Pisces Monthly Horoscope

November 2015

Hello, wide horizons! The first three weeks of the month, you're feeling wildly inspired, as the Sun moves through Scorpio, your ninth house of expansion, freedom and optimism. Scorpio season lasts until November 22, boosting your confidence and your independent mood. Seek out dazzling new shores, either traveling literally or metaphorically—you could easily get transported as you return to school or get lost in a new book or philosophy. When it comes to breaking through old any limiting beliefs or barriers, you’re more than ready to take the rest of this year by storm. And not a moment too soon, as last month you were in quite the intense cocoon. Watch out world…Pisces is back! 
On November 11, the Scorpio new moon could bring an exciting opportunity to travel, a major moment of personal growth or the launch of an entrepreneurial venture. Wheels up: You're ready to take flight in some symbolic or literal way. Intentions set today will unfold over the next six months. Set your sights high—and far. Your main goal is ultimately to plant the seeds for a cherished dream, one that feels risky but rewarding. If you haven't yet read Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic, it will be the perfect reminder not to let fear impede your creativity. Think big. No, wait—think VAST.. 

Adrift on the seas of self-doubt? The stars toss you a life raft at the November 18 direct (forward) turn of foggy Neptune in Pisces, your first house of identity and fresh starts. Neptune is your ruling planet, so its transits are especially poignant for you. Since June 12, when the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion went retrograde (backward), you could have felt pretty “off”—and not exactly sure why. Perhaps you had second thoughts about your current trajectory. Or maybe you started on a path and then abandoned it, disheartened by your lack of clarity about what it is that you really, really want. Now, you can move ahead with a lot more confidence. Whatever your goals are, you first need to have faith in yourself. As Neptune picks up speed, you can stop the hemming and hawing and get on with your life, already. Pretty soon, you’ll see that your lack of clarity actually served a spiritual purpose—you not only know where you’re going, but you also have a deep appreciation for everything—and we mean everything—that got you to this self-assured place. 
A few days later, you’re focused on making real-time strides toward your long-term goals, as the Sun slips into Sagittarius, your tenth house of future plans and career advancement, from November 22-December 21. For the next four weeks, get serious about your professional life—shining at the office or anywhere you get the opportunity to showcase your hard-won authority. As others are skipping out early to hit the holiday party circuit, you’re more focused on meeting deadlines and accomplishing your year-end objectives. (But if a VIP requests your company, well, that’s another story…) At times, it might feel like a sprint, but you won't be cutting any corners. Prioritize and choose your aims carefully—you could end 2015 with a sense of triumph and accomplishment. 

Nesting, nurturing, nostalgia: there's some of that on tap for you, too. The November 25 full moon in Gemini, your fourth house of home, family and roots, puts you in quite the sentimental mood. Take a break from your hectic work life to spend quality time with your loved ones, hosting intimate holiday dinners and having a long, meandering phone call with your long-distance relatives. Since the fourth house rules feminine energy, a woman—possibly your mother or a beloved friend—could figure into the equation. Your own maternal or nurturing longings could lead to a pregnancy, or just the desire to make more space for your personal life. Spruce up your digs, too—nothing soothes your soul like rearranging the furniture and making your pad feel cozy and welcoming. If you’re planning a change of residence, you could get word of a move today. Don’t forget to take some sacred alone time, too—this is an optimal moment to be introspective and self-loving. 
Dynamic duos: game on! You’re focused on relationships all month, as the love planets, alluring Venus and sultry Mars, spend all of November in the most partnership-driven zones of your chart. Talk about one sexy month! Venus and lusty Mars first trek through Virgo, your seventh house of commitment and one-on-one relationships, with Venus here until November 8 and Mars holding court until the 12th. Compromise, balance and mutuality will be your watchwords now—if your S.O. isn’t giving enough (or it’s, um, you who’s been stingy on the contributions of time, a listening ear, etc.), you’ll now seek to strike a better balance. 
Solo Fish may get more proactive, too, consciously turning your cab light on, so to speak. Shout from the rooftops (and maybe even in your social media posts?) that you’re ready to meet your “forever” person. You could even consult a love coach or sign up with a matchmaker. You may also benefit from doing some self-inquiry: How can YOU fix your lack of amorous action? This helpful article outlines the top roadblocks to finding your happily ever after. 

The cosmic lovers meet up in an exact conjunction on November 2—the third and final Venus-Mars tryst of 2015. This rather special day could bring a marriage proposal, if you and your sweetheart are on the same page, or a romantic evening where you both decide to make things official. Solo Pisces may also be floating on amorous tides—a first date could have great promise. Or maybe you just decide to write out your soulmate wish list—and then ask the universe to give you a special assist with it. You might even pick up one of our favorite self-study guides, Calling In "The One": 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life if you're really ready for your life partner. 

