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April 2015

Rock solid, baby! That’s your aim, as the Sun moves through Aries, your security-seeking second house of work and money, until April 20. The grounded vibe can help you make important strides with finances, especially budgeting…if your cash tends to mysteriously go the way of the Bermuda Triangle. At the office, keep your eyes on the prize, focusing on real-time tangible results and short-term goals instead of getting bogged down by extraneous activities and distractions. Your self-esteem will likely soar as you prove to everyone—but mostly yourself—that your self-sufficiency knows no bounds. 

April 4: Eclipse season, part two.

A reprieve from taking care of business comes on April 4, when the full moon eclipse in Libra shines its change-making light on your eighth house of intimacy and mergers. Since full moons usually bring a culmination, or turning point, the day’s events could feel major, especially if you’re dealing with the division of assets, including in a divorce; or perhaps you and a partner, business or romantic, decide to pool resources and find new ways of power-sharing around finances, real estate and even chores. What makes this lunar energy a little higher-octane than normal is its status as a change-making eclipse. Repressed emotions could burst to the surface, perhaps prompting an epic break-up…or make-up. Maybe you’ve been shouldering a burden in a close relationship, being the pillar of strength and suddenly can’t do it another day. Or maybe you’ve been brushing your sexual needs aside and can’t take that nearly celibate—or just deeply unsatisfying—state of affairs anymore, either. Whatever the case, you’re likely to realize that you can’t have the closeness you desire AND play it cool, protecting your emotions with your personal Great Wall of China. It’s time to let your guard down, Pisces. 

None of this will come as a total surprise, because this process has been underway for a year already. This is the second in a three-part series of lunar (full moon) eclipses in Libra. The first one was on April 15, 2014; the third and final will be on March 9, 2016. Look back a year to see what these eclipses kicked off—and get ready for part deux of the trilogy.

This month’s eclipse can get a little intense, because it involves itself in the ongoing squabble between shadowy Pluto and disruptive Uranus, which has been throwing the world into dramatic upheaval, a clash of the old guard and the new world order, since June 2012. This series of seven squares reached its grand finale mid-March, but we’ll still feel its waning effects through April. In other words, we have all earned our spiritual street cred…and then some. (For more on the Pluto-Uranus squares, see our post at www.astrostyle.com/pluto-uranus-squares.) 

With a change-making lunar eclipse now added to the mix, the beginning of April could be a bit of a powder keg, as we have the full moon, controlling Pluto and hotheaded Uranus forming an intense T-square (three-way battle) in domineering cardinal signs. Nobody is in the mood to compromise, or even give an inch. Yet, you must somehow broker peace between these three warring factions. For you, this plays out in the following areas: your most intimate relationship (the full moon in Libra), your sense of stability (revolutionary Uranus in your work and money zone) and your sense of belonging (controlling Pluto in your group activity house). Talk about intense!

The heat could turn way up around a power struggle, perhaps with an investor, a collaborator or even a romantic partner (exes included). What throws you off center is your self-esteem—one minute, you feel like royalty, the next minute you’re scrounging for a sense of worthiness. You could feel just unmoored, not quite a part of the team OR your inner circle. It’s possible that a shake-up in your friend group rocks you to the core. Do yourself a favor, Pisces: Detach from other people’s drama. 

To ground yourself, lean on the lessons of the missing cardinal leg of the T-square, which, in this case, is Cancer, ruling your fifth house of personal dignity and creativity. Instead of rolling with the herd, have the courage to stand out, expressing your unique point of view. On this day, the truth—especially the truth of your feelings—shall set you free. Forego people-pleasing and assert your individual needs. If that means you step into the spotlight and take a stand, so be it. There’s no sense in hiding your light to “protect” friends from feeling jealous. Everyone is better in the long run if you set a positive example of being 100 percent real. Come out in all your flamboyant true colors, allowing your big, open heart to guide you. Love will conquer all. (For more on eclipses, see our post at http://astrostyle.com/learn-astrology/solar-and-lunar-eclipses.)

