Pisces Monthly Horoscope


September 2016

Change is in the air! This month is a major turning point with TWO watershed eclipses and lucky Jupiter changing signs from Virgo to Libra. There's also a rare second new moon at the end of the month, keeping things active from start to finish. On top of it all, the midmonth eclipse happens to fall in Pisces, making you a prime candidate for some big life shifts…even some time in the spotlight!

Although your personal goals are highlighted, your closest relationships also get top billing this month. The Sun is in Virgo and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships until September 22. Pour some energy into your dynamic duos and joint ventures. As the saying goes: "If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go farther, go together." In September, you're figuring out all kinds of ways to team up, both personally and professionally. 
The caveat: Communication planet Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Virgo until the 22nd, putting a few obstacles in the way of partnering up. Mercury retrograde can cause misunderstandings, delays with contracts and technology breakdowns. Your negotiations may need some extra finesse, and you may want to hold off on signing contracts or making anything official. But in hindsight, you might be grateful for Mercury's delays by the end of this cycle, since the slowdowns can give you a well-deserved chance to breathe. 
Back to those two change-making eclipses this month, which are in Virgo and Pisces—part of a series in these signs occurring from March 2015 until February 2017. These potent eclipses are redefining your personal identity and your closest alliances, shifting the balance between "me" and "we" to a new equilibrium. You're figuring out exactly who you are and what you need—and this is critical to the livelihood of your relationships. This month, you'll hit the refresh button on your dynamic duos as you develop your own authenticity.
The September 1 Virgo (new moon) solar eclipse heats up your seventh house of commitment and partnerships. The last eclipse in this sector was on September 13, 2015, so you might see similar themes recur now. You could have a HUGE conversation with a romantic or business partner, beginning a fresh chapter in your union. These moonbeams could illuminate the other person's true self, allowing you to see them in a whole new light. In love, you could decide to make things more official, like getting engaged, starting a family, or even moving in together. Workwise, you could sign a major deal or decide to join forces. Single Pisces could meet someone out of the blue with LTR potential who completely blows you away. Hello, soulmate?
Warning: this powerful eclipse will form a tense square to serious Saturn in Sagittarius, your tenth house of career and long-term goals. Translation? You might need to fine-tune a few things and not run off to City Hall for that quickie marriage just yet. Your dreamy sign lives for fantasy and romance, but with Saturn here you'll want to proceed with caution. Ask the object of your affections all the right questions, starting with, "Are we on the same page in terms of what our future will look like together?" or, "Do we want all the same things?" Don't rush to conclusions or assume the other party won't make sacrifices, either. (This lovely post about a time-tested couple reflecting on their early choices might ease your nerves.) 

