Pisces Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

What do YOU want, Pisces? That's the only question you should be asking yourself while the Sun visits your sign until March 20. The month starts in the tailwind of the February 26 Pisces solar eclipse—a major moment that put your solo ventures on the front burner. You could spend March revamping your life or advocating for your desires. You're a natural giver, Pisces, but if you're too accommodating, when will you get YOUR turn? No more waiting and playing nice. Step up!
While you're blowing out birthday candles and celebrating Pisces season, the stars bring a few twists and turns. This month global Jupiter is the culprit, as it locks into two intense showdowns with Uranus and Pluto. These unruly aspects could wildly disrupt the balance in both personal and political arenas, especially since Jupiter is retrograde from February 6 to March 9. Over the course of a year, Jupiter will have three cycles of these cosmic clashes. The first chapter came last November and December, so you could see a redux of any holiday season conflict. Hopefully Round Two will bring more resolution than revolution—but it will probably be a bit of both.
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The first Jupiter tangle, on March 2, is an opposition, with erratic Uranus in your second house of work, money and self-esteem. This faceoff, which occurs every 14 years, can bring sudden curveballs—possibly instigated by you. This tension has been building throughout February, reaching a head now. Jupiter is in your intimate eighth house, so you'll feel the uncertainty in your closest financial and emotional ties. An unplanned expense might throw you a curveball, and you may have to dip into your savings or scramble to cover a cost. Work changes could push you to get more serious about long-term wealth planning: Is it time to invest in real estate or start earning passive income? Just don't jump into (or out of) anything under these impulsive stars. Glean any messages from this cosmic wakeup call, then let the energy simmer down before you act. Look back to the first opposition, which was on December 26, 2016, for clues on the bigger message. The final Jupiter-Uranus opposition is on September 28, so let everything shake itself out between now and the fall.
Relationships are in the spotlight on March 12, when the year's only Virgo full moon illuminates your partnership house. A budding connection could reach a turning point. You could make things official or decide to move on. Coupled Pisces could have a Valentine's Day do-over, and if Cupid's bounty was slim last month, it might be time to put a ring on it. A business alliance could also gel now. While the slippery Fish can be a reluctant committer, la luna could bring an offer too good to refuse!  
Grounding energy arrives on March 20—much to your relief. The Sun begins its monthlong visit to Aries and your practical, security-seeking second house. Simplify and prioritize, Pisces, especially since your energy could be scattered. The second house rules work and money, so refine your budget, finish your taxes or hunt for new gigs. This centering and sensual cycle helps you savor the "little things." By taking things one step at a time, you'll enjoy a sense of inner peace no matter how chaotic the outside world may be!
The March 27 Aries new moon could bring a stellar career opportunity, especially since FIVE cosmic cohorts are in this sign today—the Sun, moon, magnetic Venus, innovative Uranus and clever Mercury. A friend or romantic partner could open a golden door, recommending you for a position. Share openly about your trailblazing ideas. At an industry party, you could connect with a new prospective client or financial backer. Be sure to pay it forward (as you always do) by introducing savvy friends. If you sense they'll have chemistry—business OR romantic—arrange to all have a drink. Then slip off and let 'em bond once you've worked your magic!

Alas, March will go OUT like a lion, as Jupiter strikes one last blow on the 30th. A tense square between Jupiter and domineering Pluto could fill the skies with tension. Jupiter in your intimate eighth house will battle Pluto in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. The path is practically paved for a Twitter war or an emotional power struggle. A demanding partnership, personal or professional, might encroach on your freedom. You could get a wicked case of cold feet if you sense smothering or possessive behavior. Simmering tension with a jealous pal could come to a head. Be careful about mixing money with friendship or love, as a business transaction could get uber-complicated. Say "no" when a friend or relative asks for a loan—and avoid borrowing money yourself.
For clues, page back to November 24 (Thanksgiving in the U.S.), the first of three Jupiter-Pluto squares. For many, it won't be hard to recall the post-election dinner-table tension of that day! If you stepped into any emotional traps, learn from the experience and don't take the bait. Be careful whom you allow into your energetic field. Not everyone deserves an all-access trust pass, Pisces! The final Jupiter-Pluto square is on August 4, so between now and then, expect to sort through issues of security and freedom. It could be a thorny process, but you'll learn important lessons about power and boundaries.

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