Pisces Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

The inaugural month of 2017 kicks off with a festive bang, as the Sun in Capricorn revs up your eleventh house of socializing, friendships and group activity until January 19. Sure, the mistletoe is put away and the eggnog has expired, but that won’t stop you from seeking out like-minded and light-hearted companions now. Bonus: With fierce and energizing Mars in your sign until January 28, there's no stopping you once you’ve set your mind on a few personal goals, either!
This fresh-start feeling is not without some speed bumps, however, as communication planet Mercury is finishing up a signal-scrambling retrograde cycle that ends January 8. Since December 19, the fleet-footed messenger planet may have brought about misunderstandings with friends and colleagues, and maybe even travel or technology snafus. Mercury has mostly been backstroking through Capricorn and your group activity house, which may have created annoying work issues that dragged into the holidays. But from January 4-8, Mercury slips into Sagittarius and your goal-oriented tenth house, which could have you rethinking long-term plans about your career trajectory or even a committed relationship. You could be feeling claustrophobic regarding anything that feels a bit too permanent now. If you're grappling with doubt and uncertainty, know that it's for a reason: to get you to rethink and reevaluate. 
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Drama alert! All’s not quiet on the 2017 front, as the January 12 Cancer full moon sweeps into your expressive and flamboyant fifth house. Passionate feelings could erupt, shattering any sense of calm and throwing a curveball your way. While the Cancer full moon in this lusty zone might bring a romantic boon or a creative breakthrough, it is also locked into a Grand Cross with outspoken Jupiter, disruptor Uranus and the ego-driven Sun. All the cosmic players will be decamped in stubborn fixed signs, which could bring both fiery tempers AND people digging in their heels. Don’t be surprised if someone acts in impulsive or erratic ways, either. Try to keep your own inner diva in check, as you could fuel the dramatic fires with your own knee-jerk reactions.
With tech-savvy Uranus involved, be careful on social media today, too. You may not be Tweeting out foreign policy decisions in the middle of the night (ahem), but a loose trigger finger on the "post" button could still do its share of damage. “Vaguebooking” or announcing a breakup via a steamy Snapchat story is not advisable. Deal with this person directly, Pisces.
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Later this month you’ll want to power down until your birthday, as the Sun slips into Aquarius and your sleepy twelfth house on January 19. For the next four weeks, slow your roll and lighten up your social calendar and other obligations. This go-with-the-flow vibe suits your dreamy sign. Stay in and light some candles; read a great book and queue up your favorite winter playlists. Let your mind drift. If you live near a body of water, bundling up for a meandering walk with your favorite music or an inspiring audiobook could help you ease some emotional tension, as this writer discovered.
On January 27, you’re turning the page, as a new moon in Aquarius helps you close an important emotional door. This ending can also mark a beginning—but you may have to weather a few stormy feelings or release an old grudge in the process. Luckily, seeing the bright side of forgiveness and humility comes easy to your compassionate sign. Dive into spirituality and creativity now, too. Your artwork could be divinely channeled, a la your fellow Pisces Michelangelo or Alexander McQueen’s pieces from this timeless exhibit.
This new moon also marks the end of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey (good riddance to all the non-stop action, political upheaval and general chaos!) and the start of the Year of the Fire Rooster, which, fittingly, signifies powerful awakenings. The sharp energy of the Rooster is less talk, more action—so not only will you have epiphanies, but you will also turn those into real and tangible results. Bring it on!

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