April 8: Jupiter turns direct.

Get back up on the health horse! On April 8, expansive Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of wellness, turns direct (forward) after a four-month retrograde (backward) spin. Since December 8, 2014, you may have noticed a lag in your motivation to get your sweat on. Maybe you had a million and one excuses not to the hit the gym. Or perhaps you’d been doing great on a clean diet, only to slide back into your hamburger habit. A nagging health issue, including a tendency to stress, might have returned. The bigger picture is good, though—lucky Jupiter has been firing up your motivation and inspiration in this sector from July 16, 2014 until August 11, 2015. (And now, let’s just add the perspiration again, okay, Pisces?) From here until August, you can make incredible strides on the wellness front. Is there a marathon in your future? 

April 16: Pluto retrograde.

Friends forever? You could be questioning the makeup of your crew, especially after April 16, when manipulative Pluto turns retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, your eleventh house of platonic connections, until September 24. For the next five months, you could have to contend with a subtle snake or an under-miner in the ranks. This development might be something you don’t want to face, yet also can’t deny, e.g. there’s a pal with whom who have a natural chemistry, but you always feel queasy in his/her presence. At some point, you probably want to address that instead of sweeping those sensations aside. If you postpone plans, or have to talk yourself into hanging out with someone, these are clear signs. Avoid martyrdom (e.g. tallying everything you’ve ever done for them and how dare they be less than upstanding). That line of thinking will only keep you stuck. Use this reflective period to take ownership for the ways you may be leaning on your friends too heavily, either for their opinions or validation. A bond as sacred as this should help your growth, not hinder it. 

April 18: Aries new moon.

Show me the money! That could be your rallying cry on April 18, when the new moon in Aries highlights your second house of earned income. A raise or promotion comes your way, or you see a path toward greater security. Starting a savings plan today could pay off six months down the line, since new moons take a half-year to fully manifest. This one will culminate with a September 27 lunar eclipse, so the seeds you plant now could lead to a groundbreaking result. Dust off your resume, adding any pertinent updates, and send it out. In terms of your career and personal finances, it’s important to see tangible results and to feel like you’re continuing to move forward. Check in with yourself: Does your work reflect your values? If not, you may want to change that. If you decide to look for new job opportunities, the new moon will fully support your efforts.

April 20: Sun enters Taurus.

A flurry of intellectual activity starts on April 20, when the Sun enters Taurus, your third house of communication and ideas. For the next four weeks, your multitasking skills are put to the test! Your gift of gab makes you a popular friend and collaborator. Given your mental sharpness, you should ace any important pitch meetings. Digging into a writing project might also feed your need for cerebral action. Since the third house rules community, you may want to get more involved in local neighborhood activities, socializing and meeting new people. Keep your charger on hand, because your phone will be buzzing off the hook. 

Mars and Venus in Taurus: Friendly fire?

Spit it out, Pisces. There could be something you’re eager to get out into the open, as charming Venus and sultry Mars are moving through Taurus, your third house of communication. With magnetic Venus here until April 11, you can broach any dicey or sensitive topics with a gentle touch, maybe even making a tough dialogue appealing. Go-getter Mars is here all month, making SURE that you say what needs to be said. No more ignoring important issues like, say, the fact that your honey is glued to a smartphone during dinner, or that one of you doesn’t really want kids. You’ll feel so much better when you’re completely honest. 

Of course, even if you’re discussing heavy topics, the mood will—almost miraculously—stay pretty light. Levity is the name of the game this month. In fact, some of your best playful zingers could reveal an important ounce of truth. Still, your guiding principle is curiosity, e.g. is there another way to think about this? Is there a solution you haven’t thought of yet? Or maybe you’ll just put yourself in the other person’s shoes, finally seeing things from their perspective. 

