Pisces Monthly Horoscope


August 2016

A tale of two summers? Where July was pure luxury, August brings a more disciplined vibe.  You've had your fair share of hot weather decadence, indulging in your favorite whims (like a sauerkraut-laden hot dog or one too many Stardust cocktails) and skinny dipping underneath the stars. Now you're shifting gears, as the Sun marches through Leo and your efficient and health-conscious sixth house until August 22, ushering in a detail-oriented and practical mood. Now, you're more likely to prioritize quality sleep over an all-night rager at a friend's loft. During Leo season, your health is back in the spotlight—so take good care of your mind, body and spirit. Run or walk on the beach, swim laps at the outdoor pool or get back to your favorite yoga class. Exercise can be an incredible anchor, giving you the energy to focus.
On August 2, the Leo new moon helps you cement better health practices, as it makes a happy trine to structured Saturn in Sagittarius, your tenth house of achievement and long-term goals. This burst of discipline helps you commit to better wellness routines. Soon enough, getting some cardio in feels as essential as brushing your teeth or checking your Instagram feed. A coach or mentor could empower you to feel more in charge of your day-to-day life, serving as a beacon of productivity and organization.
Midmonth, your professional life is lifted from the doldrums, as structured Saturn turns direct (forward) in Sagittarius and your career sector on August 13. Since March 25, the zodiac's taskmaster has been exposing all the cracks in your career's foundation, helping you slow down and see where you need better boundaries and clearer direction. If you did less than your best during this period, Saturn gave you harsh but necessary feedback to the tune of, "Nope. Try again." You may have lost a job or dealt with disruptive changes such as departmental restructuring, that forced you to make a big adjustment.
Hopefully, any obstacles also brought valuable lessons. Saturn retrograde pushed you to take a pragmatic, step-by-step approach to getting the job done, including setting a realistic timeline for projects and following basic protocols. No cutting corners allowed! Now that foundational Saturn is direct (forward), you are primed to apply these hard-won lessons. The beauty of Saturn is that once you roll with the punches and get to work—in this case, taking your career seriously—amazing things start to happen. You could attract a high-powered mentor who supports your rise in status, or start to see those early mornings and late nights pay off in the form of an important client or accolades from the VIPs.
On August 18, the full moon in Aquarius, your twelfth house of healing, closure and synchronicity, sends you a beam of divine energy, helping you surrender any struggles to the universe. This full moon is a penumbral eclipse, or "almost eclipse," so it could sweep in with powerful life changes. Stay open to these mystical moments by suspending your need to control all outcomes. This is the perfect time to let the universe take the lead. You might also need to shield yourself from harsh influences, like toxic friends or a perpetual bad news cycle. Go slowly, listening to your razor-sharp intuition if it tells you to skip a late summer soiree to catch up on sleep, or to write a cathartic journal entry. You could also receive a series of "signs" or clues pointing you in your next big direction. This full moon forms a supportive sextile to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, your second house of self-worth and finances. Allowing one door to firmly close could help a new one to open. You may also need to push back to a bullying person today. By standing up for yourself or refusing to compromise, your confidence could get a big boost. Sometimes doing the right thing means doing the hard thing. And if all else fails, be patient: The September 16 Pisces full moon brings a legitimate eclipse in YOUR sign, ushering in a major new chapter. It's all coming together…at last!
On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo and your seventh house of relationships, putting you in the mood for companionship. For the next four weeks, make an extra effort with your closest unions, both personal and professional. Go out of your way to make thoughtful gestures and to bring equilibrium back to your most important ties. You might also hammer out the terms of a partnership agreement, preparing to sign on the dotted line.
Just make those agreements official before the end of the month if you can. Your relationships might hit some speed bumps from August 30-September 22, when communicator Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and your partnership house. Mercury does this reversal three to four times a year, disrupting technology, interpersonal bonds and travel. During this cycle, a promising alliance may slow down, perhaps due to unintentional crossed wires. Watch your words, and don't email or DM anything that you wouldn't want splashed across your Twitter timeline. Even if you're frustrated, vent only to trusted confidantes. A work colleague might backtrack on a commitment, or you could be pressured to sign a deal. Don't rush to judgment OR to ink any official contracts just yet. Use this cycle to evaluate your options and do some extra research. Once Mercury turns direct (forward), you'll start to get a clearer picture of what's really going on.

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