Gemini Monthly Horoscope


July 2016

Keep it simple, Gemini! After an eventful spring you won't need much convincing in that department. July's stars could finally give all of us a breather from the twists and turns of May and June. This month, your mission is to simplify. The Sun is in Cancer and your stabilizing second house until July 22, putting your focus on work, daily habits, money and routines. Prioritize and streamline, instead of packing your schedule until it’s about to burst and then canceling triple-booked plans the last minute.
July 4 is Independence Day in the United States, and you may be celebrating financial freedom—or at least making your first steps in that direction. That day, the Cancer new moon will illuminate your second house of work and money, kicking off a six-month growth cycle. You might start looking for new income opportunities, jobs or freelance clients. This is a good time for a budget inventory, as you'll see nice results in your bank account by the end of the year if you start consciously saving, cutting extraneous expenses and prioritizing. Your confidence gets a boost from this new moon, so make a bold move on your own behalf today.
Serendipity could also play into events now, as the Cancer new moon will form a harmonious trine to manifestation-magnet Neptune, which is in your career house. You could meet a well-connected person socially who opens doors, or catch the attention of a VIP who admires your creative approach. Don't try to be TOO much of a "company man," Gemini—add a splash of your colorful personality to the mix! Neptune is retrograde from June 13-November 19, indicating that the past could play into events. Perhaps an old employer or colleague resurfaces with a divinely-timed opportunity.
Long-term mergers come into focus on July 19, when the Capricorn full moon beams into your eighth house of shared wealth, joint ventures and intimacy. You might seal a deal or make a relationship status official. Since full moons can also bring endings, a business or romantic partnership could also end in a split. Strong feelings that neither of you has aired could come out into the open now, and while it could get intense at least you’ll know where you stand. This full moon could also spark an erotic awakening or a desire for deeper emotional bonding. However, freedom fighter Uranus in your liberated eleventh house will be at a loose square to the full moon. This could cause you to run hot-and-cold, sending even more mixed messages than your sign famously does. You could fiercely resist an attraction, or even unconsciously sabotage a business deal because you're afraid to lose your autonomy. Don't be your own worst enemy, Gemini.
You'll be back to your social ways on July 22, when the Sun moves into Leo and your communicative third house for a month. Pull yourself away from your workspace and mingle, network and pitch your grand ideas. Your sign has the gift of gab, and your witty repartee will be in high demand now. The third house rules community, so get out and explore the local happenings and events in your 'hood. Take your meetings out of the office or away from your screen—grab a colleague and go take a walk while you brainstorm, maybe stopping at the new single origin coffee roaster that popped up in your area. Feel free to bring your many friends together for some casual meetups, too—playing superconnector will score you big points.

Just watch who you invite to the party near the end of the month, Gemini. From July 29-December 29, rabble-rouser Uranus will make its annual retrograde (backward) U-turn in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Watch who you socialize with—and what you put on social media. (We wouldn’t be too surprised if Gemini Donald Trump tweets himself into an election #fail during this transit!) While you may fancy yourself a renegade, some of your button-pushing posts and comments could get you into hot water. A technology-based project might undergo a few delays. Don't rush to launch before everything is in place.
Also, remember that the company you keep reflects on you. Since you're the sign of the Twins, a part of you is always desperately seeking your "other half" and you can form instant pseudo-bonds when you feel a click of common interests or perspectives. But some of the people whom you fancy to be kindred spirits can actually be liabilities who drain your energy and tarnish your reputation. Before you open those golden Gemini gates to just anyone, try earning each other's trust over time. Being too eager can make YOU seem like a loose cannon, too. Take stock of your life as well: If most of your friendships or socializing are happening online, you might want to log out of Snapchat and Messenger and actually go meet people face-to-face.

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