Single Fish could find that sparks fly with a friend. Maybe your Thursday night movie buddy turns into a Thursday night romp. Or, perhaps you meet a love interest via a mutual contact. Be clear with your crew: You’re looking…but for what? Part of you might not be ready to commit, as the third house rules freewheeling, no-strings-attached fun. Maybe think of this period as a critical piece of your romantic education, as you explore who you are and what you want. To feed your intellect, you may even take a bookish approach to finding love, enrolling in a course or reading a thought-provoking book, where you can learn via someone else’s experience. (We like Love Junkie, Rachel Resnick’s intriguing and honest memoir on love addiction.)

The footloose and fancy-free mood applies to coupled Pisces, too, who might enjoy being more social together, hitting local spots and engaging in random barroom debates and storytelling. (Who knows? You might even meet your double date soul-mates at a neighborhood eatery!) Your thirst for knowledge could lead to taking classes together; whether the subject is cooking, French or local architecture—you’re happy when you’re digesting new information and learning together. If you can get away for a short day trip, all the better. A couple of days perusing vintage stores, sampling artisanal ice cream and enjoying a breathtaking vista is right up your discovery-minded alley. 

Lunar eclipse: Sex, passion, power!

Before you get TOO caught up in a spontaneous, carefree mood, the April 4 lunar eclipse in Libra, your eighth house of sacred sex, soul-mates and intensity, brings you to some polarizing depths. Around this date, you could gain serious clarity about what needs to happen in a particular intimate relationship. Maybe you’ve been coasting along, enjoying sweet Friday night dates, when—bam!—you suddenly realize that this person doesn’t (or, to be fair, does) captivate your deepest love longings. Or maybe you discover something unseemly about a partner, such as evidence of emotional or physical infidelity, or an emotional immaturity that’s actually, well, shocking. Since the eighth house rules jealousy and possession, it could also be your own insecurity that’s the culprit. Don’t let your suspicious mind swallow you whole, Pisces. 

This could be a real turning point: Perhaps you see that your current relationship isn’t going to make it for the long haul. Or, you may also learn that you are MORE endeared by your sweetheart’s vulnerability, inviting you to also let down your walls. Here’s your rule of romantic thumb: In this person’s presence, can you be 110 percent yourself, as you are currently learning new layers and levels to your own soul? You will certainly want to try. This month, if you sense even the smallest sliver of dysfunction, you’ll want to correct it, or call it quits if that’s not possible. Since soul-stirring sex is on the agenda (for single and coupled Fish), you may grapple with maintaining intimacy and desire in long-term unions. Check out this thoughtful TED talk by Esther Perel on “Mating in Captivity” for a fascinating view on how intimacy can remain even when you’ve been waking up next to each other for years.

Pisces who want to take things to the next level may find themselves saying a teary “Yes!” to a romantic proposal. Maybe you decide to move in together, or perhaps you’ll find yourself in the ultimate engagement: pregnancy. Pisces who are in the midst of separating may find themselves coming to the final chapter of the divorce agreement, including details like alimony, child support and the division of assets. Things might feel dicey, so keep your center and set a positive intention to make this process peaceful and in everyone’s best interests. 

The desire to strip down to the essentials affects solo Fish, too. Around this date, you could be dealing with some intense, repressed emotions. Embrace these feelings, as they are your guidepost to what’s next in Loveland. Maybe your tendency to excuse bad behavior in a past relationship comes back to bite you—forcing you to deal with a past rejection or betrayal. Has your compulsion or obsession for a crush started to negatively impact your entire life? It’s important to look your issues square in the face, Pisces. Once you root out obstacles to the love life you desire, you’re in a fantastic position to attract a love that is possibly ideal, but (and this is more important) very real. Since the eighth house rules metaphysical energy, you might try Pink Heart, a gem essence with rose quartz and rose petals, to foster self-healing, an open heart and draw more suitors. What self-respecting Pisces wouldn’t like the sound of that? 

Venus in Gemini: Cozy up.

