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May 2015

Speak up, Pisces! Until May 21, the Sun is in Taurus, your third house of communication and ideas, firing off those sexy neurons at warp speed. During this mentally active phase, you’re a veritable genius when it comes to pitching, marketing strategies and brainstorming sessions. Not only do you crave intellectual stimulation, but you also need to engage with like-minded souls. Smart kindred spirits can really fill up your tanks. Don’t let those so-called stray thoughts get lost in the ether. If you’re diligent about recording them, you could have the next million-dollar idea. Since the third house rules community, use your gift of gab in your ‘hood, picking up the intel on area happenings and visiting local establishments. These connections, while small on the surface, can actually bring a sense of connectedness and meaning to your days. 
You may want to explore the wider world on May 3, when the Scorpio full moon shines its light on your ninth house of overseas travel and expansion. Is it time to pack your bags for a spontaneous trip to Nicaragua or Niagara Falls? Prep your passport just in case. This full moon brings a gust of fresh air, and there’s no telling how far it will carry you. Perhaps you’ll return to school to get an advanced certification or enroll in a school of spirituality. During this global-minded full moon, touching base and learning from people from other cultures feels like your oxygen. Viva la difference!

However, you could feel a bit overwhelmed by minutiae, as the full moon forms a tricky square to expansive Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of details. Maybe you are ready to head to your nearest airport, only to realize that you forgot to pay an important bill, or that an important project that YOU organized conflicts with your other (more exciting) plans. You may also find this growth spurt scary, and you'll be tempted to sabotage something huge out of fear. Maybe the higher you fly, the more neurotic you become (maybe even coming down with a health issue to prevent you from feeling completely giddy and free). If that is the case, you may want to check out this post from our friend and business guru Marie Forleo on what author Gay Hendricks coined “an upper limit problem." 

On May 17, the Taurus new moon shines its inspirational light on your third house of language and communication. Do you have a book or podcast in you, Pisces? Or is there an important conversation you’ve wanted to start for ages? Today is your day to take the reins and set fresh intentions on how you interface with others via your words, both written and spoken. If there’s a performer in you, you could decide to take the stage and tell your story. ((Check the Moth’s website, to see if there’s an upcoming Story Slam near you, if you happen to be in the United States.) Commit to using your trademark wit at cocktail parties, meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

But wait! From May 18-June 11, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini, your foundational fourth house, bringing all kinds of signal-crossing mayhem, especially in domestic matters. You and a relative (especially female) could have an ugly fight, one that hits you at your core. Or maybe you realize you need to move. With Mercury retrograde in this home-centric zone of your chart, it's a better time to research neighborhoods, brokers and housing options. If you can't wait until mid-June, definitely check and double check anything in writing, including leases, mortgages, contracts, agreements, emails, etc. (For more on Mercury retrograde, see our post at www.astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde.)

Things may still be wobbly on the home front on May 21, when the Sun slips into Gemini, this same domestic sector. Misunderstandings aside, for the next four weeks, you feel at your most radiant self when you’re nesting, padding around your place, upgrading the decor and puttering around in the kitchen. Take time to honor yourself. Maybe you’ll luxuriate in a jasmine-scented bath or prioritize yourself, turning down needy requests so that your own sanity remains intact. 

Venus in Cancer: Glamazon time.

From May 7-June 4, you are sizzling, thanks to magnetic Venus burning through Cancer, your fifth house of passion and romance. Break out the bling, because there is nothing wallflower-ish about you. Not that Pisces need an excuse to glam it up, but this collection of gems from fellow Pisces Elizabeth Taylor could inspire you to new head-turning heights. Coupled Fish could enjoy some lavish dates, and romantic boudoir sessions that last all night. Solo Fish will have no shortage of admirers. Maybe you can’t help but post weekly Instagram shots of yourself looking windswept and sexy, or to flirt with everyone in sight.

