Gemini Monthly Horoscope

October 2017

Temperatures may be falling outside, but the heat is on for you! The first three weeks of October mark the Sun's annual visit to Libra and your playful, passionate fifth house. You're in full-on Gemini mode as you flirt, dash off witty #micdrops and hold court at the center of every party. The fifth house rules fame, so don't be surprised if the spotlight stalks you. And when you've got it, keep it! Your unfiltered self-expression can win you fans—as long as you keep it positive. (Yes, Gemini, there IS such a thing as bad publicity, and you don't want to find that out the hard way.)
Romance could be in the picture during this sizzling solar cycle. Dress up and turn some heads, or plan a few epic dates. Coupled or single, this is your time to let loose and feel the joie de vivre. You could easily wind up with a slew of new admirers. If you're attracted to someone, let 'em know. The October 19 Libra new moon is especially good for wearing your heart on your sleeve. This lunation will plant the seeds for a creative and passion-driven six-month cycle. You might get the green light on an artistic project or book a gallery show or a gig at a trendy venue.
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You could find yourself at the hub of the crowd on October 5, when the year's only Aries full moon illuminates your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Take a break from the bright lights to celebrate a shared victory. The full moon can mark the completion of a group project you've worked on for the past six months. Pop the Prosecco or treat the team to tapas to keep the good vibes flowing. This is an amazing day for networking or making a collaboration official. Feeling out of sync with your squad? You might opt to channel your energy into a new group that's more aligned with your interests and values.
But this month's headline news arrives on October 10, when supersizer Jupiter makes its once-a-year move, exiting Libra and moving into Scorpio for the next 13 months. Jupiter has been in Libra and your heart-centered fifth house since September 9, 2016, bringing a year of major growth around love and self-expression. Gemini is ruled by mental Mercury, and as a result, your sign can spend a LOT of time in your head. (To be fair, it's a pretty interesting place, so we don't blame you!)
But along came Jupiter to put you in touch with your feelings—and while that may have been wildly uncomfortable at moments, you've grown so much. From that expansive planet, you've learned an important lesson: You can't have true love AND always be in control at the same time. Ditto for your creative expression. Trying to squeeze your multidimensional self into a 1-D role (perfect mom, corporate honcho, lead singer) is simply too limiting for you. And really, what makes you most fascinating as a Gemini is how complex and even contradictory you are. So take your final cues from Jupiter and OWN it! After October 10, the red-spotted planet won't be back here for another 12 years.
Jupiter's next dance number will look VERY different from this past year's. From October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, it will mambo through Scorpio and your sixth house of health, organization and service. Talk about a new landscape! After a year of decadence and drama, you'll be craving order and simplicity. (Just don't forget everything you learned during your walk on the wild side.) Healthy eating and exercise could become a bigger part of your life, possibly due to doctor's orders to make a lifestyle change. With Jupiter here, some people might put on a little weight even when they're eating healthfully, so embrace any new curves or padding with pride if you come by them honestly. But do make sure your systems are running smoothly, and make a special effort to reduce stress because you're likely to be juggling a lot. The sixth house rules the digestive system, and you could benefit from learning more about "gut health," disturbances of which have been linked to everything from allergies and disease to energy levels. Google "microbiome," and let the Gemini obsessing begin!
With Jupiter in this eco-friendly zone, you could get involved in a "green" business or the wellness industry. Or maybe you'll have an ingenious entrepreneurial idea like fashion photographer and animal lover Tracy Toler-Phillips, who launched her cruelty-free vegan lipstick line Cupid and Psyche Beauty to combine her twin passions, style and sustainable living. 
The sixth house also rules pets, and you might consider adopting a cuddly creature or adding another to your menagerie. Though a big responsibility, a dog can give you an excuse to walk more. Plus the unconditional love of pets has been shown to have health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure. Not a bad trade-off for vacuuming a little fur off your upholstery. (Our 2018 Planetary Planner has an in-depth report on Jupiter in Scorpio for YOUR sign—pre-order your copy here!)
The Jupiter effect really kicks in on October 23, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Scorpio, helping you get grounded. Jupiter and the Sun make their once-a-year meetup here on October 26, one of the most buoyant and optimistic days of 2017. You could get motivated to start a fall fitness regimen or whip some other part of your life into streamlined shape. A humble and helpful person could show up and offer generous support, putting your visionary ideas to a plan, timeline and budget. (Hire them, stat!)
If you're feeling uninspired, as though you're just going through the motions, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will snap you out of this funk. Look beyond the paycheck: You need purpose-driven work that makes a difference in the world. Find meaningful outlets for this, or shift your attitude. If you're a business owner, step out of your workaholic bubble and reconnect with the people whose lives are affected by what you do. What are their needs, and how are you solving their problems? Volunteer work can be enriching now. Get out of your head and interactive with people who share your convictions. A change of perception could be all it takes.

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