Swimming in an emotion ocean? On April 11, romantic Venus slips into Gemini, your sensitive and sentimental fourth house. For the next three weeks, you’re in the mood to play house, perhaps opting for home-cooked meals or go on a redecorating spree. Single Fish may want to feng shui the bedroom especially, to attract more love. To amp up the cozy mood, coupled Pisces may want to spend more time with their families, integrating their partner with their blood relatives. Or, you may have a “meet the parents” date, if you haven’t taken that step yet. Don’t be nervous—under this influence especially, you have a very good shot at making a great impression, especially with the female relatives. 

Single Fish may decide to take a time-out from the dating scene, perhaps recognizing a need to refill your own emotional tanks, or just tend to your own feelings. Honoring your process, especially if you’re still nursing wounds after a break-up, is key. Treat yourself like the rarest black diamond around. Eat delicious, soul-nourishing food (including pomegranates, if you’re eager to be a mother, as they are said to support fertility). Luxuriate in Epsom salt baths and days at a spa or a Russian-Turkish bathhouse. Spend time with your most nurturing friends and lift your spirits with some long overdue bonding. 

Watch for work-life balance issues on April 14, when Venus opposes restrictive Saturn in Sagittarius, your tenth house of career, structure and long-term goals. An obsessive fixation on the future might keep you from enjoying the moment and the natural process of a relationship unfolding. Perhaps the other person is pressuring you, and it’s taking the moment-to-moment fun out of everything. Pisces, if you’re not ready to meet the parents/kids yet or move in together, that’s completely okay. If this union is meant to last, there’s just no need to rush in or skip important steps. Put your faith in the process. Around this day, you could find that the demands of your career cut into quality time with your sweetheart, or just don’t leave much time for dating, if you’re single. Since these houses rule the mother and father, you may also get a stark look at how you are repeating your parents’ dynamics in your approach to love. You may need a reality check, especially if you’re working off an old “story” about what went down in your parents’ union. To remind you just how little we actually know the people who raised us, you may want to check out 51 Birch Street, a brilliant documentary that uncovers some unsettling truths about love and marriage. 

Aries season: Make that money!

Savings savvy? The first three weeks of the month, you are in a money mindset, thanks to the Sun in Aries, your second house of stability and security, until April 20. Focus on your top priorities, perhaps beginning your day with activities that will bring in revenue sooner, saving long-range investments for the afternoon. Ditch activities that only drain your most precious commodity: time. Do you really need to take a look at the business proposal of some guy that your BFF’s father met in a bar? Being overly “nice” will only ensure a last place finish. Take care of your bottom line first and foremost. Also, if you want to amp up your income, you may decide to open up an alternative income stream or something that could turn into one. Check out this inspiring post from author Felicia Sullivan, extolling the virtues of “the side hustle.” 

A page-turning new moon in Aries on April 18 gives you added motivation to seek out work that’s both lucrative AND fulfilling. Your income is very much linked to how much you value yourself. Therapist Pia Mellody makes the philosophical point that self-esteem cannot be lowered or raised; it inherently IS. To go deeper and learn more on this idea, check out this post, which outlines her ideas on value. Your mission: Get in touch with your natural state of worthiness, and watch as the opportunities blossom. 

This month, the Aries Sun makes a few important alignments you’ll want to note. On April 2, the Sun forms a supportive trine to expansive Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of service and analysis, giving you some innovative ideas around making a living while also making a difference. Your own ego needs take a backseat to the larger picture of making the world a better place, so this is a great day to tap into your more altruistic concerns. Act on behalf of a cause you believe in, possibly a global or “green” enterprise. 

On April 5, watch for jealousy in the ranks when the Sun forms a tense square to controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of teamwork, friendship and group activity. Are there haters in your midst? Someone you think of as solidly on “your side” could be a secret saboteur, perhaps waging an unseemly power struggle. Do yourself a favor by NOT going into victim-mode, but by trying to bring hidden energies and agendas to the fore. When you act on your own behalf in a practical, grounded way, you are drawing an important line in the sand, e.g. don’t mess with your rep. 

