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October 2015

Choose your company wisely, Pisces. Until October 23, your already sensitive sign is extra-susceptible to subtle energy and emotional vibes, thanks to the Sun moving through Libra, your eighth house of intensity and soul-bonding. Your feelings are heightened, and you could be obsessing about weighty and existential matters. Go deep or go home…it's the path of the zodiac's mystical Fish anyway, even when it's not Libra season. Opt for meaningful bonding sessions with a few close pals or your S.O. instead of spreading yourself thin with a harried social calendar. Since the eighth house also rules shared resources, you may find yourself making shrewd financial decisions, possibly around a debt, investment or piece of real estate. 
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Red flag: With communicator Mercury retrograde (backward) in Libra from September 17-October 9, it may make sense to delay putting these plans into effect until midmonth. During this reflective period, old suppressed feelings may also be coming up for review. Maybe you've experienced the return of a past love, or just general confusion about your feelings overall. Since last month, you may have also hit a rocky patch in an investment or business collaboration, especially where shared finances are involved. Use the first week of the month to reflect and work through complicated feelings, or dive headlong into research about an issue before proceeding. 

On October 12, the Libra new moon helps you clarify your path—especially in matters of love and money—and move forward, perhaps with an engagement or joint business venture. However, it could take a couple days before conditions stabilize, since disruptive Uranus will oppose the Sun and new moon on this date. Still, you can set positive intentions, perhaps to do read money mantras aloud, engineer a lucrative deal or create more closeness with your significant other. Seeds planted today will blossom over the next six months. All it takes, Pisces, is that first step. 
Lightness returns on October 23, and you emerge from your emotional cocoon as the Sun moves into Scorpio, your ninth house of travel and adventure. For the next four weeks, you’ll shift out of introspective mode and engage with the wider world. You have exciting people to meet and exotic places to see! Seek out new vistas via learning, possibly returning to school or creating your own startup journey, as you embark on an exciting entrepreneurial venture. Welcome the energy of expansion and an ability to see the bigger picture of what you’re even doing here in the first place. Enjoy the renewal of hope and optimism, Pisces. 

On October 27, the Taurus full moon shines its light on your third house of communication, helping you refine your message and million-dollar ideas. This full moon is the last of three consecutive supermoons, so its effect will be potent. Around this date, you could get an important message or have a conversation that triggers a huge turning point, in both your thinking and your life. If you’ve had an ongoing but unresolved dialogue with a colleague or personal contact, you could get closure around that specific topic now. You’ve hashed it out, now it’s time to put any issues to bed and move forward. Exciting news could also arrive, such as a contract, the green light for a project or an invitation to a life-changing gathering. Get off the fence, Pisces—just say yes and go!
Sex with an ex? The first week of the month, clever Mercury is still retrograde (backward) in your eighth house of intimacy and soulmates, which could herald a randy reunion! Coupled and single Fish will likely be reflecting on their past dalliances (or a past period of your current one)—where you may have acted differently or could have been less possessive. An old flame could tug at your heartstrings, reminding you of the singular connection you shared. But should you get back together? Proceed with caution. Ultimately, looking in the romantic rearview mirror might just be what’s needed to move ahead, with peace. (Translation: You’re not going to get stuck pining for that one relationship forever.) If you’ve struggled with obsession, that could come to a head now, too—embrace your fixations instead of trying to pretend they don’t exist. When you really get to the root of your compulsion, there you will find freedom. Until the 9th, when communicator Mercury turns direct (forward), you could be battling strong feelings of jealousy and old trust issues—check the facts before you start reacting during the Mercury retrograde. And please, no snooping unless you really think you have reason to do so. 
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Fortunately, on October 12, you could be feeling more hopeful about romance in general, as the Libra new moon lights up your eighth house of lasting emotional bonds. On this page-turning day, you may realize that you’re ready to go the distance with someone—and this could be true even if you’ve been together for a while. The eighth house is the domain of deep soul connections, so it’s not like your decision will be entirely rational. You could reach a new level of closeness, one that inspires you to get engaged, start planning your wedding, cohabitate or even get pregnant. Single Pisces have a good shot at crossing paths with someone who is soulmate material. Set an intention to be more “real” in love, allowing for more vulnerability and openness. 

Neurotic much? While you don’t normally consider yourself overly analytic, you’ve had magnetic Venus planted in Leo, your sixth house of nitpickiness and criticism, since June 5. The last four months may have brought out a whole new (and overly worried) side of you that you’d rather not admit. Instead of candlelit dinners and bouquets of roses, you may have been focused on your health and wellness—and trying to get yourself in the “right” mindset. Or, maybe it was the health of a relationship that you were concerned with—and this could have been a boon if you were able to view your connection as the third entity in your union. If you focused on doing what’s right for your partnership—without sticking to ego-driven needs—you may have made some practical headway, like figuring out how to support each other in fulfilling your individual dreams. Perhaps you and your S.O. combined quality time with working out, organizing your cupboard drawers, and getting all the necessary administrative stuff in order. Your own perfectionism or self-critical side may have made a showing, too. Hopefully, you didn’t let your need to control the situation get in the way of a little fun every now and then. 

