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December 2014

Ambition alert! Until December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius, your tenth house of career advancement and structure, instilling you with a drive to get ahead. Make progress on the professional front by getting clear on your long-term goals and taking material action to make your dreams a reality. Pay your dues, as the traditional path to success is calling you. Even if, say, you got a glittering promotion, you wouldn’t be satisfied if you felt it wasn’t earned. Hard work is a soul salve now. If you feel like you want to switch up your career path, tap a trusted mentor for guidance. Someone who has “been there, done that” can be invaluable to your own ascent up the ladder, offering you tips on where to focus your attention, and just as important, what to avoid. This is no time to cut corners either. So in all your activities, make sure that protocol is followed to the letter. Integrity is key. 

A break from the hustle occurs on December 6, when the Gemini full moon shines on your fourth house of personal and domestic matters. Your home life is in the spotlight, and, since you’ve probably been remiss returning calls from your loved ones, this comes as a welcome break. Around this date, pick up the phone for a long chat with a family member or dear friend. Invite your peeps over for a home-cooked meal. Wax nostalgic about days passed, as it will suit your sentimental mood. With all this running around, you probably need to refuel your tanks, so prioritizing self-care is a must. Stock up on lavender-scented bath salts, and soak away any tension. The need for relaxation runs deep, and, if you can, take a moment to remember what it’s like to feel completely safe and taken care of, in the way a mother might nurture her child. That maternal instinct is in YOU, Pisces, and while you may be tempted to offer it up to any pal who needs a supportive ear, you should first offer it up to yourself. Bake some sea-salted chocolate chip cookies or take yourself to the spa. 
Tensions could run high on December 15, when transformational Pluto forms a square (a 90-degree angle) with disruptive Uranus. This is the sixth of seven such alignments, a cycle that started in 2012 and will continue until mid-March 2015. The good news? We’re almost out of the woods with this intense, change-making energy. The rarity of this alliance—it happens once every 80 years—ups the cosmic ante. This battle is between destruction-before-creation Pluto, which, in the sign of traditional Capricorn, is breaking down old structures that have outworn their time; and revolutionary Uranus, which sparks sudden (and sometimes unsettling) change, in the sign of firebrand Aries, ready to rebel and shake things up. Both planetary power players have things in common: a search for truth and a burning desire for change. Their methodology is, well, different—Pluto dredges up fears from the depths, demanding they be dealt with, while Uranus is pushing us all off the cosmic cliff, urging us to embrace freedom at all costs. The push-pull of this energy has caused some mass confusion, not to mention panic. With these warring forces, which is the right course of action? 

For you, the struggle plays out in the interpersonal realm; perhaps you are at odds with your crew—does a once tried-and-true tribe now seem full of hot air? Or maybe it’s a colleague with whom you’re caught in a power grab. The conflict runs DEEP, so it’s not like you can simply cut off the person or situation—you may need to stand up for yourself, as this lesson could be about having a backbone and showing people that being compassionate does not equal being a doormat. Since your will is formidable, make sure that you defend yourself from a centered-place, acknowledging that whatever happens should be for the good of all involved. (No black magic, please.) 

Of course, you could feel completely terrified that an act of courage will somehow affect your bottom line. What if coworkers judge you, or worse, don’t take your side? But your self-worth is paramount, now—and that’s the first thing to remember. Another manifestation of this conflict could come via an internal, deep-seated trust of others. Are you not being a "joiner" because you secretly fear rejection, or being “found out”? Well, guess what…we all harbor some kind of shame, and you don’t know how others will respond until you give them a chance. Don’t close off your innermost feelings now; if you can find a safe crew, open up. You just might be surprised at how soulfully satisfying it is to get real with your peeps. Plus, having this love-all-around vibe will only bolster your confidence. It might not be easy, but the payoff is well worth it. Trust, Pisces. 

(For more on the Pluto-Uranus square, read our post here:

On December 21, the vibe gets lighter, thanks to the Sun sashaying into Capricorn, your social eleventh house. If you were in a workaholic zone, now you’ll have a chance to reconnect with colleagues, friends and loved ones, too. Your larger aims are helped considerably by teaming up with like-minded souls. You get more work accomplished by meeting-and-greeting, so don’t be afraid to clock out early and hit an industry or networking event. Your presence delights, Pisces, so be confident in your authenticity. The more you say what’s really on the tip of your tongue, the more memorable (and favorable) the impression you make. 
That same day, the new moon in Capricorn offers you a fresh start in terms of your friend circle or a key collaboration. You could meet a person (or several) who help you feel plugged into the cosmos, just because they are speaking your language. If an opportunity for a group project comes your way, grab it! It could develop into an exciting, enlivening venture over the next six months. If you have a tech venture or social media strategy, today is a five-star day to launch. (Don’t let the holiday buzz scare you off.) Perhaps a cause near-and-dear to your heart is a-calling. Make strides to get involved, maybe reaching out to a non-profit or a colleague who has experience with this issue. Turn an optimistic page, Pisces. If you’ve been hanging with naysayers, back away. No Debbie Downer is going to inspire you to greatness. And you need the freedom to think in an idealistic, visionary way, so put yourself in the orb of folks doing big and interesting things…like, say, developing an app that can give you personalized health advice based on your DNA. The sky is the limit, Pisces. Do good, and aim high!