On April 6, you could break free of financial confines with a truly original idea, as the Sun and radical Uranus unite in Aries, your second house of finances. This move will heighten your self-sufficiency AND your confidence. But be warned: This burst of energy could also lead you to rebellion or prompt a spending spree if you’ve been overly “good.” Beware of getting caught in that cycle of extremes, Pisces. Today’s harmless splurge easily becomes tomorrow’s headache. You could also find yourself locking horns with a coworker if you’ve been biting your tongue too much, only to find yourself now going to the other extreme. Beware of your instinct to “tell it like it is”—you could be less principled and more ego-driven. But then again, you can’t really hold back your opinions today. Suffice it to say, Captain Ahab, if you’re going to rock the boat at work, just make sure you don’t capsize your whole career in the process. 

Lunar eclipse: Joint ventures, shared resources in the spotlight.

On April 4, the lunar eclipse in Libra, your eighth house of shared wealth and long-term security, helps you get a hold on an important fiscal matter. Perhaps it’s time to sign a lucrative deal after a long courtship with an investor or business partner. You get so much more accomplished by pooling your resources, Pisces. Your thirst for power gets fired up, too, making you more willing to cede control a bit and surrender to a smart business arrangement. Since eclipses can bring about sudden change, you may also get a windfall—perhaps a commission, inheritance, seed money, grant or royalties come(s) through, putting you in a new monetary stratosphere. 

The illuminating light of this moon will show you, in no uncertain terms, how you can build greater long-term stability, even if that means ending a professional partnership or involvement that is dragging you down. (Eclipses are known for removing whatever or whoever is impeding your growth in a particular area—in this case, with respect to finances.) Getting rid of symbolic dead wood will help put you in a place to receive new opportunities and riches. Be proactive, but even if you aren’t, the universe will show you what needs to go. Forget sentimentality; heed the call. Your manifestation powers are so high, Pisces. Use them to your maximum advantage, prepping for any upcoming changes (including that which is entirely out of your control) by using the Law of Attraction to put you in a more positive mind frame. Let the stellar opportunities (and the moolah) come to YOU.

Jupiter direct: Launch your plan of attack.

Break out the dry erase board, Pisces. On April 8, your powers of analysis are on fire, thanks to lucky Jupiter’s direct turn in Leo, your sixth house of organization and heady efficiency. Since December 8, 2014, when the planet of good luck went retrograde (backward), you have probably slowed down on a particular strategy or system overhaul. Now, after you’ve had some time to rethink things, you can unveil your winning battle plan. Get busy with a decluttering or organizational project. You could find new ways to use your resources more efficiently, too, bringing healthy or eco-friendly efforts into the world. Perhaps you’re inspired to launch a venture that’s all about giving back.

Interns, assistants, service providers—who ARE the people on Team Pisces? Since the sixth house also rules support, you want to improve the human resources quotient of your work. Since Jupiter rules global action, you could find good luck with hiring virtual assistants and team members. Time zones aside, who cares if your all-star web designer lives in Maui and you’re based in Madrid? If the work gets done and everyone is fulfilled, the karma is a win-win. 

Pluto retrograde: Weed out the bad apples.

Be discerning, Pisces. Your trusting nature might be an impediment, especially from April 16-September 24, as shadowy Pluto moves retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You could be prone to identity theft; with today’s world, it’s smart anyway to be mindful of where you store your credit card information. Take some time to change your passwords and even remove sensitive information that might have been captured by your browsers’ cookies or settings. During this reflective period, you may come to the realization that there’s someone on your team who is more nemesis than friend. As their covert operations come out into the open, you have a choice: fight on their lower-vibe level and engage in a power struggle, or gracefully accept the lesson (and maybe even karmic mirroring) while still refusing to give in to your own base instincts. 

