Gemini Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

Gear up, Gemini: A change-filled year will wrap up with another wave of celestial action, as the stars shift and shuffle about. Luckily, you'll be navigating it in good company. This December, you'll spend a lot of time evaluating your relationships and getting crystal-clear about who belongs in the Gemini inner circle. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Sagittarius (until December 21), then Capricorn—the rulers of your committed-relationship and intimacy houses. Give your closest connections the time they deserve. And maybe move the less important people back a few squares on the board.
It all starts the opening weekend of this month. On Saturday, December 2, expansive Jupiter forms a rare and healing trine with compassionate Neptune—the first of three between now and August 2018. It's a gift the world sorely needs after a turbulent 2017. Global connector Jupiter is in Scorpio and your sixth house of health, service and organization. Look for ways you can give back, perhaps through your career, as the giant planet pings Neptune in Pisces and your professional, status-driven tenth house. You might splurge on tickets to a black-tie benefit or organize a donation drive to help a worthy cause. This trine will put the "fun" in "fundraiser," so make a party out of your do-gooding, Gemini!
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At the Jupiter-Neptune trine, show gratitude to anyone who's helped you ascend this year. Send thoughtful gifts with handwritten cards to clients, mentors and assistants alike. This can be a powerful career moment. If you're looking to hire a service provider or an intern, you could find the perfect person in the coming days. Gemini full-timers might want to schedule a performance and salary review soon. And don't be shy about your aspirations. With idealistic (and candid) Jupiter here, this is a perfect day to share about your dreams. Whether it's over lunch with a colleague or at a party with a new acquaintance, voicing your desires will attract opportunity. And hey, the good old-fashioned art of treating your coworkers well, even when you're totally busy, is one that should not be forgotten. (Some solid tips on that here.)
But the stars are just warming up. The next day, December 3, brings the year's only Gemini full moon (also a supermoon)—which is a cosmic coming-out party thrown in your honor. Whatever you've been working on since your birthday could have a full-circle moment. The spotlight is on you, so get even gutsier about speaking up and letting people know what you need. Feel free to tell a certain someone what you DON'T like, either. If you've been tolerating subpar treatment, la luna helps you set firm boundaries. Instead of focusing on this person's trifling antics, pour that energy into numero uno. One of your personal goals or solo endeavors could attract extra buzz now. Spread the word!
Just do everything with a heaping help of tact and diplomacy. From December 3 to 22, your ruling planet, Mercury, will spin retrograde, scrambling communication, technology and travel plans. (Yup, just in time for the holidays!) So as the Gemini full moon hands you the mic, Mercury snatches it away like, "No girl. You can't say that in public." Ah, the paradoxes of #GeminiLife!
Mercury will be retrograde in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, which will put the pressdown on your seventh house of committed relationships. You'll need to be especially vigilant in your interactions. The common wisdom about Mercury retrograde is that it's a sketchy time to sign contracts because you can overlook key details. If possible, hold off on making anything official during this three-week period. Retrogrades also bring back people from our past. Lingering ties with an ex may need to be cut—or perhaps you'll rekindle them and see if there's still something there. But mostly, this cycle could make you more prone to arguments and feeling misunderstood. Explain and confirm everything with extra care. It won't totally prevent crossed wires, but it might help!
Things are quieter in the cosmos after this until December 18, when another loaded week begins. That day marks a Sagittarius new moon, which brings a fresh start to your partnership house. You're probably ready for one! And with the Sun, Mercury, harmonizer Venus AND stabilizing Saturn also in Sagittarius today, you'll have no choice but to deal with things head-on. Use this day to clear the air and get wayward relationships back on track.
On a positive note, this is a great day to network or start getting more serious in a collaboration. While you should wait another few days for Mercury to straighten out to really hit the gas, there's no reason you shouldn't explore synergies, whether romantically, creatively or for business.
Merging and joint ventures are about to become a serious theme anyhow, so you might as well start the talks! On December 19, structured Saturn sets off on a three-year visit to Capricorn and your eighth house of bonding, intimacy, wealth and shared resources. This is Saturn's first trip here since February 1991, and it will reveal the important boundaries and agreements you need to have in place before you can truly join forces with another person or entity. Between now and December 17, 2020, prepare to do a lot of growing up around eighth house themes of money management, real estate, spirituality, emotional depth, sexuality, and permanent relationships.

Saturn can create temporary slowdowns or setbacks, which are designed to show us where we haven't built a proper foundation. For example, if you rush into a marriage or having kids, the honeymoon phase could give way to real emotional labor and the disorienting adjustment to your new life. If you claim some questionable items on your taxes, Saturn could bring an audit from the IRS. The best prevention? Don't cut corners or rush into anything permanent. Give yourself a chance to adapt to major life transitions like births, deaths, breakups and commitments. With Saturn in this mystical and psychological part of your chart, it’s a powerful time for therapy or healing work. Get ready to go deep and to explore your own shadows. It will be uncomfortable at first, but you'll emerge with powerful self-awareness that can get you through almost anything if you do the work.
Although Saturn in the eighth house isn't exactly lighthearted fare, it should still be easier than the outgoing cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius, which began back in December 2014. For the past three years, Saturn has been opposite your Sun, which can be a harsh and eye-opening phase. You've been through a bit of relationship boot camp, as Saturn brought valuable realizations about how you deal with the most significant people in your life. You may have weathered a harsh breakup or had one of your bonds tested. The people on Team Gemini may not have always had your back. From this period, you've learned the importance of clear boundaries and equitable give-and-take. (Get the full scoop on Saturn in Capricorn for your sign in The AstroTwins’ 2018 Planetary Planner.)
You'll have time to reflect starting December 21, when the Sun plunges into Capricorn for a month and pulls you into the deeper waters of the intimate and private eighth house. By New Year's Eve, there will be four heavenly bodies in Capricorn: the Sun, romantic Venus, mature Saturn and transformational Pluto. Speaking of "heavenly bodies," the eighth house rules sex and intimacy—which could make for a steamy start to 2018!
Even better? The moon will be back in Gemini on New Year's Eve, pulling you out of any emotional intensity or brooding funks. Take all that pent-up energy and channel it into something worthwhile this December 31. With driven Mars and global ambassador Jupiter united in Scorpio and your civic-minded sixth house, this is yet another great night for a charity benefit or a celebration for a cause. On a practical note, you might decide to make some extra bucks working as say, a cater-waiter or the hired entertainment (angel card reader, aura photographer, fire-spinner) at someone's big NYE gala. Just make sure you're not canceling on your own people, as the moon will oppose Mercury in your partnership house. Make sure your invitations come with a plus-one—then turn this into a memorable night with your S.O. or a special friend.
Spoiler alert: The first full moon of 2018 will arrive in the evening of January 1. It falls in Cancer, which rules your second house of work, money and security. If you don't get around to writing your 2018 intentions—or you were too busy obsessing over what they should be—an early dinner could be turned into a ritual or resolution-setting circle. Invite a few friends over for takeout, and dig in!

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