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November 2014

“Have passport, will travel.” That’s your mantra, Pisces, as the Sun moves through Scorpio, your ninth house of expansion, global journeys and optimism, until November 22. You’re in the mood to get our and explore, expanding your horizons and seeking new vistas. Whether you book your ticket to Sedona or get lost in an escapist book, you’re intrigued and enlivened by new experiences. The ninth house also rules philosophy and publishing, so your wanderings could also lead you straight into a life-changing workshop, one that transforms your personal beliefs, or perhaps into a publishing deal that helps spread your ideas to a wider audience. Entrepreneurial ventures get a boost, too—so if there’s a start-up in your repertoire, it’s time to launch. In any venture, you’re ultimately seeking a deeper understanding, of existence and the world itself. 
Hear ye, hear ye! On November 6, the full moon in Taurus illuminates your third house of ideas, brainstorming and communications. Is it time for one of your germinating ideas to flower? Big news could arrive on this day, possibly via some buzzing text message or eagerly-announced email. Your powers of persuasion are high, so get out there and pitch an idea or writing project. Or perhaps you want to share your unique way of weaving information and theories together, via a teaching or writing gig. The student in you also is also ready to learn. Hit your local ‘hood for some community meeting-and-greeting. A cocktail conversation could result in an a-ha moment for the books. 
Lost your way? On November 16, illusory Neptune turns direct (forward) in Pisces, your first house of self and identity. Neptune is your ruling planet, so you're especially influences by its fluctuations. Since Neptune went retrograde (backward) on June 9, you could have been feeling some fog on your personal path. Sure, vacationing in Santorini was awesome. And you sure did know how to make hay with that hottie when the sun was shining (and wasn’t). Yet you couldn’t shake a nagging feeling that you weren’t on the right track—or any track. Or maybe you’ve been drifting from job to job, essentially rudderless. Now, your confusion lifts and your sense of goals clear up. Hopefully, the soul-searching will make sense—finally.

But you might not be singing “Hallelujah!” a couple days later. On November 18, the Sun and restrictive Saturn meet for their annual conjunction in Scorpio, your ninth house of expansion, which could grind your grand plans to a temporary halt. The need to curb your appetites (existential and otherwise) could feel pretty strong, or conversely, you could just embrace your glass-half-empty mood and know that the darkness will pass. If a serious matter comes up, deal with it—head-on and in grounded, practical terms. Pessimism could hit again on November 25, when mental Mercury and Saturn are align in Scorpio. Your philosophical mood could get a little TOO unmoored, making you come across as a navel-gazing armchair philosopher, rather than the inspiring change agent you aim to be. A little positive thinking via Abraham Hicks on YouTube might be all the inoculation you need Since the ninth house rules higher education, you might ponder going back to school on these dates. Travel could be a bit of a drag at these Saturn conjunctions, too, unless it's for business. 

On November 22, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, your tenth house of career advancement. For the next four weeks, you’re working away, burning the midnight oil and plotting your slow-but-steady ascent up the career ladder. If you’ve been floating on the job front, expect for things to kick in to high gear. Increased responsibilities might make you feel overwhelmed, but you will also rise to the professional occasion. Once you’re in the achievement groove, you might start to enjoy some of the satisfaction that comes with realizing you’re able to claim “expert” status. Goal-setting figures prominently, especially now that you’ve arrived at a certain level of success. Keeping your whole life, business and personal, within some kind of structure, will help you r ascent.
That same day, you see the possibilities for a crowning career moment, thanks to the Sagittarius new moon shining on your tenth house of professional reputation. The new day (on the job) starts now. Perhaps you’ll receive an exciting leadership or career opportunity, or set an intention around where you want to be in the next six months. Setting up the Shanghai office? Spearheading your company’s website? Writing a rom-com? The coup is coming…all you have to do is decide what you desire and then roll up your silk shirtsleeves. If you’ve been lacking in structure, this is a wonderful time to implement new, grounding practices. A morning meditation, perhaps? Take a time out from the daily grind to devise a master plan (and perhaps you want to do this at a swanky hotel lobby, over Eggs Benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice). Your public image is getting a reboot…and fame, awards and other types of bulb-flashing recognition are sure to follow, as long as you pay your dues. Stick with it!

