Gemini Monthly Horoscope

April 2017

Free up some calendar space, Gemini, because your popularity is on the rise! The Sun is roaring through Aries and your eleventh house of group activity until April 19, putting you in your social-butterfly element. Networking and collaborations take top billing, and you'll be an in-demand guest wherever you go. Look for kindred spirits to team up with, especially around a world-bettering cause or innovative idea. Where have you been out of sync with your circle? Patch up any faltering friendships, and get wobbly group dynamics back on solid ground.
As you work the room or tap out yet another viral post, there could be an obstacle course or two to navigate. April will feature five (count 'em, five!) planets in log-jammed retrograde motion. A planet goes retrograde when it passes the Earth in its journey around the Sun, creating the illusion that it's moving backward. During this time, everything under that heavenly body's jurisdiction can become chaotic and off-track. Retrogrades rule the past. If you have unfinished business to attend to, now is an ideal time to focus on that. Reconnecting with old friends, relatives and colleagues can also be fruitful. Gemini, as much as you love all things shiny and newfangled, this retrograde parade offers the opportunity to tie up all your loose ends.
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As April begins, affable Venus and expansive Jupiter are already retrograde. Venus has been backtracking through Aries and your friendship zone since March 4, creating ripples of discord in your crew (hopefully ones that are being offset by the Sun's presence here). On April 2, the love planet will back into Pisces for the duration of its retrograde, which ends on April 15. Pisces rules your tenth house of career, long-term goals and men. Anything from on-the-job conflict to unresolved "daddy issues" could surface, demanding that you deal. Harmonious Venus on the lam can disrupt the usual pleasantries and social graces. Take extra care around the office, as confrontations can flare up easily.
Jupiter retrograde has been nose-diving in Libra and your fifth house of love, creativity and glamour from February 6, and continues to do so until June 9. An ex could resurface, or a budding romance might hit a speed bump. Did you rush in too quickly? The rosy glow of your infatuation may start to fade. With outspoken Jupiter backspinning in this flamboyant zone, watch that your antics don't turn obnoxious. You could discover that there IS such a thing as "bad publicity," especially if you court attention for the wrong reasons. An unflattering spate of gossip might follow you, and it could be harder to shake than you expect.
Your best insurance policy? Avoid drama and the people who thrive on it. Temper your own knee-jerk reactions—think twice before you press "post" on that acerbic Facebook comment. As witty as your clapback might be, you could piss off the wrong person. The April 10 Libra full moon will bring a bracing moment of clarity around your love life, along with a rush of strong emotions. It will be hard to hold back from saying exactly what you feel now. If you can, channel the intensity into an abandoned talent or DIY project. Make art, not war!
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Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will join the retrograde charade this month. From April 6 to August 25, structured Saturn reverses through Sagittarius and your seventh house of committed partnerships. An important relationship, either business or personal, could be tested now. Have you built this alliance on a rock-solid foundation? Saturn is the cosmic inspector, and his retrograde can expose some structural flaws that need to be repaired before you move forward. Be honest and assess whether you share the same goals for the long haul. Some couples may press pause or do some important relationship repair work, perhaps with a therapist (Saturn rules experts). Saturn is the planet of maturity, and his motto is "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Instead of feeling daunted when your duo feels less-than-dynamic, do the work. Dealing with these issues will either strengthen your bond or help you move on to a better pairing.
Next on the retrograde lineup is your ruling planet, Mercury, which backspins from April 9 to May 3. Mercury rules communication, technology and transportation, and its retrograde can wreak havoc on these areas. Until April 20, the m messenger planet will reverse-commute through Taurus and your hazy twelfth house, sending major mixed signals and exposing hidden agendas. You could feel unsure whom to trust, so err on the side of caution. Watch your sign's tendency to overshare, as information could be used against you. The last thing you need is to be at the center of a Wikileaks-style scandal, Gemini. Guard against burnout by pacing yourself. With Mercury in this foggy and fatiguing sector, you're susceptible to catching a seasonal sickness if you don't give your mind, body and soul a well-deserved break.
From April 20 to May 3, Mercury is retrograde in Aries and your eleventh house of group activity. Long-lost friends could resurface, both online and in real time. Plan a reunion with your old crew and catch up over tacos or tapas. Hop on video chat if you're far apart—and start researching flights for a proper visit. A team project may hit the skids now, so watch for messy intergroup dynamics. Prepare to mediate if necessary, but don't get stuck trying to unite warring factions that refuse to budge. Be mindful of what you post on social media. The eleventh house rules technology, so your biggest communication gaffes could happen online, where scandalous Tweets aren't easily forgiven or forgotten.
Speaking of scandal, the final retrograde planet is shady Pluto, which pivots in Capricorn and your intimate, secretive eighth house from April 20 to September 28. Some skeevy people could come creeping out of the woodwork. Be careful whom you get into bed with—literally and figuratively—because Pluto's controlling clutches can't be easily escaped. You may see glimmers of jealousy, emotional blackmail or outright con-artistry. The bad news? Pluto rules the unconscious, so in some way these people may be reflecting a trait that you need to change in yourself. Instead of pointing fingers, look where YOU may need to bring more integrity into your own affairs. Clean up your own backyard, as the saying goes, and your relationships could transform on their own.
A month of soul-searching and healing begins on April 19, giving you ample opportunity to process any challenges that arise. The Sun will move into Taurus and your sleepy twelfth house, presenting the time and opportunities to tie up loose ends before Gemini (and your birthday!) season kick off on May 20. Where do you need to purge the excess or bring more compassion into your life? The April 26 Taurus new moon helps you let go to begin anew. It's a bit of a paradox to have a new moon in the part of your chart that rules closure—but endings are often beginnings in their own way. Surrender any struggle and allow divine guidance in. A spiritual or creative awakening could arrive with this new moon, planting the seeds for an enriching six-month cycle. Pay attention to those intuitive hits, Gemini—all the signs are there if you can be silent and centered long enough to see them.

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