On December 23, it's structure time, as Saturn makes its first sign change in two years, leaving fellow water sign Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius. Ready those bootstraps, Pisces, because for the next three years, you're going to be pulling yourself up by yours. Taskmaster Saturn is in your tenth house of long-term plans, success and professional endeavors. This is a major turning point for your career, Pisces, and it will take slow and steady building on your behalf. There will be no charming your way into opportunities unless you can back up the allure with hard work and tangible results. Saturn will be at a challenging square (90-degree angle) to your sign, so we won't promise you an easy process. However, if you rise to the challenge, Saturn will help you grow by leaps and bounds into leadership, self-sufficiency and mastery. You could end this cycle with serious chops as an expert in your field, and you might even take a more traditional job with a large corporation or organization during this Saturn cycle. Your father or an important males could figure prominently into your evolution, as the tenth house is associated with men. You might also tap a mentor, a coach or some other seasoned expert to help take your endeavors to new heights.

(For more on Saturn in Sagittarius, see our post at

Get your groove on for the calendar change! On New Year's Eve, the new moon in sensual Taurus, your third house of social butterfly action, has you in a fun and flirty mood. Why commit to just one long dinner (with the SAME company all night long), when you can party hop and get out and about in your ‘hood? You never know, Pisces. Lighthearted, witty banter with a sexy someone could even lead to a midnight lip lock at your local pub. Or maybe you'll just the last one on the dance floor—never bothering to go to sleep before the sun rises on 2015.
Frustration station?
That could be exactly where you’re at in Loveland, as spicy Mars revs through Aquarius, your twelfth house of isolation and self-sabotage, from December 4- January 12. In a love relationship (or on your quest for love), taking a break might be the very best option. Get in touch with your deeper, often unseen compulsions around dating and mating. Are you the kind of shape-shifting Pisces who completely loses yourself in relationships? (This phenomenon is aptly described here.) Cut codependent ties (and tendencies) once and for all. Perhaps your need to cling is rooted in a deep-seated fear of abandonment, or you just don’t think you’re enough on your own. Get healthy (and real) about what an empowering, affirming relationship truly means, Pisces. Perhaps an undercurrent of resentment or an unhealed romantic scar is skewing your vision. Deal with these issues directly, instead of passive aggressively Tweeting cryptic messages meant, really, for that no-good ex. 
When you get down to it, the other party, while perhaps guilty of unseemly behavior, is really just being who they’ve always been. It’s time to remove the blinders or fantasy-laden projection. You are complete in yourself, and it’s high time you took your power back. Use this sensitive focus to get in touch with your own subconscious blocks around trust and surrender, and dismantle them, one by one. Dreams could be prophetic, even waking you up from your slumber so that you get the flipping message. Keep a journal handy, to record impressions from your subconscious. Channel your energy into a spiritual quest. Talking to a trusted friend, therapist or healer might be just the boost. Spill your guts (in private), Pisces. 
Explore the offerings out there.
And, from December 10-January 3, with magnetic Venus in Capricorn, your eleventh house of good times and liberation, you’re in the mood to explore. Single Fish could meet a sexy someone via a friend connection or while volunteering for a good cause. (Hmm…find a hot humanitarian?) Since the eleventh house rules technology, you may have Lady Luck on your side in an online search. You don’t have to be Tinderella to enjoy the convenience and quick romantic (or, um, maybe just sexual) connections of a digitally-driven format. This month, you could explore a “friends with benefits” scenario. One possible downside, of course, is that you can never look at this pal in the same way after getting down and dirty. Is the risk to your friendship worth it? 

