February 2017

Slip into something REALLY comfortable, Pisces. The Sun is gliding through Aquarius and your twelfth house of rest and rejuvenation until February 18. Until then, don't try to scale any career mountains or ramp up your social calendar. Err on the side of taking it easy. To restore your depleted energy, revive a yoga practice or hang out with nurturing people who (for once) don't need to cry on your shoulder. Hermit mode won't last forever, so make the most of these restorative vibes.
But there may be no rest for the weary with speedy Mars blazing through Aries and your second house of work and money all month. Deadline pressure might loom 24/7, and the pace at work could be especially hectic. Fiscal issues can also be a source of stress—but also motivation. Your workdays will pass in a blur, so be sure to take pressure-releasing breaks whenever you can. Lunchtime cardio class, perhaps?
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On February 6 adventurous Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures and wealth until June 9. A budding partnership, perhaps with an influential person, may slow down, or you might bump up against unforeseen creative or philosophical differences. The same hesitation could apply to a close romantic relationship. The stars prod you to ask: Am I ready to go ALL in? Be cautious in all financial matters. It's okay if your enthusiasm for a lucrative deal or investment wanes. On a related note, this isn't a good time to indulge in retail therapy or make risky financial moves. You ARE slated for a powerful, door-opening merger of some sort, but patience is required. Jupiter has been in this transformational domain since September 9, 2016, and will remain here until October 10, 2017. This short pause will give you a chance to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again this summer.
The pressure will still be on. Jupiter and erratic Uranus (in Aries and your money and security house) will travel in a close, tense opposition all month. Expect the unexpected, especially in emotional and financial matters. Your moods can fluctuate from optimistic to anxious. All you can do is ride that tiger, Pisces! An unplanned expense might throw you a curveball, and you may have to crack your own nest egg or do some last-minute hustling. Sudden changes on the work front could force you to get more serious about your fiscal strategy, possibly inspiring you to investigate passive-income opportunities, like a commission-based gig or real estate investment. These two freedom-seeking planets only align every 14 years, and will make their exact aspect on March 2. This is the second of three oppositions, with the first having occurred on December 26, 2016, and the next on September 28, 2017.  
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More change is in the air because February is eclipse season! Two of 2017's four game-changing eclipses occur this month, shaking up the status quo. Eclipses can push us off the fence when we've procrastinated or been wishy-washy. Unexpected events crop up, and a whole area of our lives might change in short order. This can be exciting or daunting, depending how you look at it. Suffice to say, it's best to stay on your toes and watch your blind spots during eclipse season.
 On February 10 the Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse kicks off a brand-new eclipse series on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which lasts until January 2019. This will revolutionize the health and healing zones of your chart. You could completely revamp your lifestyle over the next couple years, getting into the best shape of your life. You may also dig into deeply rooted childhood issues, psychological blocks or core wounds. This first eclipse falls in Leo and your wellness house, so you'll experience it more on the physical realm. Since it's a full moon, you may complete something or receive big news. Some Pisces might get doctor's orders to change part of your lifestyle—or you could get a burst of personal inspiration to make a key shift, like reducing stress. The sixth house rules daily tasks and helpful people, so during this eclipse you may hire and fire, delegate or revamp your systems.
Did someone say reboot? On February 18 the Sun enters Pisces and your first house of self and identity for a month, offering a sneak preview of the upcoming eclipse here. After an introspective few weeks, you're back in action! Speak up and let your desires be known.
February 26 is a perfect day to do just that, thanks to the Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse electrifying your first house of self. This eclipse is the grand finale of the Virgo/Pisces eclipse series that started in March 2015, radically revamping your personal goals AND your closest relationships. This last eclipse could rocket a solo project into the spotlight or kick off a bold new life chapter, one that's turbocharged by your own dreams and desires. Go big, Pisces, because there's no going home.

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