Your love life takes a turn towards sexy intensity on November 8, when magnetic Venus checks into Libra, your eighth house of intimacy and soul-merging, remaining here until December 4. This influence encourages deep, emotional bonding. Carve out some private time for two…you’ll definitely want a few moments a deux in your love den during this transit. Get brutally honest about your fears, too—this is where the rubber meets the proverbial road. There’s a great opportunity to feel known and utterly loved for your entire being, but you can’t get there without taking an emotional risk. Same goes for single Pisces—be brave enough to let down your own walls and open up to manifesting the relationship of your dreams. The Law of Attraction could work wonders in helping rev up your love mojo. Check out Arielle Ford’s Soul Mate Secret for concrete, inspired steps you can take toward romantic fulfillment. 

Red-hot Mars join Venus in your sexy eighth house on November 12, decamping for the rest of the year. With Mars’ action-oriented influence, you could be driven to repair a relationship or attract one, if single. Since Mars can bring stress, you could have a nasty bout of jealousy or possessiveness, so watch out. Trust issues could flare up—and that’s actually not a bad thing, as it could give you the push to confront any matters head on. On the other hand, your passionate cup could definitely runneth over—perhaps in the form of an intense love affair, the kind where you send each other a million texts a day and count down the seconds ‘til your next meeting. (Obsessive, much?) This is a great influence for fiery sex and unstoppable chemistry. If you’re already in a partnership, work on bringing the spark back, in full force. 
Once the Sun enters Sagittarius and your traditional tenth house on November 22, you’re in a long-term commitment state of mind. The next four weeks, you’re less willing to do that Pisces thing where you’re fine coasting along without any serious talks or plans. You want to know where you’re going—whether coupled or single—and you want to know now. It’s wonderful to add some planning into your romantic life, but don’t go TOO far. For one, there are no real guarantees in life, and in your race to happily ever after, you just might forget to appreciate the everyday joys in your relationship—whatever stage you’re at. 

The November 29 Sun-Saturn conjunction in your goal-seeking tenth house makes you step back and really think with your head, not just your heart and intense emotions. Saturn adds a logical, cautious element that could be helpful. You might even put a commitment on hold or push back the timeline a bit if something’s not quite right. For example, if you're not ready to meet someone's parents or bring them home for the holidays, don't force yourself (or them) to play the part. Instead, be real. Your integrity is something you don’t want to lose (and later be called out as wishy-washy). Some father issues could also be the culprit of any hesitation near this date, so look beyond the surface of your angst. Since Saturn rules mentors (and fathers), you may want to engage the help of a trusted therapist to help you separate past from prologue. 
Who’s on your side, Pisces? You definitely want to know, with go-getter Mars traversing Virgo and your seventh house of one-one-one relationships until November 12, then Libra, your eighth house of powerful partnerships, until January 3. Sometimes, your non-committal sign can be wary of signing on the dotted line—what if you change your mind? Now, you can overcome indecisiveness and make some smart choices around contracts, joint ventures and investments. With motivator Mars at the helm, you're revved up to seal the deal or solidify an alliance before the year ends. Take an active role in hashing out terms that work for both parties. If, for example, you absolutely have to be in Ibiza for the month of January, you’ll want to lay all your quirky cards out on the table. The best way to come to this partnership table is with full transparency. 
Growth will definitely be on your mind, as we’re in Scorpio season, highlighting your expansive ninth house until November 22. Where can you broaden your work repertoire? You may start by gaining motivation through adventures and travel. Experience can be a great teacher right now, especially if you come across all kinds of diverse folks in your explorations. The November 11 Scorpio new moon brings a fresh inspirational chapter to your professional identity. You could get your startup off the ground, launch a side venture or roll out your first product for the holidays. A business trip could also provide the bigger-picture understanding you’re seeking—maybe you learn more about your industry abroad or meet someone who opens your eyes to new possibilities. You might even publish your ideas in a book or blog, especially if it feels aligned with your life purpose, i.e. you feel a responsibility to share your perspective with a more global audience. The ninth house rules risk—and you may even feel emboldened to step onto the stage and speak publicly about your experiences, as singer-songwriter Sting did, when he gave a TED talk about getting over writer’s block. Make that wish list wisely—intentions set today will blossom over the next six months. 

When the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your practical and disciplined tenth house on November 22, you’re ready to turn your blue-sky dreams into bona fide reality. Get to work, Pisces! For the next four weeks, you’re in a year-end push, wrapping up current projects while simultaneously making plans for your professional future. It’s important to work at a steady pace—as much as you may want to give up or cut out early, you’re better off rolling up your sleeves and doing a stellar job. This is your “busy season” for work, so don’t be surprised if some pretty plum opportunities come a-knocking. 

