Pisces Monthly Horoscope


October 2016

Turn inward, Pisces. Until October 22, the Sun is in Libra, your private eighth house, making you crave more personal space. This is a time for depth, not breadth, so narrow your focus. Intimate ties and even a sexy attraction could consume you, and you could be processing some heavy-duty emotions. Maybe it's a detailed work project that absorbs your time. Whatever the case, don't be surprised if loved ones come knocking asking, "Helloooo…anybody home?"
Honestly, they'll have to get used to it. From September 9, 2016 until October 10, 2017, expansive Jupiter is also in Libra, cranking up the intensity and emo climate. Now is the time to sink your teeth into some meaty matters, or to focus on a major personal and emotional transformation. (You're already going through it, so you might as well!) Career-wise, you're not looking to dabble or be a dilettante. You want heavy-hitting deals and mergers that go the distance, both personally and professionally. This can be a richly spiritual time too, so tap into the metaphysical plane in your quest for new horizons. Explore your fellow Pisces Albert Einstein's quantum theories—the idea that time is elastic, for example. This month—or the coming twelve months—could bring a major relationship move: a pregnancy, an engagement, getting a home together or even parting ways.    
Midmonth, practical matters take the helm. On October 16, the Aries full moon—a potent supermoon—illuminates your second house of money, work and security. The full moon is traveling in close proximity to innovator Uranus, so a financial development (and boon!) could come from an ingenious idea or forward-thinking source. Your big money moment could arrive in the form of a raise or lucrative job offer, perhaps one you weren't even expecting. You've paid your dues, and hopefully, the light of this electrifying full moon brings a surge of confidence. In your professional role, you contribute so much. But do you fully know your worth? If not, this full moon drives you to value yourself. Remember, others will follow your lead!  
The cosmic climate lightens a bit on October 22, when the Sun enters Scorpio, your ninth house of adventure, travel and higher knowledge. For the next four weeks, spread your gossamer wings…it's time to share your hard-won wisdom with the world or just to go explore. Perhaps you'll  make plans to hole up in an RV—or one of these uber-cool mobile homes—and embark on a grand adventure. Or maybe you could travel to Iceland to take in the northern lights. The possibilities are endless—and even if they seem totally fanciful, you never know what could happen once you start checking 'em out.
You could also adopt a traveler's mindset closer to home, looking at your current situation in a completely new and exploratory light. Perhaps you'll sign up for a mind-expanding workshop (such as these offerings from renowned psychic Paul Selig). Or maybe you'll master that foreign language you've only flirted with thus far, either in a class or with an app like Duolingo. The actions you take are less important than your mindset: When it comes to realizing your wildest dreams, think big, Pisces.
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Circle the October 30 Scorpio new moon to plant seeds for your most expansive goals. This new moon will also travel close to communication planet Mercury, so remember that sharing about your dreams can help make them a reality. Talk, think and write about those lofty and starry-eyed visions, even if people call you a unicorn chaser (someone's gotta believe in those one-horned wonders, right?). You may not know HOW your most heartfelt projects will take flight, but right now, that's not the point. Let your mind wander to your most fulfilling aspirations…and then listen to your intuition. Is there a higher calling afoot? You might be moved to express your beliefs to a supportive soul or even a wider audience. Aim for honesty in all your communications, whether you're weighing a return to school, applying for a prestigious gig or completing a novel. Your potent enthusiasm is your secret on-boarding weapon now.

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