Pisces Monthly Horoscope


May 2016

Reel 'em in, Pisces. Until May 20, the Sun is in Taurus, heating up your synergistic and communicative third house. For the next three weeks, you'll feel more intellectually alive—brainstorming, pitching, writing, conversing—and eager to connect with others. The third house rules local action, so hunt for treasures in own zip code. Check out books from the library or volunteer at a neighborhood garden or green space. Your wit and charm is amplified now, so get to know your neighbors a little better, especially if you've been reclusive lately. Social media synergies could also be fruitful, so send a praise-packed DM to someone whose feed you follow loyally or join a Facebook group of people working toward the same goals.
Your desire to connect is amplified even more on May 6, when the Taurus new moon highlights this dynamic area of your chart. The page-turning lunation is also a supermoon and forms a favorable trine to buoyant Jupiter in Virgo, your partnership house. Stimulating conversations could lead to rock-solid and inspiring new alliances, so schedule an exploratory lunch date. Couples could have great talks about making things official or forging a new and exciting path of shared adventures.
But things may get off to a slower start than you hoped because FIVE planets—communicator Mercury, energetic Mars, serious Saturn, adventurous Jupiter and psyche-plumbing Pluto—are retrograde  (backward) as the month begins. This reflective period includes Mercury backspinning through Taurus from April 28-May 22. Since talkative Mercury is also in your communication house, you could feel the effects of this retrograde more so than other signs. With this cosmic double-whammy, you might want to keep a low profile, since what you say could be misconstrued easily. Watch what you post, publish, and propose now. Look no further than this cautionary tale about a woman whose "joke" Tweet ended up blowing up her whole life. (For more on Mercury retrograde, see our post at www.astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde.)
Fortunately, abundant Jupiter powers into direct (forward) motion on May 9– it's been retrograde in Virgo and your seventh house of committed partnerships since January 7. Your most important relationships receive a much-needed boost under this starmap and a stalled alliance could rocket ahead. While it's always advisable to wait for Mercury retrograde to end before making any life-changing announcements or sign on the dotted line, you COULD verbally commit to making a business or romantic relationship official.
Expansive Jupiter has actually been in this part of your chart since August 11, 2015, but on January 7, it too turned retrograde and put a damper on your dynamic duos. From May 9-September 9, Jupiter will be direct (forward) in Virgo, and many Pisces will evolve in their closest partnerships in a big way. You could get engaged or alternatively, decide to amicably part, so that you can make room to let the right person in. The cosmos loves to fill a vacuum, and with fortuitous Jupiter in your commitment sector, you could find a better partner in no time. 

Single Pisces could meet some great prospects, possibly a long-distance relationship or someone from another background or "type" than you normally date. Because your sign's symbol is two fish moving in different directions but forever conjoined, you're no stranger to wishy-washiness on the commitment front. But with Jupiter here and nudging you out of your comfort zone, you could surprise yourself with how ready you feel to really go for it. Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12 years, so make the most of it.
Martyr alert! You could make unnecessary sacrifices on Mother's Day, due to a Grand Mutable Cross (four-way planetary battle) between the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune (your ruler). On this day, it seems that just about everyone—relatives, colleagues, your partner—is vying for your attention, compassion and caretaking. But what about YOU, Pisces? If you've pushed your own needs to the backburner, stop trying to please everyone and set some clear boundaries, especially with an important male figure in your life (possibly your dad). Give up the illusion that you can make everyone happy, because it's just not going to happen (especially NOT today).
If Mother's Day madness meant you didn't get enough quality time to celebrate mom (or yourself, if you're a mom!), then you have the next month to make up for it. On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini and your homey fourth house, an ideal time to nurture your inner domestic doyenne. Host a dinner party, freshen up your decor and play around in the kitchen. And don't forget to feed yourself (and your soul) too, Pisces! This is a quieter period, so carve out time for solitude, reading and personal pampering. When you take a moment for introspection, you cultivate a clear channel to commune with your most heartfelt emotions.
A career coup could be in the works on May 21, when the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your tenth house of professional success. An ambitious goal you've been striving toward since the December 11 Sagittarius new moon could come together now…at least partially. This full moon does fire a warning shot though, because it travels in tandem with stressful Mars retrograde. You may need to compete for the top spot, face down a rival or deal with an unpleasant confrontation before claiming your ultimate triumph. Although your professional dreams may still come to fruition in the form of a raise, promotion, award or a new job, drama could still flare now.
Are you really up for this crowning moment of achievement, Pisces? Of course you are—but you might need to be honest with yourself about the anxieties that surface and where they could be coming from. To help reframe the conversation, you might check out this article on why "imposter syndrome", or the fear of not being up to the task, is actually a good thing sometimes. Luckily, you get a do-over next month on June 20, when a rare second full moon in Sagittarius gives you another chance to really shine—and actually enjoy it. So consider this your dress rehearsal for your major moment a month from now.  

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