February 2017

Spread your wings, Gemini! This month's theme is growth and expansion. The Sun is in Aquarius—your ninth house of risk-taking, visionary ventures and travel—until February 18. Whenever you hop an international flight or take a leap of faith in your everyday life, go big. If you've gotten too focused on life's details of life, it's time to widen your perspective. There's so much to look forward to, so adopt a spirit of optimism, no matter what your current circumstances may be. With the Sun in your house of unfiltered sharing, new options could come sailing in.
Your inner circle is a deep well of inspiration this month. With red-hot Mars blazing through Aries and your group-activity zone, networking, collaborating will take your grand plans so much further. Bring on the masterminds and Meetups! Luckily most Geminis are gifted at mingling with the masses, so make an effort to share your out-of-the-box ideas. Someone you "randomly" talk to may have the perfect connection. Crowdsourcing on social media can introduce you to perspectives you hadn't considered. 
Your love life may have been a blazing bright spot—possibly a dramatic one—ever since expansive Jupiter entered Libra and your passionate fifth house on September 9, 2016. The air around you has been charged with an intensity that's been fun (if exhausting). On February 6, Jupiter turns retrograde, tapping the brakes on romantic or creative endeavors for four months. If things started moving a little too swiftly for your liking—or the spotlight has been blinding—you'll enjoy this less-hurried pace. Take a hiatus from social media and dial back the oversharing. Jupiter retrograde is a great reminder that privacy is seldom overrated!
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But don't worry, Gemini! Jupiter will stick around in the lusty part of your chart until October 10, 2017, and this short respite will give you a chance to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again this summer. Take your time and don't make any knee-jerk moves if you can help it.
But the pressure will still be on, as Jupiter travels in close opposition to unpredictable Uranus in your teamwork and technology zone all month. These heavyweights only face off like this every 14 years and are sure to shake up the status quo on some level. There are three exact oppositions this cycle: the first was December 26, 2016, and the next two will be March 3 and September 28.
With Jupiter in your passionate fifth house and Uranus in your aloof eleventh house, you could swing from dramatic to detached. Your feelings may run hot and cold, and—if your hotheaded side gets the best of you—there could be some reality-TV-worthy moments. Just as a certain newly-inaugurated Gemini POTUS might be wise to lay off his Twitter feed, you may also realize that sharing doesn't always equal caring. Don't make ANY inflammatory statements, either on social media or IRL. And avoid those drama queens like the plague. While it'll be easy to get sucked into others' conflicts, resist the temptation to play mediator. The less you know the better, so practice saying, "I know you two can work this out!"
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More change is in the air because February is eclipse season. Two of 2017's four game-changing eclipses occur this month, sweeping away the old and scripting a bold beginning. Eclipses can push us off the fence when we've been wishy-washy or have procrastinated and can force us to make a decision. Unexpected events may pop up, and a whole area of our lives can change in short order. This can be exciting or daunting, depending how you look at it. Suffice to say, it's best to stay on your toes and expect the unexpected.
On February 10, the Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse kicks off a brand-new eclipse series on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which lasts until January 2019. This will activate your communication houses, changing the way you express yourself. All kinds of travel are highlighted, along with global friendships and connections. Study, writing and teaching could be part of the package. Expect some fascinating new people and ideas to enter your orbit.
The February 10 Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in your third house of communication and community. You could receive some stunning news that changes the course of events, hopefully in an exciting way. Keep your phone charged and don't even THINK about going off the grid—you'll want to be there if a major message arrives. This could be an epic day for spreading the word about one of your creative ideas. The third house rules neighborhoods: Check out a new district or get more involved in your area. Is it time to open that pop-up boutique or join the food co-op? Since lunar eclipses occur during full moons, they often herald manifestations and transitions. You may break abruptly from one social circle and join another or take up a hobby. (Just don't start speaking in a bizarre new accent, a la Lindsay Lohan.)
Life starts to stabilize after February 18, when the Sun enters Pisces, a prelude to the eclipse here. Pisces rules your tenth house of career ambition, making this is THE time to lean in to your goals and to prioritize. Don't let yourself get distracted. While it's been fun dreaming and scheming, you'll do best for the next four weeks if you pick a lane and stick to it.
AND… a huge opportunity could be coming your way soon. On February 26 the Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse gives your career another megaboost. Is it time to make a life-changing move? This eclipse wraps up a two-year series on the Virgo/Pisces axis that's been revolutionizing your work-life balance since March 2015. Major changes involving home, family structure, career and public image have been part of this cycle. Now you're ready to rise into a leadership position or get really focused on creating a career and not just a "job." Events will unfold over the next six months, so there's no need to rush. But you can expect a jolt from the stars! Pay attention to their messages!

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