Watch your back at the end of November, as shadowy Pluto in your group-oriented eleventh house moves into a tense square with disruptive Uranus in your money and self-worth sector. These two power players will be at odds from November 26 until December 27, reaching their apex of discontent on December 15. This is the sixth of seven squares (90-degree angles) formed between Pluto and Uranus, a cycle running from 2012 until March 2015. Controlling Pluto rules our unconscious urges, and rooted in old-guard Capricorn, it's digging in its heels, resisting change for change's sake. In the other corner is liberator Uranus in pioneering Aries, clutching a picket sign and chanting protest anthems, fighting the power. Internal and external power struggles have erupted around the world as the old and new battle for supremacy.

In your case, this conflict could manifest within your friend group or with a colleague. Jealousy, power struggles or tense dynamics could erupt, pushing you to stand your ground. Pisces, you're a gentle soul underneath it all, but when backed against a wall, you can turn from timid fish into fierce shark. You may need to bare your barracuda side with a bullying type, standing up for what you deserve emotionally and even financially. Nowhere is it written that you were put on earth to be a doormat or to be the scapegoat for someone's hostilities and insecurities. Another possibility is that your own fear of rejection is keeping you from opening up to a group of caring, like-minded people. Are you hiding out and refusing to join a group because of old trust issues? It's time to lay those past fears to rest, Pisces. Sure, some adults can reenact the Mean Girls vibe of yesterday (viciously, in fact), but chances are, the vibe is more of the "you CAN sit with us" variety. Take a chance and let down your guard with the right people. Bonding with a new crew of unconditionally accepting people will bolster your self-worth. (Read more about the Pluto-Uranus squares and their effect on your sign here: 
Ooh la la! Love goes global, as desirous Venus is in Scorpio, your ninth house of travel and adventure, until November 16. You’re in the mood for romance that pushes past boundaries and maybe even finds you packing your suitcase. If a long-distance fling or spicy getaway isn’t in the cards, you might connect with someone closer to home whose background is vastly different from yours. Perhaps your future sweetie is a street-smart carnivore to your avowedly vegan trustafarian, but somehow you two make magic together. Viva la difference! You have so much to learn. Coupled Pisces can also benefit from the urge to learn, by either exploring a new culture together abroad, or enrolling in a local language or spiritual workshop. Growing together is vital to your long-term happiness. Pour another stardust cocktail and get to planning. 
But wait…is that the sound of the brakes on your high-speed train? On November 12, lovely Venus collides with responsible Saturn in Scorpio, your ninth house of optimism. The view through the rose-colored glasses isn’t looking too, er, rosy. This is a downer of a day, no two ways about it. Don’t let the pessimistic perspective ruin your dazzling life trajectory, though. Know that this solemn atmosphere will pass—and just avoid rushing headlong into anything now. If your commitment is tested, that’s not a bad thing. Saturn’s realism can help pave the way toward lasting happiness. Slow down, Pisces. If the magic is here now, it will be here when you know each other a little better, too!
On November 16, white hot Venus sashays into Sagittarius, your tenth house of long-term planning and traditionalism. Love can turn serious, and maybe even a little heavy, too. No more fleeting booty calls or allowing yourself to be the stopover in just ONE of your flame's many, many ports. You could have a revelation about the need for better boundaries in relationships, whether you’re in them or not. 
Don’t forget to enjoy the moment, though. Being with your love—actually watching the movie, breathing in the scent of their skin, reveling in a little hand-holding—all of that is a super important part of making it to the forever you crave. Besides, if you don’t stop and smell the long-stemmed roses, you could end up overwhelmed by the “work” at hand. Don’t let the responsibility inch out the fun. Since the tenth house rules career, perhaps the workplace is the scene of your latest burning and passionate affair. (Making out in the server closet, perhaps?) If you've been too busy on the job to devote regular attention to your boo, Venus reminds you not to prioritize work over pleasure. Clock out early one night, surprising your honey with a home-cooked meal or theater tickets. (And, hey, if your love is really nagging you about your absence then Sideshow, a musical about conjoined twins, might be just the outing for you, a not-so-subtle reminder that being joined at the hip comes with its, um, issues.) 