While you’re out stealing hearts, though, don’t be surprised if there’s a little resistance. On May 21, charming Venus in Cancer forms a tricky opposition to deep-digging Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships. Pals might be jealous of your happiness, but that doesn’t mean you have to strike out with passive aggressive social media updates, e.g. “While SOME people are talking smack, I’m living the best life ever. Sorry, fools…have fun at McDonald’s!” (accompanied by a photo of you at some tropical Four Seasons resort, of course). At this opposition, you could be overly swayed by friends’ opinions instead of letting your heart take the lead. Come on, Pisces—YOU know what’s best. Since the eleventh house rules emotional detachment, you or someone you love could feel out of reach, cold or withdrawn. Around this day, you could find that there’s friction between you and your love interest’s social circle. You can hang with the best of ‘em, but maybe you sense judgment or snobbishness. You could also be overly concerned with how you look to the outside world as a couple, instead of how you feel when you're with this person. Leave the “Brangelina”-type portmanteaus for the tabloids, Pisces. 

You might feel a seismic shift on May 25, when Venus forms a tricky square to volcanic Uranus in Aries, your second house of money. Perhaps you and a lover were going to have a dreamy getaway, but your erratic finances cause a change of plans. You or another person could be juggling financial issues or a job setback, something that possibly separates you physically (like a long-distance job) or just causes a rift (like a disconnect with your values). God forbid that you should spill red wine on your honey’s white Pratesi sheets, and it becomes grounds for a breakup. Your fights around this time could be really dramatic…and pointless. Part of you wants the happily-ever-after love story, and another part of you wants to shake things up so they don't feel stuck/overly secure and "boring." Oh, to be a dualistic Fish. The key with squares is to find balance and moderation. Strike a midpoint between sensual and sensible.

Mars in Gemini: Seductive sentiments?

From May 11-June 24, red-hot Mars is roving through Gemini, your fourth house of home and heartfelt emotions. Are you ready to give your boudoir a sensual makeover? Perhaps you need a new fragrance (one you’ll never tell anyone the name of), a scent for your home (room spray or a luxurious candle), or a new addition to your lingerie drawer. All this passion could lead to some baby-making, too, as the fourth house rules parenthood. Beware family friction during this time. Since Mars can bring tension, you could have a conflict, say, with your in-laws or a fight about meeting each other's relatives. Maybe you feel pressured to move in with your S.O., or to open up and be vulnerable beyond your comfort level. Are you ready? Be brave, but don't rush, Pisces. Impatient Mars can speed things up a little TOO much.

On May 14, the cozy vibe could come to a screeching halt, as go-getter Mars is opposite restrictive Saturn in Sagittarius, your tenth house of boundaries and long-term planning. It’s possible that your wishy-washiness reaches an uncomfortable place, like you have one foot on gas, one on brake. Emotional whiplash aside, you may feel judged by outside people for being more in your head than heart, or vice versa. Old father issues might pop up, as the fourth house is a shelter for our deepest layers of selfhood. Be kind to yourself in the process; you don’t need to feel shame and blame, no matter what questionable decisions you’ve made in the past. You are your own boss, so it’s time to get right with your inner authority. You and your partner may be great company to one another, but if you aren’t on the same “kids” page or wanting to live in the same general area, you may need to get real, accepting this dilemma for what it is (a mind-bending conundrum). If you’ve been fantasizing about what it might be like to play house, this article from the New York Times could shed some light on the downside of pre-marital cohabitation

Taurus season: Share your ideas.

Speak up, Pisces! The Sun is in Taurus, the writing and teaching zone of your chart, until May 21. Your powers of linguistic expression are especially keen. If you have important emails to write, pitches to craft or lessons to teach, your witty ways will help you make them memorable. Just be prepared: you could have a LOT of irons in the fire during this transit. With go-getter Mars also here until May 11, you could have more ideas and projects than you know what to do with. These intellectual gems are a type of currency, though, so protect and enjoy them. Even if you’re exhausted, you can’t exactly turn the muse away (or your excited, enthusiastic colleagues, either). Try to keep pace. Warning: You could be a tad argumentative while Mars is here through the 11th. While this added aggression helps you assert your needs more, it can also come off as unnecessarily combative. If you’re a Pisces who holds back until you’re ready to erupt (and then the other person is like, “Whaaaat? I thought we were cool!”), be especially mindful to communicate firmly, but without venom. 

