Pisces Monthly Horoscope


July 2016

Let the summer heat rise, Pisces! July is your most ripe and ribald time of year, when the Sun makes its annual foray through Cancer, heating up your passionate, lusty and expressive fifth house until July 22. Summer love could definitely top your #YOLO-filled agenda this month, so work those natural flirtatious charms with abandon. Have fun trying some bold new looks or hairstyles, or just letting some of your saucier comments fly out unfiltered. A little healthy drama will keep the action spicy! Your inner hedonist will demand a free pass, so don't bother trying to curb those indulgent cravings. Exercise moderation when possible...but let yourself live a little, too.
You'll definitely want to be ready for your closeup on July 4, when the Cancer new moon kicks off an amorous, glamorous fresh six-month cycle. Fame or recognition for your talents could also arrive with this lunation. Is it time for a live performance, a gallery exhibit or to post a viral video? You'll definitely want to dress to impress today—or maybe undress, a la your signmate Justin Bieber and his steamy four-story, er, package delivery. With the new moon also forming a gilded trine to your ruling planet Neptune in Pisces, the world is your catwalk! You'll be turning heads and dropping jaws with each well-shod footstep. A steamy love affair could spark up today—and since the fifth house rules fertility, a pregnancy is also possible for some Pisces.
If things start to get TOO dramatic for even your palate (sure you claim to hate theatrics, Pisces, but why are you so often at the center of them all?), take heart. On July 19, a Capricorn full moon lights up your friendly and lighthearted eleventh house. Take a break from the intensity and go tear up the dance floor or network up a storm at an event. If your love life has become all-consuming, book an independent adventure with your friends. This full moon will form a loose square to disruptive Uranus—and please, leave the stage-five clingers and the energy sharks OFF the guest list. Swim with a colorful school of mermaids whose vibrant, positive energy is "Fish food" for your Piscean soul. Ah, so refreshing!
Your decadent days come to an end on July 22, when the Sun marches into Leo and your sixth house of health and fitness. Skip the wine bar and head to the cold-pressed juice bar, and trade your strappy swimsuit for some moisture-wicking athletic gear. Disco fries and disco naps…they were fun while they lasted, but now you're ready to bring order back to the Pisces court. This is also a great time to get your work life and administrative systems in order, perhaps bringing in some helpful assistance or service providers to tackle any difficult tasks.

You'll be glad you put systems in place by the end of the month, especially around your finances. From July 29-December 29, erratic Uranus will turn retrograde (backward), an annual reversal that happens at approximately the same time every year. Uranus will backspin through Aries and your second house of work and money, which could cause some interruptions in your routines. You might deal with an unexpected expense, or a price hike around your everyday expenses that forces you to get creative. Since Uranus is an autonomous planet, you might also pick up freelance work, covering costs with a side hustle, or perhaps you'll flex your hours and work from home some days. Thinking of launching a business or leaving your steady gig for a startup? Go easy on the risk-taking for now. This is a better time to make sure that your budgeting, job status and living costs are as secure and well-considered as they can possibly be. Your confidence could also get a bit rattled, too. Don't let bullying or domineering people make you second-guess your intuition, Pisces. 

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