Open your heart, Pisces—to anyone and everyone, friends included. All month, as sultry Mars presses through your eleventh house of platonic connections and humanitarianism, you’re feeling especially free in love matters. Don’t go worrying that every sexy soul you meet is your new Twin Flame. Au contraire. Accept that you might just be opening up to a more evolved way of dating and mating, not to mention being. For more on walking Earth with an awakened heart, check out this informative video from Mel Brand. 
Single Fish could lean into some pals and then end up making out. (One too many glasses of vino, or a latent desire to know what it’s like to get all kissy face with your buddy?) Or, you might hit the first date jackpot via a friend introduction. After all, who knows you better than your pals? Online dating could also expand your circle; the ease and speed of IM’ing on or is definitely your style this month, with sexy Mars in your house of technology. (Post those selfies …and watch the admirers flock to you.) Couples might feel more attracted to one another by hanging out in a group setting. Having more fresh air in the room of your relationship makes you feel less pressured. Plus, it gives you a whole lot more to parse during pillow talk!

Green-eyed monster, much? The jealousy factor could loom large on November 10, when ego-centric Mars meets up with possessive Pluto in Scorpio, your eleventh house of freedom. If any part of you feels insecure in yourself or your relationship, expect to grapple with that now. Jealousy or competitiveness with a friend could also rear its head—someone in your social circle might even be spreading rumors about you today. Since the eleventh house rules technology, be careful not to express your darker sides via email sleuthing or Facebook stalking. You could make up a whole story in your head that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Make sure you're not being paranoid today, but be careful whom you confide in.
Blue skies, Pisces—nothing but blue skies! Until November 22, the Sun in Scorpio, your ninth house of optimism and horizon-broadening. You’re thinking BIG—and then even bigger. If you have a somewhat risky venture in mind (or in process) this could be the time to say, “Ready…set…launch!” Visionary projects really flourish under these skies. And truly you never know where it could go—which is part of the thrill. Roll the dice, Pisces: open a bespoke bakery; create a laundry solution product; start a wedding officiating business! The possibilities are endless…so keep on exploring the wide-open vistas of your own mind. Think about your own personal philosophy and how it’s evolved over the last year or two. Sharing your grandest ideas and beliefs will help others “get” their piece of this Life equation—so don’t hold back. Even if you feel a bit shy to publish a personal book or put yourself out there, do it anyway. We believe the words are, “Go big or go home!” 
Circle November 6 on your calendar as a five-star day to step into the pitching spotlight, thanks to a full moon in Taurus illuminating your third house of ideas and communication. Gift of gab? Check! Now that you have this superior linguistic prowess, how are you going to use it to positively impact your bottom line? Well, pull out that legal pad or laptop and fire up the idea-generation. Sure, there might not be such a thing as a “new” idea. But, on this day, you realize that, in fact, there is a unique spin you can put on any project or bring to any dialogue. Stimulation is your oxygen, so schedule an important meeting or mix-n-mingle for this day. Stock your smartphone with audiobooks and podcasts, as the constant stream of input will only heighten your intelligent process. For an inspired take on, you know, why we’re all here in the first place, check out Krista Tippet’s ever-enlightening podcast, On Being. Since this full moon is the culmination of events sparked at the April 28 Taurus new moon/solar eclipse, you could hear long-awaited news or a decision near this date.
Sabotage alert! On November 10, assertive Mars meets up with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of group activity and authenticity. If you’re engaged in a team project, there could be power struggles or competition with collaborators. Is someone jealous or trying to undermine you? (Under this cutthroat cosmic influence, “undermine” could be an “understatement.”) On the other hand, the conjunction is a blending of energies that’s not necessarily good or bad. Perhaps joining forces with a fellow power player can really open some heavy doors, ones you might not have access to otherwise. It’s okay to be a little bit of an opportunist today as long as you’re creating a win-win scenario and not being a user about it. (Healthy ego assertion is the key.) The same goes the other way: don’t let anyone hitch onto your coattails unless they’re going to help you soar to the highest of heights. 