While this four-month Venus cycle has been grounding, the problem is, it probably wasn’t all that romantic. But on October 8, you get some relief from these fastidious ways, as alluring Venus moves into Virgo, your seventh house of relationships, for the next month. Now, you can bring back the love and romance your sign adores! Plan dates that make you feel uplifted, like heading out for a museum stroll or attending a 90’s flashback concert. If you cook dinner for that special someone, pair it with a really good wine. You’re in the mood to feel good and socialize, but especially with that one sizzling partner-in-crime. Sexy Mars is also in Virgo and this commitment-centric zone for the whole month, which will definitely heat things up in the boudoir—and beyond. You’ll feel more motivated to get on the same page with your honey, but warning: The planet of action could also bring out some contentious conversations. Impatient Mars here can pile on the pressure, leaving one of you feeling strong-armed or guilted into moving forward faster than you're ready. If you’re in the middle of a disagreement or breakup, you may need to make an effort at diplomacy. Mars is the ruler of combat, so watch that you don’t get locked into an epic battle for no good reason. Pass the olive branch, Pisces, and make love, not war. 
Amorous action? On October 16-17, sultry Mars forms a conjunction with optimistic Jupiter—which is also in Virgo, your seventh house of commitments. Since Jupiter is a generous and optimistic planet, you could be primed for an amorous breakthrough. These two action-oriented planets drive you to make a courageous move, perhaps making things official or deciding to break free of an oppressive relationship. Both planets are also forming a golden trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships, so a pal could have a hunch to introduce you to your next big love, or give you important insight into getting your union back on a solid track. Since the eleventh house rules technology, you could find an undeniable spark via an online dating site, or a virtual connection that blossoms into something you never even dreamed of. Pluto doesn’t waste time on fly-by-night action, so this may be the fairytale beginning to the ending you’ve been wishing for! 

A beautiful, starry day for expansion in love arrives on October 25, when charming Venus conjuncts adventurous Jupiter in Virgo in your partnership house. This is the last of 2015's three Venus-Jupiter trines, and with these helpful “benefics” involved, it could feel like your lucky day! You could meet a hot prospect by taking a chance—so follow your gut instincts, when it comes to risk-taking. Open your heart—and mind: The person you meet may not look like the person you’ve always dreamed of, but when it comes to the good stuff—an emotional connection, mutual respect and maybe tantric massage skills for days—they could definitely win you over! Date “out of type,” Pisces—there’s more to this philosophy than you can imagine. Coupled Fish may decide to make a bond official, perhaps even getting engaged. If the romantic mood hits you just right, you could even run off to far-flung shore to do the deed. Haven’t you always dreamed of a quickie—and quickie wedding—in Bora Bora? 
Work smarter, not harder! That old saying is still true, especially this month. When it comes to your finances, the stars align for some savvy, long-term planning, thanks to the Sun in Libra, your eighth house of shared wealth, until October 23. You are a powerhouse, Pisces, and now you can direct your considerable energies into creating more abundance and prosperity in your life. Focus on wealth building, coming up with ways to invite passive income streams into your life via an investment, real estate deal or lucrative venture. You may also receive royalties, a commission or a lump sum as a result of your shrewd moves and aligned attitude. For more on creating a money mindset, check out this post on using the Law of Attraction to line your coffers. 
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Gather your resources! On October 12, the Libra new moon could bring an exciting joint venture opportunity or a chance to turn a fresh page in your professional life, especially with a heavy-hitting collaboration. Think about how you can best work with your closest partners—are you creating win-win situations? If not, you may need to listen more carefully to what they are REALLY saying and ask open-ended questions to arrive at a mutually beneficial place. However, an opposition to this new moon from “catch me if you can” Uranus in Aries, your second house of income, indicates that money could be, well, funny. Maybe you've been cobbling together a freelance income, but it's not enough to cover those big-picture plans. Is it time for a Plan B…or an angel investor? (If the latter, check out the work of 37 Angels, an organization that supports women-directed and backed investments.) Perhaps work conditions or job security is shaky—you’re sensing a downsize or other big sea change. But the prospect of instability inspires you to think BIGGER—perhaps serving as the catalyst which sends you down a new path to doing something that brings in passive income or creating an innovative side gig.

