Gemini Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

Do you, Gemini! The Sun is in Libra, your fifth house of self-expression, passion and dramatic flair until October 22. You're feeling feisty and flirtatious—and you're a live comedy act on two legs. You won't mind entertaining the troops at all. Your heart is proudly on your sleeve now, so don't even bother trying to hide how you feel. And if people don't like it? Not your problem! You need friends who can handle the full spectrum of Gemini moods. As your signmate Marilyn Monroe once famously said, "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." This love-me-or-leave-me attitude suits you well this month, as the Libra Sun gives your confidence a major injection. (Just watch out for when this pumped-up pride might creep into egotistical terrain!)
Upping the self-love ante, lucky Jupiter is now spending its first full month in Libra, after entering this emboldened zone of your chart on September 9. Jupiter will be here for a full year now, expanding your romantic prospects and horizons. Your playful and mischievous personality is magnetic to admirers—and a welcome comeback after the year's moody and solitary vibes that you've finally left behind you. It's time to let your hair down, Gemini. Get out of the house—and those threadbare yoga pants that should have gone to Goodwill three years ago. Dive back into the bustling world, mingling with your fanbase and sharing your creative talents.
As warm as the spotlight's glow may be, Geminis are communal by nature. (You're the sign of the Twins after all!) Midmonth, you have a prime opportunity to connect with your tribe. On October 16, a full moon in Aries—also a potent supermoon—forms a close conjunction to unpredictable Uranus, spotlighting your eleventh house of team projects and socializing. Around this day, expect the unexpected, Gemini. You might connect with a powerful new ally in a random or even surprising way. Online contacts could yield out of the blue developments, too.
Since the eleventh house rules technology, this is an excellent day to launch a digital venture. You might get invited to join a group of movers-and-shakers, maybe even a formal alliance or collaboration. Full moons can also mark endings or transitions. A key teammate might suddenly depart, or perhaps a dynamic new person joins the ranks, breathing life into a stale group endeavor. Or, a shared project that's been in the works might reach a thrilling turning point, making this an excellent night to get out and celebrate.
After all the lively parties and decadent nights out, you're ready to jump back on the health wagon again once the Sun enters Scorpio, your sixth house of efficiency and wellness, on October 22. Let's face it: You are far more productive at the office when you've gotten a full night's sleep, hit the gym and eaten your dark leafy greens. How about adding a little seaweed to your plate, since it's nature’s latest miracle? Focus on the nuts and bolts of your daily life for the next four weeks. Waking up at 5:00 am for a hot vinyasa class before work might not be as glam as, say, partying at a trendy speakeasy until 5:00 am—but that's just fine by you.
Circle October 30 as the day to officially turn over a new health leaf, as the Scorpio new moon revs up your motivation to get fit. The new moon is traveling close to communicator Mercury in Scorpio, so ask questions, reach out to helpful people and start your obsessive researching (a Gemini speciality!). You might consult a nutritionist, trainer or health coach. Or, you'll start exploring links, podcasts, books and trendy new health techniques. Gemstone facial, anyone? Set a few concrete health goals, or simply record your eating and activity on paper or with an app. And speaking of gemstones, you might even try a jewelry-inspired wearable fitness tracker like Ringly or Bellabeat. Whether you set your mind to quitting a vice, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, or getting more regimented about your workouts, impressive results will unfold over the next six months. So start today!
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