Pisces Monthly Horoscope

October 2018

Dive into those mermaidy depths, Pisces. October always starts out as an intense and introspective time for you as the Sun makes its annual rounds through Libra and your private eighth house until October 23. You're not exactly eager to be in the limelight now, especially with energy planet Mars in your sleepy, escapist twelfth house until November 15. Swim under the radar as much as you can. This is an excellent time for behind-the-scenes work, intensive research and focused tasks you can do without distraction.
The eighth house rules merging, and this solar cycle can strengthen your bonds with the innermost members of Team Pisces. You don't have to isolate yourself or struggle alone—in fact, please DON'T do that. If you're grappling with something complex and confounding, reach out to trusted people for support, whether friends or a professional, such as a therapist or energy worker. Real estate, long-term finances and other assets also fall under the eighth-house domain, so use this month to assess your plans and make sure you're properly set up for the future.
From investments and shared finances to engagements and pregnancies, the Sun in this perma-linking zone has you evaluating all your closest alliances—and how far you want to go together. Libra season could spark a strong mind-body-spirit attraction to someone, so keep your antennae up for a sexy soulmate or, if you're in a relationship, for ways you can deepen your intimacy. At the October 8 Libra new moon, you could receive a proposal, either romantic or business, or you might zoom in on one particular relationship that deserves your undivided attention.
And you'll have good reason to do that because from October 5 to November 16, Venus, the planet that rules love, interpersonal harmony and social graces, will be retrograde, which could disrupt the flow of your most important ties. Have you swept something under the rug or bitten your tongue when something hurt or offended you? Venus retrograde can help you to deal and reveal in order to heal.
This six-week cycle, which happens every 18 months, can bring back an old love or cause partnerships to fracture, even split. But more than anything, it's a relationship review and repair time. With Venus backing through Scorpio and your ninth house of personal growth, truth-telling and the big picture until October 31, you'll be in the best possible position to evaluate what's working and what's amiss in your closest connections. Speak truth to power, Pisces, by getting authentic with the important people in your life. Just don't abandon your manners or tact. While gracious Venus is retrograde in the bluntest part of your chart, you could accidentally burn a bridge instead of building one if you get too in someone's face. Mind your cultural I.Q. when posting online, too, as Venus' backspin in this global zone could cause an insensitive moment to go off the rails.
On October 31, Venus will back into Libra and your erotic, emotionally intense eighth house for the duration of the retrograde. With Venus retrograde here until November 16, you could be tempted by a clandestine affair or a "sex with an ex" scenario. Buried emotions could bubble up like a dormant volcano, and you may find yourself unexpectedly working through some old wounds around trust and betrayal. Better now than never, Pisces.
Some lightness returns on October 23, when the Sun enters Scorpio and your expansive ninth house for a month, shifting your setting from "micro" to "macro." With this wide-angle view, you might finally be able to address some of those intense emotional issues and upsets that have been festering with Venus retrograde here. Communication planet Mercury is also in Scorpio from October 9 to 31, helping you find the words to explain where you're coming from. Stick to "I" statements and avoid "you" ones (e.g., "You never do X" or "You really hurt me when…"), which only put others on the defensive.
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The next day lets you get things out into the open—at last! On October 24, the year's only Taurus full moon will ignite your third house of communication and community. An idea that's been percolating since the corresponding Taurus new moon on May 15 could reach an exciting turning point. Have you been waiting for news or a green light on a project? Fasten your seatbelt: It could come at you without notice since the full moon lands in close proximity to Uranus, the planet of sudden events. You could get involved in a neighborhood activist project or a social justice initiative where you can voice your beliefs freely.
But expect the unexpected with the Sun and Uranus also forming their annual opposition, which could drive up egos and turn simple conversations into raging arguments with little warning. Oops! Tread lightly with the incendiary posts and talks, even as you voice your authentic truth. Try to be as gracious as possible with people whose opinions are diametrically opposed to yours—or to swiftly change the subject and "agree to disagree."
With unconventional and tech-savvy Uranus in the picture, you may get inspired to share your message through social media, video or a podcast. Think outside the box when it comes to your social circle. You could have surprising chemistry with someone who you wouldn't normally expect to befriend. Vive la difference! If you own a business, this is a great day to spruce up your marketing materials and online presence or to send out an e-blast with an irresistible offer.
Happy, healthy Halloween? With the moon in Leo and your sixth house of work and wellness, you might not be in the mood for candy binges and risque costumes. While you don't want to be a curmudgeon, you may be happier in a "service" role—passing out treats (agave-sweetened, maybe?) or turning festivities into a fundraiser. But careful how much you sign up for because the moon will form a biting square (90-degree angle of conflict) to the Sun in your freedom-seeking ninth house. You don't want to be stuck holding the limbo stick while everyone else is partying their heads off. At the same time, you'll be glad if you keep things a LITTLE tame. With social Venus opposing unpredictable Uranus, there could be stupid arguments and heated tempers blowing up under those masks and getups. Keeping things to a dull roar could save you from getting dragged into drama.

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