Synergies abound on October 16-17, when go-getter Mars aligns with worldly Jupiter in Virgo, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. This cosmic boon only happens once this year, so make the most of it while you can. You could be considering a rather promising partnership or contract, and, if so, it’s one that’s bound to broaden your current professional horizons. With both Mars and Jupiter forming a supportive trine to powerful Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of networking, you may find a work buddy who boosts your stature AND morale. You could also hop a plane for business purposes, or engage in a virtual negotiation. (Why, yes, it does sound ideal to hammer out the terms of a contract from your seaside hammock in Cabo via Skype.) An overseas project or collaboration could heat up, too. Since Mars can bring pressure, you could feel tension around having to sign on the dotted line—both planets have an air of impatience and impulsiveness. Don't rush this process, as haste does make waste. But don't procrastinate, either. You don’t want to miss a stellar window of opportunity. Since you’ll have more courage than usual, you may need to be bold about asking a close person to open a door or make a connection for you. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, Pisces. Don’t be shy!
Once the Sun moves into Scorpio and your ninth house of big-picture perspectives on October 23, it’s time to let your mind wander over all the possibilities. What do you want to be doing with your one, precious life, as poet Mary Oliver put it? For the next four weeks, adopt an attitude of exploration—you don’t need to commit just yet; it’s your time to bust through whatever internal limitations or ceiling you’ve put on your current life. We all get inspired by those “I was a zombie in my corporate job, so now I make to-die-for cupcakes” stories (like this woman actually did). Now, you can focus on where you want YOUR journey to take you. Up, up, and away! 

The month ends on an intellectual high note: On October 27, the Taurus full moon illuminates your third house of communication, helping you ace pitch and brainstorming meetings. Your mind is moving so quickly that your collaborators may not be able to keep up with you entirely, but they sure will be impressed! Since this full moon is also a supermoon—the third and final in a series—the 27th is a great day for negotiations: You will not miss a beat! Send off a powerful email, one that you know can change the course of your current path. You may also find a deal coming to fruition and signing a contract to make the idea reality. Since the third house rules kindred spirits, you could team up with inspirational and like-minded souls on a collaborative project. If you’ve been working on a concept or plan, especially over the last six months, you could get the green light today. You may be inspired to project your message on the world stage by publishing a blog or social media post. Your contribution is much needed—and it may even go viral!
Light the sage and clear your calendar: You could be processing a lot emotionally as Libra season highlights your eighth house of inside-out health and cleansing. Let your feelings wash over you and through you, Pisces. It’s time to be rid of the negative energy from soul-eaters such as jealousy, possessiveness and “loss of trust.” These can quickly become toxic influences in your physical system, and it’s best to release them completely. Sign up for a juice fast or a colon cleanse. Doing work on your energetic body, like acupuncture or Reiki, can really help you detox, too! The introspection is at its peak until October 9, when communicator Mercury finally turns direct (forward) after a three-week retrograde (backward) phase. Make the most of this reflective period.
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Couch time? The Libra new moon on October 12 could be a stellar day to start therapy. Forming a bond with someone of psychic authority whom you trust can help you move through thorny issues that much faster. You may also want to initiate a new spiritual or soul-soothing practice, such as journaling, meditation, creating a therapeutic image collage or setting up an “altar” for daily rituals. In one way, you’re committing to wellness just by putting your mind in a positive, hopeful place, and whatever actions you take are simply a demonstration of that. 

Surrounding yourself with inspiring, positive people will make a huge difference, and also inspires you to get fit. With go-getter Mars in Virgo and your seventh house of relationships all month, multitask by grabbing a great friend to work out—or just take brisk walks together. Having a pal to support you in exercise has an added benefit: You can help each other deal with life’s day-to-day details, too, if you’re touching base regularly. You might even be inspired travel together (maybe to a yoga retreat or a trip with an active component) when energetic Mars meets up with globe-trotting Jupiter on October 16-17. This weekend is perfect for a workshop somewhere outside of city limits, or at least to sign up for one that is perhaps scheduled to take place during the colder months, such as Tulum's eco-chic bikini boot camp.
An air-clearing awaits: On October 27, the Taurus full moon shines on your third house of communications, heralding an important convo with a sibling or close friend. Sometimes, communication lines with our nearest and dearest are the most muddled, because we assume they should know what we’re thinking, whereas we’re more clear and patient with strangers. Work on meaning what you say, and saying what you mean. For example, your sign can often be the one who answers SOS calls from emotionally distressed pals, but if you don’t actually WANT to come to their rescue, you need to find a way to say a firm but loving “no.” Examine your own belief system and mindset, too, as you could be having a major shift in attitude that you did not anticipate. Start your own "happiness project" a la Gretchen Rubin, making it a daily experiment to raise your level of life satisfaction. After all, life IS truly something to be grateful for, Pisces. Why not count the ways? 

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