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December 2016

Dynamic duos are your December theme! The Sun makes its annual sojourn through the most collaborative and commitment-focused zones of your chart this month, a time to be less self-reliant and to reach out for support instead. Until December 21, it's Sagittarius season, as El Sol heats up your seventh house of partnerships. Then, the calendar will turn on a more intimate note, as the Sun plunges into Capricorns and your private, transformational eighth house.
Fear not: There's one moment you'll break away to claim the spotlight, and it's a shining one. On December 13, the Gemini full moon—a brilliant supermoon, illuminates your first house of solo ventures. Use this personal independence day to launch a promising venture, make a big announcement or go your own way. Assert your opinions and advocate for your own ideas. Just remember: The magnifying glass is on you today, so the world WILL find out whether you've been naughty or nice. (Perhaps this is the day Gemini Donald Trump's tax returns will finally become public?)
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If you're inking any deals or formalizing a collaboration, try to wrap that up before December 21. Your ruling planet Mercury, guardian of communication, technology and travel, will turn retrograde from December 19-January 8. Mercury will backspin through Capricorn, disrupting your eighth house of joint ventures, shared money, sex and deep emotions. (Yeah, all that.) Finances AND romances could go awry now, so make sure you're squared away before this tricky cycle begins.
The headlining planet during the second half of December is Uranus (insert scatological jokes here), which will make two rare but major meetups this month. Irreverent Uranus—which is in Aries and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology from 2011-18—will steal the show for Christmas and New Year's. Not only does the rebel planet end a five-month retrograde on December 29, its activity could be downright world-changing.
On December 24, your closest collaborations get a radical revamp. Uranus will form a rare and golden trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, your seventh house of partnerships. Uranus is all about revolution and reinvention, while stalwart Saturn is the guardian of time-tested structures. Traditions get tweaked now, as these planets form a cooperative angle to each other. Your closest ties are up for a makeover.
With tech-savvy Uranus in your digitally-driven eleventh house, you could meet someone online who has long-term relationship potential. Surprising sparks might also fly with a friend, and things could get serious fast. A holiday party, especially one with a humanitarian twist, could lead you straight to your soulmate. With shock-jock Uranus at the helm, this will happen when you least expect it.
For coupled Geminis, it's YOUR turn to make the rules for your relationship—ones that work for the two of you, no matter what other people think. The sky's the limit: An impromptu wedding at City Hall, an open relationship, moving to a communal living arrangement (like this one, perhaps?). Of course, with conventional Saturn involved, the biggest surprise might be that you that you actually DO commit to someone. You could also make a peaceful but long-overdue exit from an unsatisfying arrangement—either a business or romantic alliance.
Saturn and Uranus will travel in close proximity for much of 2017, helping the old guard and new school play well together. There will be two more exact trines coming up on May 19 and November 11 next year, so get ready for more developments in the coming months!
The second Uranus aspect will be more disruptive. On December 26, expansive Jupiter will form a rare opposition to Uranus—a trend that only happens every 14 years, and will be felt for the last two weeks of December. This could be a time of rapid and sudden change—which could be positive in some ways, but also majorly destabilizing. With two of the most rash and impulsive planets butting heads, there's a real danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, overturning what's good in the name of revolution. The United States already saw this brewing intensity during election season, when fired-up voters painted an extremist picture of what was wrong with the country.
How will this impact you? Jupiter is in Libra and your fifth house of self-expression, passion and romance—already a recipe for flamboyant drama. Its opposition to a detached and rebellious Uranus could be a recipe for some hot-and-cold feelings. One minute, you're all hyped up and the next, an Arctic frost has blanketed your heart. Watch for volatile and knee-jerk reactions today, as this opposition could drive you to extremes. This rare Jupiter-Uranus aspect will happen two more times in 2017, on March 3 and September 28. Get ready…the revolution ain't over 'til it's over, Gemini.
Whew! The Christmas/Hanukkah weekend is not really set to be a relaxing one. Luckily, there WILL be a soothing Venus-Jupiter trine on that Sunday, which can help bring some humor and perspective to the intensity. And if all else fails, do some chores or holiday giving. The moon will spend that whole weekend in Scorpio and your sixth house of health, organization and service. You can easily divert any drama with volunteer work, a major decluttering spree, cooking up a storm, or even a nice long workout.
Another bright spot? Although we'll feel these Uranus aspects for the rest of 2016, the temperamental planet WILL end a five-month retrograde on December 29. People will become a bit less reactive, but do be careful near this date. We've observed over the past few years that buried hostilities and even acts of violence have occurred as Uranus stations direct (turns forward). So please, walk away from any scenes that feel tense or combustible, whether that's in public or at a small gathering. With Uranus in your group-oriented eleventh house, avoid crowded places where the vibe is charged—and dodge social media wars while you're at it. The last thing you need is to get embroiled in a debate with a Twitter troll. Log out and live.
December 29 will also bring the last new moon of the year, which falls in grounding Capricorn. La luna's renewal will touch your eighth house of long-term finances, intimate relationships and joint ventures. Start thinking about who you'd like to have in your inner circle in 2017, as the seeds you plant now will flourish over the next six months. Conversations today could also set the stage for an engagement, pregnancy or property purchase.
New Year's Eve features both the moon and social Venus in lighthearted Aquarius, livening up your worldly and expansive ninth house. Focus on your biggest dreams as the calendar changes. Tune into your heart and your passions: the moon and Venus are forming a golden trine to optimistic Jupiter in your creative, loving fifth house. No matter what the state of the world, you're bursting with universal love today.
Adding to the dreamy and ambitious vibes, go-getter Mars and compassionate Neptune unite in Pisces, energizing your tenth house of career and long-term plans. Make a vision board—even if your inner skeptic rolls its eyes—or spend some time really connecting to your highest purpose. The Desire Map collection, created by your fellow Gemini Danielle LaPorte, is a veritable suite of amazing tools to help you plot your mission. As she says, "Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity." Leave it to an ingenious Gemini to break it down like that.

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