23 Gemini full moon. Cupid could also make a belated showing today. Chemistry that sparks now could turn into an exciting soul-friendship or summer fling. Most importantly, make a dedicated effort to get out of your head and lead with your heart—preferably with it stitched to your sleeve. Take a chance and tell someone how you feel and just let yourself be spontaneous. By following whims without getting all analytical, you naturally connect to this vibrant part of yourself.
Father's Day is June 17, and if you're celebrating a favorite father figure, some one-on-one time could be just the way to do it. With the moon in Leo and your dynamic-duo zone, quality time or a heartfelt conversation will help you feel connected. If you can't pull him away from a family gathering, send a handwritten card or letter that acknowledges your unique bond. 
On June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer and your orderly, fit sixth house. Hedonism will give way to healthy living, and practical matters will take top billing. The next four weeks are great for launching a summertime wellness plan, from adding more fresh produce and exercise into your world to doing a summer detox. Cancer season will also give you the urge to purge, so declutter everything from your kitchen cabinets to your closets to your office space.
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The second half of the month takes a different tone as Neptune and Mars turn retrograde, bringing the total retrograde planet count to five. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been in reverse since the spring, and with so many celestial slowdowns, plans could stall or sputter.
Hazy Neptune is the first to turn retrograde. It will backspin through Pisces and your second house of work, income and security from June 18 until November 24. If money matters have gotten muddled or your budget is a blur, use this time to retrace your steps and clear any financial fog. Neptune rules illusions, and it's possible that a client or coworker could give mixed signals, perhaps ignoring your invoices or guilt-tripping you into doing their work. Nip any manipulative tactics in the bud and stay alert for passive-aggressive people who try to dump their responsibilities on you. Be extra careful about borrowing or lending money now—and if you do, spell out all the terms clearly (and in writing).
On June 26, action planet Mars joins the retrograde brigade, a biennial about-face that will last until August 27. Mars will spend the bulk of its backspin in Aquarius and your first house of self and identity (until August 12), which could prompt you to radically reevaluate everything from your appearance and style to how you spend your time and energy. With rash Mars gone rogue, rushing into changes is NOT advised. But do some soul-searching and start collecting ideas for any aesthetic overhauls. (Pinterest was made for moments like this.) Then, target September 10 to November 15 for any grand debuts or coming-outs, when Mars makes a rare second (and retrograde-free) trip through your sign.
Your first step, in fact, might be deciding what to let go of. You'll have a clarifying moment of closure on June 28, when the annual Capricorn full moon illuminates your twelfth house of endings, surrender and healing. Use this time to boldly release a thought pattern, possessions or even relationships that no longer serve you. Do you have someone to forgive? Are you carrying around resentment that's only dragging YOU down? Give it up to the universe, perhaps with a ritual like writing down what you don't want in your life and burning it.
The twelfth house rules transitions, and since full moons already bring events to a turning point, this one is like a double-strength shot of this energy. With your subconscious activated, you could have vivid dreams or a potent gut feeling. Follow up on any signs and serendipities, as your psychic receptors are high now. If you've been avoiding a difficult conversation or facing painful emotions, there's no better time in 2018 than now for a good air-clearing or a cleansing "ugly cry." Get it out in the open—and don't be attached to the outcome. You just never know where things will lead when you get emotionally raw and honest.

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