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A Ritual for the Leo New Moon to Activate Alchemy at the Solar Eclipse


Harness the power of the Leo new moon/total solar eclipse with an alchemical ritual! On August 21, 2017, the Leo eclipse helps us hone our authentic truth and step into the spotlight. This game-changing cosmic show ignites passion and transformation. Out with the old, in with the new!

The second summer eclipse will be a special one for us in the good ol’ USA, as it’s our first visible solar eclipse since July 11, 1991. Grab your pinhole projector or your eclipse glasses, since looking directly into the Sun during this lunation can burn the retinas. With this new moon taking place in fiery, flamboyant Leo at 2:30PM EST, and totality expected in several lucky states from coast to coast, we’re expecting quite a show!

Ritual: Vision Of Love

New moons are the launching points of the manifestation cycle—and a galvanizing solar eclipse speeds up our abilities to conjure and create. With whimsical, romantic Leo at the wheel, it’s time to break out the art supplies and make a vision board. The subconscious mind is so powerful, and we believe wholeheartedly in this tool. If you can visualize something, then it lives in the realm of what is possible and doable in your life. The Leo solar eclipse helps us imagine, dream, desire and also think like a royal. If the universe’s wish was your command, what would you really ask for? Vision boards let us be kings and queens for the day—no holding back. More importantly, how do you want to feel? Objects and status alone are short- lived highs…but if they evoke a powerful emotion—boom!

Here’s how to make a vision board:

  • Sit with a pile of magazines or art books (ones you don’t mind snipping pages from) or other found images.
  • Concentrate on a specific area of life: It’s smart to make a separate vision board for career and love, for example, because you may want different things from each.
  • Then, think about how it would feel to be truly satisfied in that area of life. As you do, start cutting out images that call to you. Don’t overthink this! Even if the picture makes zero sense in the moment, six months from now, you may realize exactly why you chose it. Tali once did a vision board for love while living in NYC. She pulled pictures of mountains and streams and had no idea why. Later that year, she met her husband Cory and wound up moving to Seattle to be with him—a city ringed by snowcapped peaks!
  • You can also use objects like feathers or postcards from friends or other meaningful (and not too heavy) objects that have an uplifting and resonant vibration when you look at them.
  • Use a glue stick to affix the images to a single poster board.
  • Place the vision board where you’ll see it often. A friend of ours makes one annually and sets it by the desk of her home office. The point is to glance at it frequently. These visual triggers can stimulate a subconscious search for situations that are in attunement with your desires. 

Other Ideas:

Create your personal throne—a comfy chair or pile of pillows where you can lounge in repose, reading, journaling or daydreaming without interruption. Make a pitcher of sun tea and charge it with the energy of the solar eclipse. Fill your home with summer flowers like dahlias and roses, especially in Leo’s sunshine yellow hue.

Have an eclipse party, gathering friends for a road trip out into nature to share a picnic and bask in this rare cosmic event.


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