Take that teamwork to the bank! On May 6, a supportive trine between the Sun in Taurus and resourceful Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of collaborations, could help you find lucrative synergies. Maybe you meet a power player at a cocktail party or networking event, and this contact translates into a deal. You might also explore crowdfunding options to get a new venture off the ground. During a brainstorming meeting, you may feel an insta-click with a colleague or team mate…and together, you can take over the world! Under this positive influence, a social media post or a virtual connection could also open serendipitous doors. Share what you need with followers and friends—and watch as abundant support appears.

On May 17, the Taurus new moon shines its light on your third house of communication, heralding a whole new chapter in how you receive and deliver important messages. If you have a marketing campaign, this is a wonderful day to launch. Or perhaps you want to turn the page literally—on a new book project (as this is the domain of writing). It’s also possible that you will sign up for a new course, hear important news or discover an inspiring source of information. Seeds planted today will bloom over the next six months. Oh, and given the heavy writing influence, you will definitely want to jot these wishes down!

Scorpio full moon: Take a chance!

Hello, high roller! On May 3, the Scorpio full moon shines its illuminating light on your ninth house of risk-taking and grand visions. Around this day, an entrepreneurial venture might get a strong push, or find its way to manifestation. Any leaps of faith you’ve taken, especially in the last six months, could pay off. (Hey, you might even want to buy a lotto ticket…you can’t win if you don’t play, as the saying goes.) You could also hear exciting news that heightens your sense of freedom, e.g. you are going to be taking monthly trips to Sweden for work, or you can spend more time growing your personal passion instead of being chained to a corporate desk 24/7. You might decide to travel and/or study abroad, or perhaps you’ll play charming spokesperson and inspire the masses with your smart speaking or writing. The ninth house rules all things metaphysical, so this Scorpio full moon could inspire you to approach your life and circumstances from an enlightened perspective. Dust off your Eckhart Tolle—you could have a "Power of Now" moment.

A word of caution: Since this full moon forms an exact square to expansive Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of logistics, you do need to have a good fact checker or administrative person on hand (hey, someone has to cover the details while you’re out having a champagne lunch). This shiny news may be all surface, no substance, so dig deeper before you get all excited. No one wants that to be the case, but this square cautions you to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. If you’re working on a publishing project, for example, you could have some unsightly grammar or punctuation issues mar what would otherwise be a grand day of sending your novel off to your editor. (For redlining with sass, Mary Norris’ thoroughly entertaining and informative Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen. Really, there’s no detail you should take for granted, e.g. if you’re hopping on a plane out of the country, have you checked the expiration date on your passport? You could also hit a roadblock—you have way too many irons in the fire and really need to organize or get some assistance to manage your growing life. Project manager, anyone?

Mercury retrograde: Protect your tech.

Back it up! From May 18-June 11, communicator Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Gemini, your foundational fourth house. For this three-week stretch, all the basics of your life, including your smartphone and your computer, could go awry. Maybe you lose them, or they stop functioning. If you haven’t backed up your files in a while, be sure to do that early in the month, so that Mercury’s mischievous nature doesn’t catch you unaware. Since the fourth house rules home and family, make sure that your security measures are in place, as there could be an online theft or electronic malfunction with your tried-and-true domain. An appliance could conk out or you might have an unfortunate spill while sipping morning coffee and working on your laptop. You may want to do some research on your homeowner’s insurance, too, in case it’s time to switch up coverage—or just to get some, already. 

Scorpio full moon: Tune into your higher self.

Bring on the divine attunement! On May 3, the Scorpio full moon shines its light on your ninth house of higher self and consciousness. You could have a sense of purpose or completion, if you’ve been on a spiritual quest of sorts. This check-in with your intuition reminds you of just how vast our cosmos is, and that, for the most part, will make you feel very hopeful about your future. Be warned, though, that this full moon forms a tricky square to abundant Jupiter in Leo, your critical and health-focused sixth house. You could get overly optimistic about a new lifestyle, without being realistic about what it means to be, say, a fruitarian. Or maybe you’re captivated by a guru, and start handing your power to this seemingly all-knowing person. Don’t get manipulated into forking over thousands of dollars because you want to be spoon-fed the answers. If you must put your faith in a fallible human, how about believing in yourself for once, Pisces?

If you’re trying to clean up your diet or hit the elliptical with more regularity, you may need to add an element of fun to your wellness routines. Overall, your appetite for indulgence could be supersized, which can lead you to stress eating. You might even opt for a holistic program to get your nutrition on track, such as The Hormone Secret from integrative physician Tami Meraglia.

