Gemini Monthly Horoscope


August 2016

Think, Gemini, think. Until August 22, the Sun is in Leo and your third house of communication and ideas, helping you brainstorm, pitch, write and connect the dots. Synergies could spark up with a colleague, kindred spirit or even a sibling. You want to feel heard and have your thoughts reflected back to you now. This is also a great time to sharpen your listening skills, practicing the art of "active listening" instead of jumping in with your usual anecdotes and advice.
On August 2, the new moon in Leo helps you turn a fresh page in your closest ties. Is it time to make something official? This new moon forms a supportive trine with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius, your seventh house of one-on-one unions. A straightforward talk could help you solidify where you stand with a business or romantic partner. New moons have six-month development cycles, so conversations today could plant the seeds for the corresponding Leo full moon in February 2017. If you have a million-dollar idea brewing, run it by a trusted mentor or expert. Their "been there, done that" perspective could help you turn this idea into a reality. (And if no one comes to mind, check out the impresarios on Founders Forum) If you've been flirting with a new alliance, it could move full steam ahead today, especially since go-getter Mars is also in Sagittarius from August 2-September 27. Start talking!
On August 18, the Aquarius full moon spotlights your ninth house of adventure, travel and risk-taking, bringing a brave, let's-leap-off-this-cliff moment. Time to get yourself out of a well-worn groove and go explore, Gemini. This full moon is also a penumbral eclipse (an "almost eclipse"), so it's slated to sweep in some change. It also forms a supportive sextile to changemaker Uranus in your eleventh house of social action. You could find yourself at a high-octane party, a networking event full of fascinating people from different backgrounds, or even a morning dance party. A friend might ping you with an exciting international opportunity, like starting an import-export business in Amsterdam or taking a retreat together in Thailand. Get your passport ready!
Whew! The action is nonstop. You'll be grateful when the Sun powers down into Virgo and your domestic fourth house on August 22, helping you get cozy at Chez Gemini. For the next four weeks, you can exhale, slipping off to nest, nurture yourself, and savor a little solitude. Under this nostalgic cycle, you might incorporate more vintage pieces into your home. A little mid-century modern perhaps? Indulge in creative summer dishes, like watermelon and feta salad, grilled corn salsa or barbecued squid. Just choose your company with discretion. You're feeling extra sensitive as the summer comes to a close, so don't pressure yourself to run off to every last barbecue or rooftop gathering. Connecting in intimate settings is much more your speed now. 

Before you book tickets to visit your hometown, take note: Your ruling planet Mercury will turn retrograde from August 30-September 22. Mercury will backtrack through Virgo and your domestic fourth house, which could disrupt the peace with relatives, roommates, and women in particular. As much as you may crave some nurturing and nostalgia, you could also feel smothered and sucked dry by your loved ones. Think twice before offering up your pull out sofa to any travelers, especially if they happen to occupy branches on your shared family tree. Don't underestimate the power of a good Airbnb rental to circumvent the feud of the century.

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