Career and relationship matters could be at odds, too. One of you might be offered a lucrative career opportunity in another city or country that could interfere with your romantic bliss. The most important thing is to get down to nuts and bolts of your partnership: what matters the most to you? That's your starting point. If you're in a newer relationship, you may need to exercise patience instead of anxiously forcing a talk about the future. On September 2, a tense T-square between the Sun, Saturn and foggy Neptune could make everything feel overwhelming. This is NOT the day to make any binding decisions. If anything, you could benefit from talking to a wise family member or just from taking a day for self-care. Pampering yourself—instead of trying to please everyone—will reconnect you to your true desires. 
Meantime taskmaster Saturn is stirring up other trouble. All month, it will travel in a second square to illusory Neptune in Pisces, a tricky alignment that will be felt all month long, reaching a head on September 10. Neptune is a slippery planet, tempting you escape into your dreams and fantasies. But drill sergeant Saturn demands that you buck up and deal with your responsibilities, especially when you don't feel like it. This Saturn-Neptune clash last happened on June 17, so reflect on anything that went awry then (or in June). That may give you a preview of the coming attractions. Although this is a stressful time, you'll ultimately benefit from finding the right balance between creative "me" time and rigorous attention to your goals.
Midmonth, you'll gain some clarity on what you really want, as the September 16 Pisces lunar (full moon) eclipse illuminates the skies—along with your deepest personal desires. No more putting your needs behind everyone else's. The seeds you planted back at the March 8 Pisces solar eclipse—and even the solar eclipse in your sign back on March 20, 2015—are coming to fruition now. Since eclipses often produce unexpected developments, you could have a few jarring epiphanies and insights. Prioritize your own happiness first. You could actively and unapologetically revamp everything from your appearance to your job to your lifestyle now. Let others fall into line with YOU instead of bending to their whims and wishes.
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Besides, you've had plenty of practice compromising. Since August 11, 2015, expansive Jupiter has been in Virgo, heating up your seventh house of interpersonal harmony and commitments. Are you ready to make a permanent move? Jupiter leaves Virgo on September 9 and enters Libra, your eighth house of soul-merging, intimacy and shared financial undertakings, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. For the last 13 months, auspicious Jupiter helps you work on communication and compromise in your closest relationships. One in particular may have developed into something more serious. Or maybe you swapped roles: If you were the breadwinner, your mate suddenly got a raise, for example. Since Jupiter rules travel, you might have met someone from a background different than yours, or maybe a long-distance connection really started to heat up. Finding freedom within a relationship was not an easy challenge for you, Pisces, but a necessary part of your personal growth.
Now, with expansive Jupiter decamping in your eighth house of intensity, intimacy and joint ventures, you're diving deeper in this emotional journey and exploring your personal power. Jupiter last visited Libra from September 25, 2004-October 25, 2005, so scroll back to that period for clues of what may emerge again. Prepare for some adventurous surfing on the emotion ocean! You might want to keep your therapist, energy healer and empathic friends on speed dial (oh wait, they already are). Jupiter in your emotional, psychologically-adept eighth house requires that you acknowledge all of your feelings: the good, the bad AND the ugly. 

The eighth house also rules long-term wealth, assets and joint ventures. Financially-speaking, you might also make some behind-the-scenes power moves. Be strategic and keep your trade secrets close to your vest. The time will come for your grand debut, but until then, confidentiality is a smarter route. This Jupiter cycle could even see you whipping out the non-disclosure agreements before sharing about your master plan. A few heavy-hitters might cross your path, so keep your eyes open for investment opportunities, passive income generating gigs or real estate deals. If you're a paycheck to paycheck Pisces, this is prime time to start putting money away into savings and retirement. Even a tiny bit of savings each week can add up, so get in the habit of automatically transferring funds to untouchable accounts. On a personal front, Jupiter turns up the heat on sex and intimacy. Some Pisces will get married, pregnant, engaged or just explore your more sensual side. This is also a vibrant cycle for anything related to spirituality, mysticism and the paranormal—right up your soulful sign's alley! 
This powerful, mystical energy becomes amplified when the Sun enters Libra on September 22. On September 26, the Sun hooks up with expansive Jupiter, shining a spotlight on major intimate and fiscal opportunities. You could meet someone who feels like a soulmate, take a big leap in a commitment or ink a joint venture. With Mercury retrograde now in the rearview, the yellow caution tape has been removed and it's "go!" time. Maybe you'll connect with a VIP or powerful investor who can further your financial goals. Once the Libra new moon appears on September 30, you have a clearer sense of how to maximize this energy. Ready, set, go! 
The whirlwind continues on September 26, when shadowy Pluto turns ends a five-month retorgrade in Capricorn, your eleventh house of technology and teamwork. You might have encountered some questionable "friends" or colleagues, people who were pushing their own hidden agenda. Power struggles may have rocked a collaboration, especially if one of you had deep pockets while the other contributed sweat equity. Now, this intense dynamic clears up, putting your shared goals back on track. 
You're ready to lead the charge the next day (September 27), when go-getter Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn until November 8. You're fired up to launch a viral video, spread a socially conscious message or join forces with a group of avant-garde trailblazers. Change the world, run the world…you'll do both, thanks. Your insightful sign is able to spot trends before the masses do, which can be amazing for business if you play it right. (For further proof, we give you the lessons of fellow Pisces Steve Jobs.) Your innovative ideas are well-received now, and Team Pisces is mobilizing to make things happen. Keep your eyes on the collaborative prize!

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