Bring on the divine attunement! On May 3, the Scorpio full moon shines its light on your ninth house of higher self and consciousness. You could have a sense of purpose or completion, if you’ve been on a spiritual quest of sorts. This check-in with your intuition reminds you of just how vast our cosmos is, and that, for the most part, will make you feel very hopeful about your future. Be warned, though, that this full moon forms a tricky square to abundant Jupiter in Leo, your critical and health-focused sixth house. You could get overly optimistic about a new lifestyle, without being realistic about what it means to be, say, a fruitarian. Or maybe you’re captivated by a guru, and start handing your power to this seemingly all-knowing person. Don’t get manipulated into forking over thousands of dollars because you want to be spoon-fed the answers. If you must put your faith in a fallible human, how about believing in yourself for once, Pisces?

Gemini season: Family in the forefront.

Round up your kin! From May 11-June 24, you're motivated to connect with your brood, as driven Mars moves through Gemini, your fourth house of nostalgia and home. Perhaps you’re the one who organizes a seaside family reunion to kick off the summer. Or maybe you initiate a family therapy session or intervention for a relative who is struggling with an addiction or abusive relationship. Mars can also be combative, so watch for tension with female relatives especially, or with a roommate. You may also be motivated to move—or to ask a disruptive person to find somewhere else to live. When the Sun moves into this same home-centric domain on May 21, you may decide to spend more time at Chateau Aquarius, painting your bedroom, planting new gardenias and spiffing up that claw-foot bathtub. 

As you’re hanging the hammock, though, there could be some tension to your idyll: With clever Mercury turning retrograde (backward) in this same family-centric zone, you could find that issues you’ve swept aside erupt into the open. Whatever comes up, including secrets or just the naming of bad dynamics, it’s actually a good thing in the long-term. Now, you can deal and heal. 

On May 22, you could reach for that elusive work-life balance, only to come up short on both ends, thanks to a tough opposition between the Sun in Gemini and rule-loving Saturn in Sagittarius, your disciplined tenth house. Maybe you have no choice but to cancel an important work meeting to take care of a sick kid. Or perhaps you get stuck at the office, only to catch your partner's ire because you missed a home-cooked meal. You’re obligated to your family, but also resentful because these responsibilities are infringing on your self-care and personal time. Eek! You could also feel stymied by an old father issue (e.g., you realize that his absence or neglect during your childhood has impacted your ability to feel secure and emotionally-rooted). If you've been waiting for just the right time to have a tough conversation with a family member or roommate, you may decide to clear the air and express your needs, concerns and boundaries. Open and close the conversations with good feelings and memories, and you should have an easy time getting to the heart of the matter—and everyone’s feelings. 

Neptune squares: Emotionally adrift.

Slipping into the sentimental seas? The last week of the month, you could feel especially adrift, as foggy Neptune, your ruler, forms two tricky squares, one with intensifying Mars, on May 25; and one with the Sun, on May 31, both in Gemini. Around this time, you could have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees…or even seeing, well, anything other than your own projections. Your boundaries could be exceptionally weak, and you could be in a real "woe is me" funk on these dates. Others could easily strong-arm you now, which happens because you feel half-hearted about asserting yourself. It’s not worth resisting, you might think. Or maybe you have unspoken "collusions" with relatives, e.g. they don't call you on your stuff, you don't call them on theirs. It might not be easy to clean up codependence under this influence, but you WILL definitely get a glimpse of how it hurts you (which could lead to an inevitable drawing of the lines). 

With regard to your home, it’s possible that you feel lost here, too. You may not want to stay in your current town, but where would you even go? And how are you going to get there? Or maybe you’re just overly stressed about a living situation and need extra time in your schedule to just calm down. Your borders are as porous as ever, so you may also need to do some energy clearing or shielding. It’s possible that you’re picking up someone else’s toxic emotions or bad mood (and this could be especially true of a roommate). For instructions on self-protection, we like Doreen Virtue’s Clearing and Shielding video, courtesy of Archangel Michael. If you're staying with friends or crashing in a strange place (yes, this includes hotels) you can always ask Archangel Michael, or another divine entity, to cover you with a golden dome of protection while you snooze. That ought to help you get some real rest. 

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