Both coupled and single Pisces will adopt an experimental approach to dating and mating. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, spend some quality time with other friends, indulging your independent streak. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder…plus, you’ll have better stories when you do meet up. Or perhaps you can jazz things up by hanging out in larger groups, where the “couple thing” isn’t the only show in town. This lighthearted approach can help you ease up on the commitment-focus, too. Having a shared purpose can also help bring some fresh air into your relationship. Pull a Bil and Melinda Gates: fire up your altruism with your beau, e.g., go on a trip to a developing country and also go help build a clean water system, or just spend a day giving back to your own community. If you're single, a volunteer effort could also be a great way to meet someone.
Eyes on the professional prize.
While others are out holiday shopping and attending holiday parties, you’re focused on one thing: your career. Until December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius, your tenth house of long-term plans and success, helping you close out 2014 with a strong finish. If others are taking time off, that could actually make it easier for you to be productive and hard-working—yay for fewer distractions! Or, perhaps a client or boss presents you with a leadership opportunity, one too good to pass up. Step up to the plate, Pisces, making sure that your current efforts will feed your grander career objectives. Where you want to be in, say, five years is of the utmost concern. Since the tenth house rules authority figures, you may forge bonds with a superior or someone who has a proven track record of success. Let this person’s wisdom be your guide. Experience could also teach you a thing or two about self-sanctioning; you’re more of an expert than you think. When it comes to your wheelhouse, own it. 
Snake in the grass? 
From December 4- January 12, aggressive Mars is in Aquarius, your twelfth house of hidden agendas. Is a colleague not being 100 percent honest with you about his/her motivation? Someone you have a collegial relationship with could be trying to actively undermine or one-up you. It never feels good to be deceived, but if you take precaution and don’t blindly trust everyone, you can protect your interests. Trust your sixth sense here. If you hear a little voice that says, “Don’t share that!” keep valuable information to yourself—and this includes details of your personal life. Boundaries could get blurred. Just because someone seems receptive doesn’t mean you have to over-share about that hot summer fling you had. Since your energy is probably waning, be sure to pace yourself. You simply don’t have the reserves to push yourself by struggling to meet an unrealistic deadline or launch a new project. Spend time tying up loose ends, and take breaks, when needed. 
Money stops being funny.
Since July 21, disruptive Uranus has been retrograde (backward) in Aries, your second house of earned income. Over the last five months, you may have seen some wild fluctuations in cash flow and your ability to cover your bottom line. Unforeseen expenses could have put a serious wrench in your fiscal planning. Or maybe you just gave in more frequently to impulse buying, indulging in every whim and splurge, thinking that you can cover it. Perhaps a coworker’s erratic behavior made your job extra challenging, only there was nothing you could do about this person’s unpredictability, save for vent to your loved ones. On December 21, the planet of sudden change goes direct (forward), which should calm things down on the work and monetary front. Get a grip on your spending, and also honor any epiphanies that pop up around how to revolutionize the way you make a living. Genius solutions to seemingly impossible problems are very possible now. You could also have a life-changing “a-ha!” moment. 
Stressful sleeptime.
Dream on, dreamer? Well, not so fast. With stressful Mars roving through your subconscious twelfth house, from December 4- January 12, you might have a hard time getting quality shut eye. Maybe your dreams are anxious, prophetic or intense (or all of the above). Something is really eating away at you, Pisces, and try as you might to distract yourself, this issue can’t be swept under the proverbial rug. Getting to sleep might even feel fraught. To combat exhaustion and anxiety about getting rest, make a habit of getting to bed at a decent hour, sipping chamomile tea and soaking in a hot bath before you snooze. 
Just say "no."
Overall, your energy is in shorter supply, putting you at risk for burnout. Even if you have to let people down, force yourself to say “no.” You come first. That goes for bad relationships, too. Your compassionate sign is often ready to give partners and friends the benefit of the doubt, or to give relentlessly without asking for much in return. But…are you being taken advantage of? If you don’t curb this over-identification with others' problems, you risk getting sick. Don’t take on someone else's baggage—you can't make it better anyhow. While you’re worrying about them, who is worrying about you? Nix the energy vampires in your midst, too. You know who they are. There’s no need to vilify anyone, but definitely take a stand for your own sanity. To let go with love. Cue up the Hawaiian ho’ponopono prayer, which is based in the generous idea that if we see something unseemly in our consciousness (like a liar, cheater or ne’er do well) then it is also partly our responsibility to offer light and healing—not so we can then continue with business as usual, but so that we can move our species’ evolution forward with forgiveness: 

Stroll down memory lane. 
On December 6, the Gemini full moon lights up your fourth house of nostalgia, making you crave connections both with your past and loved ones. Spend some time reminiscing with family members or old friends. Serve up comfort foods, too, as there’s an inextricable link between eating and our memories. Home and family, especially mothers or mother-figures, are in the spotlight. How you nurture yourself is up for review. If you need more TLC, cancel plans and stay in. Light candles, crank up the feel-good tunes and just simmer in your own existential juices. If your sanctuary is less-than-desirable, you may decide to move to a new home, or make plans to move. Your maternal urges could also be through the roof, so spend time with a little one in your life. 

Guard your health.
Immunity booster, anyone? On December 8, fortuitous Jupiter turns retrograde (backward) in Leo, your sixth house of health and wellness. Until April 8, take extra precautions with your health. Get on a regular exercise regimen (the best flu shot in the world). Eat your greens, and make sure you have enough protein and Vitamin D, too. Guard against viruses by not overdoing it. Slow and steady wins the race, Pisces. Save the extreme sports until the spring; for now, move your body gently, doing restorative exercises and activities, like getting a health-boosting massage. 
During this period, you could struggle with body image issues. Before you get too down on the size of your thighs or your too-skinny arms, remember that this body is just a vehicle for your soul…and while you're on Earth, you’re lucky to have it. Retrogrades rule the past, so perhaps you’ll return to a once-beloved yoga studio or schedule a session with a former trainer/coach. Since a healthy mindset also depends on your physical surroundings, this is a great time to declutter and do some harmonizing feng shui (especially with driven Mars in your mystical, energetically-sensitive twelfth house). For an inspiring guide on how to do the latter, check out Jayme Barrett’s Feng Shui Your Life. Take the time to streamline and systematize—while Jupiter is retrograde here, less is definitely more.

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