Pisces Monthly Horoscope

June 2018

Ease into summer with an extra dose of self-care, Pisces. The Sun is in Gemini and your domestic, emotional fourth house until June 21, putting you in the mood to nest and rest. Lighten your social calendar—and your workload, if you can. Even if your job is hectic, slow down and add a personal touch to everything you do. This is a better time for building bonds than locking yourself away to beat an insane deadline. You need (and deserve) some extra support, especially since your feelings could fluctuate hourly during this emo time.
With the Sun moving through the bottom of your solar chart, focus on fortifying your foundations, especially with home and family matters. Spring-clean, declutter and redecorate Chateau Pisces. Let your creative and crafty side come out, in the kitchen as well. Find some healthy but nourishing summer recipes that you can make in 15 minutes or less (Pinterest's visuals will get you inspired) or check out meal-delivery services with organic ingredients. With chatty Mercury also in Gemini until June 12, your home could be a revolving door of guests, from visiting relatives to friends who stop by and end up gabbing with you for hours. This month was made for movie nights and potluck dinner parties. Think: cozy and casual camaraderie FTW!   
The June 13 Gemini new moon opens a new six-month chapter for home and family. If you're considering a move, this is the perfect day to begin a serious search, put the word out for a roommate or to list your property with a reputable agent. Set your sights on the corresponding November 23 Gemini full moon, as seeds planted today could take until then to fully manifest. The fourth house rules women and mothers. A key female or a maternal figure could play into events now, perhaps opening doors for you or sparking up an important conversation.
Father's Day is June 17, and if you're celebrating a favorite father figure, keep the plans simple and practical. The moon will be in Leo and your sixth house of service and health. Opt out of the decadent brunch that puts everyone into a cranky food coma. Instead, get out in nature for a hike or picnic, or help him with a household task that needs to get done, like gardening, organizing or walking the dog. Spend time doing simple activities—preferably outdoors if the weather permits—then maybe put something on the barbecue and serve it with a big salad or grilled seasonal veggies.
The second half of the month slows the action even further, as Neptune and Mars turn retrograde, bringing the total retrograde planet count to five since Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already in reverse. Neptune, your ruler, will be retrograde in Pisces from June 18 to November 24, prompting an internal review. With the foggy planet making a U-turn in your first house of self and identity, you might (rightfully) question the trajectory you've been taking this year. Examine everything from your priorities to your appearance to where you're spending your time. Are you getting the ROI you want? If not, Neptune retrograde could deliver a wakeup call. As the planet of sacrifice, Neptune can tempt us to give too much of ourselves to others. But there's a limit to your compassion, especially if it starts leaning toward codependence. If you're feeling tapped out while everyone else is thriving, put your own metaphorical oxygen mask on first.
You'll need to, because from June 26 to August 27, energy planet Mars will turn retrograde, spending the bulk of its backspin in Aquarius and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. Your vitality could be especially low, as Mars turns your attention to processing some heavier emotions or dealing with a transition of some kind. This summer could be powerful for deep work with a therapist or healer, as your subconscious will be especially active and the retrograde will focus your attention on the past. Where are you holding onto resentment, fear or anger? It's time to finally let that go by getting down to the root of anything traumatic or scarring. If you're dealing with health issues, explore the mind-body-spirit connection rather than just treating the symptoms, as they're likely to have a strong emotional component.
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Heads-up: With stressful Mars in your sleep sector, getting a full night's rest could be a challenge. Your mind will race, and you could toss and turn, perhaps even having a few nightmares. The best antidote is an evening ritual of self-care. Take a small walk, meditate, hop into the tub (the twelfth house rules water) and put any backlit devices away a couple hours before you hit the pillow.
One day to rally is June 28, when the Capricorn full moon illuminates your eleventh house of groups and networking. Get out and hit an industry party. With status-driven Saturn hovering near the moon, you could mingle with some VIPs tonight. A team effort might come together triumphantly. If you're launching anything, especially a digital endeavor, this tech-savvy full moon will give your efforts a viral boost. But make sure you're fully prepared before you make any big debuts. Better to do it right the first time than rush something mediocre into the public eye.

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