With foggy Neptune ending its five-month retrograde on November 18 in Pisces, your first house of fresh starts, you could get much clearer about your personal goals. However, you may find some thorny conflicts arise between your heart's desire and your big-picture plans during the November 26 Sun-Neptune square, putting your career trajectory at odds with your most personal passions (and maybe even your identity, too). An ambitious project or an exciting offer may not "feel" right in your gut. Perhaps you sense something is amiss, but can't put your finger on it. Maybe this venture just doesn't feel spiritually aligned with your most personal philosophy. There’s no easy answer, but you may benefit from some soul-searching to make sure you can really feel connected to your work on the divine level. That doesn’t mean you have to invoke your higher power at staff meetings, but in your quieter moments, do you see a way that your sense of spirituality or belief in something more transcendent than you is steering the ship? Maybe there's a way it can all work out, but do pause to take inventory before committing yourself to anything major (which could be harder to wriggle out of down the line). There's a chance you may need to back out of an arrangement if you know in the depths of your soul that it's just not a good fit. Be courageous, Pisces—you can't dedicate your life to someone else’s nebulous idea of what’s right for you. 
Fortunately, you have the capacity to take yourself—and your livelihood—seriously, especially during the Sun-Saturn meetup on November 29, which helps you make measured, wise decisions about your career. There’s real gravitas that comes with this influence—no one is going to succeed FOR you. So what action steps can you take to show that you’re serious about your goals and plans? Your newfound self-sanctioning could attract the interest of a high-profile VIP or colleague, too. Work these connections—it’s about time you were swimming in a bigger sea. Around this day, you could step out as an expert in your field, or be given a weighty assignment/managerial role that could bring you to new heights. This new prestige will require hefty levels of dedication or responsibility, too—so this might feel like a moment of maturity. 

Since Saturn has a tendency to shine its light on what’s not working, you could also have a sobering career moment. Is there a necessary course correction? Could be. Is it the end of the world? No. Don’t fall into the prototypical Saturn default of pessimism. While fixing this situation is going to require elbow grease, it’s only as daunting as you make it. 
Remember, Pisces, one step at a time—your mermaid empire can't be built in a day. If you truly don’t know what to do, you could benefit from working with a coach or mentor. Their wise counsel could become your secret weapon. 
Time to bust out of worn-out workout routines (and workout clothes)! With Scorpio season highlighting your ninth house of adventure until November 22, it’s a great time to mix up your fitness regimen. You’re feeling optimistic and expansive, so why not extend that sense of discovery to staying healthy, too? The November 11 new moon in Scorpio is a great day to embark on a new exercise plan, especially one that’s out of your comfort zone. And while you’re stretching your boundaries, this is a good opportunity to explore metaphysical and personal growth work as well. Book a retreat, with bonus points for one that requires travel. Check out the weeklong courses at the Hoffman Institute, which help strip away your self-illusions and get to the core of who you are—truly. If you can manage, take a quick getaway before holiday season mania kicks in.
Your inner dialogue as of late might be distilled to one phrase: “WTF?” Since June 12, foggy Neptune in Pisces has been retrograde (backward) in your first house of self, causing some serious identity crises and bouts of overall self-doubt. Maybe you haven't really been loving the person you’ve become—or think you’ve become. It’s been hard to tell what’s a valid criticism and what’s actually just a phobia. All this angst didn’t do much for your mood, and you may have withdrawn a bit. Or perhaps you had the best of intentions, only to be greeted with fiery judgment. (See: WTF?) Spiritual Neptune’s direct (forward) turn on November 18 will help you feel like your own sovereign being again. Forget all the negative thoughts—your self-confidence is coming back, in a big way. Ultimately, you know just how magical you are…maybe it’s time to give that part of your personality a little more concerted air time. 
The November 25 full moon in Gemini lights up your fourth house of domesticity, helping you feel especially rooted in your home and family life. Spend time with your loved ones; even impromptu comfort-food dinners between holiday parties can soothe your soul. Since you’re feeling extra sentimental, you may want to take a trip down Memory Lane, in your own head or with an old friend or relative. Getting ready for the holidays can be particularly nostalgic now. You may want to institute a long-forgotten tradition, like sewing popcorn and cranberries onto a fir wreath. All this nostalgia may even leave you feeling a little tender. Don’t fight it, Pisces. Instead, invite the women in your life over for a nurturing evening of catchup woven through with festivities. If there’s been tension, you can definitely clear the air around this date, too. Come from a place of love, and you’ll receive positive feedback tenfold. This is no time to underestimate the power of an open heart. 

Drop and give ‘em 20? You could surprise yourself by adopting a stricter workout routine, thanks to the November 29 Sun-Saturn meetup in Sagittarius, your tenth house of discipline. If you’ve been toying with the idea of committing to your overall health, this is your day to hire a trainer, join a gym or figure out a system for keeping track of your progress. Check out this link for a look at the creme de la creme of fitness apps! It’s not often that you embrace structure with quite this much gusto…so take advantage of this stern influence. Your health will thank you for it.

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