Fortunately, you can smooth things over during the last week of April, when transformational Pluto forms a golden trine (120-degree angle) to go-getter Mars in Taurus, your communication sector. Work cooperatively, hashing it out, possibly with the help of a mediator. As hard as it might seem, you can find a way to get everyone’s deep-seated needs, gripes and truths on the table. Once you’re aware of the real motivations driving this situation, see what you can create from there. Today’s frenemy could be tomorrow’s fiercest ally!

Aries season: Check your habits.

Keep it simple. With the Sun in Aries until April 20, and a new moon in this same routine-oriented zone of your chart, you could be inspired to pare down to the essentials to improve your self-care, as well as maintain your sanity (because, seriously, do you need to be doing a million things at once?). Especially on the new moon, it’s a great time to root into practices that are grounding and nourishing, e.g. eating a protein-rich breakfast before your morning coffee, stretching or meditating at the office on particularly hectic days, and making daily workouts a priority. Don’t make your wellness routine complicated, Pisces. If it boosts your vitality, go for it. Since the second house rules luxury, you may also want to add some posh touches to get you in the fitness mood. Seek out a gym that has spa-like amenities. (Hello, eucalyptus steam room!) Hit a weekend workshop that restores your peace. For inspiration, check out the offerings at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

Lunar eclipse: Cosmic detox.

On April 4, the Libra lunar eclipse shines its light on your eighth house of metaphysical energy and transformation, prompting you to embark on an inside-out cleanse. From what do you most need to detox? Whether the answer is cigarettes or a troublesome ex, you will have a better chance of succeeding if you deal with your health on levels of mind, body and spirit. Even a three-day juice cleanse can have a profound effect on your emotions. If you find yourself crying uncontrollably, consider it a good thing. Perhaps you’ve been holding on too long to negative emotions, and it’s simply time to let them wash through you so you can say a final goodbye. You may also need to detox your inner circle, as this full moon forms a tense T-square with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships. There IS such a thing as emotional contagion. Your sign has porous borders anyway—this is no time to make excuses for your Debbie Downer pals. Or perhaps it’s time to leave a client or job that is draining your life force, thanks to the opposition with disruptive Uranus in Aries, your second house of work. No paycheck is worth destroying your emotional and physical health over, Pisces.

Jupiter direct: Health and wellbeing soars.

On April 8, abundant Jupiter turns direct (forward) in Leo, your sixth house of health and wellness, after a four-month retrograde (backward) period that started on December 8, 2014. If you were working out with less regularity or taking a devil-may-care attitude toward your diet, now is the time to get things back on track. Your fitness goals pick up considerable steam. You could take on a challenge, perhaps even enrolling in a race or bikini boot camp overseas. Your drive to watch what you eat—less hormones in non-organic meat, for example—is also fired up. The seeds you plant now matter, as you’re kicking off a whole new 12-year health cycle, thanks to Jupiter’s presence here until August 11, 2015. Take full advantage!

Venus in Gemini: Make self-care a priority.

Slow down, Pisces. You can’t be everything to everyone, and that is all too clear between April 11-May 7, as soothing Venus moves through Gemini, your fourth house of home and family. You love when you can exhibit compassion toward humankind, especially your relatives and closest friends. You might really enjoy being sympathetic and “there” for someone who needs you in a crisis. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too, though. Indulge in your more feminine side by getting a massage, and just taking some much-needed R&R time, perhaps even on a getaway with gal pals. Your receptivity is fired up, and since the fourth house rules mothering, you may even be open to a new role as parent or guardian. Even if you don’t have pregnancy on the brain, spending time with wee ones can soothe your soul, as you sate your need to nurture. Part of this influence is wanting to feel rooted in your own home, so don’t miss this opportunity to feather your nest, perhaps with a redecorating project. Small touches like fresh flowers and strategically-placed crystals can go a long way in supporting your overall satisfaction, calling in more love, more good vibes and definitely more happiness. 

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