Once the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, your tenth house of long-term goals and ambition, on November 22, you’re feeling more rooted into the basic structures of your career. Not only are you a dependable leader, but you’re also moving oh-so quickly up the ladder. Ambition is high for the next four weeks, and god, that feels good to you. If you aren’t 100 percent into your current gig, now is the time to circulate resumes. Take a moment to acknowledge your own depth of experience. The tenth house rules self-authority, and you might also have a “Who moi?” epiphany about your own (impressive) level of expertise. Also, tap a mentor if you don’t currently have one. Being able to talk to someone who has “been there, done that” helps you feel more secure, as you’re getting top-notch advice and not playing out in left field (or just waving in the wind). Bonus points for an authority figure who understands just how much they have to learn from you, too. 
That same day, a new moon in Sagittarius, your tenth house of accolades and ambition, heralds a whole new chapter of your professional life. Perhaps you get a phone call from a prestigious client who wants to get you on board. Or maybe your boss gives a plum project to you to lead. Sure, you might feel a wee bit intimidated, but you've absolutely got this, Pisces. This is a great time to jot down your long-term goals, or even free-associate about where you envision yourself a few years down the road. What images come to mind? In the movie of your life, which role does the star (i.e., YOU) play? Recognition could be fast approaching, so make sure you feel ready to receive. That could mean getting organized on the nitty-gritty level, so that you're prepared if the spotlight ends up being time-consuming. Or maybe you want to revamp your work wardrobe, putting forth a more polished image. No matter what, your hard work (if you really, really toil) will definitely pay off. Six months down the line, you could be saying your version of “And I’d like to thank the Academy…” 

Before you go too far into the achievement reverie, though, stop and ask yourself if you’re acting within your own integrity. With the new moon forming a tricky square to illusory Neptune in Pisces, your first house of self and identity, you could lose sight of the basics: care, compassion and creativity. Don’t let the end-game blind you to the more essential truth of human connectedness, i.e. if you have to step over someone in your Louboutins, it’s probably not a move worth making. A positive way to harness this energy is to infuse your goals with serious soul. For more on this, check out The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte: 
MVP? All month, driven Mars is in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships and group activity. Your best bet for staying fit is getting involved in some team activity. You don’t have to be the standout player, though, to benefit from this fun, social vibe. As long as you’re throwing that basketball or serving up that tennis ball, you’re motivated and happy. A little healthy competition goes a long way in keeping up that health kick. When it comes to scheduling sweat sessions at the gym, dial up a friend. You can catch up on one another’s busy lives and also feel good at the end of spin class or tour around the weight lifting circuit. If you’re really feeling motivated, you can sate the group desire while also benefitting a good cause (perfect for your altruistic eleventh house), by signing up for Team in Training, which supports cancer research or perhaps the Robin Hood marathon team, where funds raised go to fighting poverty in New York City
Have you not liked looking in the mirror lately? You could have had some hits to your self-image, thanks to foggy Neptune being retrograde (backward) in Pisces, your first house of self and identity, since June 9. Perhaps you were more moody than usual, or just wondering why the heck everyone around you was projecting their baggage on to your persona. You could have felt a bit isolated, uncertain and even invisible. On November 16, the planet of illusions turning direct (forward) will help you (and others) start to see you clearly again. Whew, what a relief. 
If you need more structure in your life, the Sagittarius new moon on November 22 helps you implement a solid plan that you can see incremental results from over the next six months. Whether you embark on an Iron Man training or begin a clean eating regimen, just take it easy and start slowly, since this new moon will form a tricky square angle to spiritual Neptune in Pisces. Don’t get so spartan that you leave the glamour and self-care factor out—not to mention the fun indulgences. Moderation is the key. As fellow Pisces Elizabeth Taylor once said, "The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues." Amen to that!

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