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November Monthly Horoscopes: From darkness into light

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Dive in to the depths! November is Scorpio season, as the Sun weaves through the shadows and light of the zodiac’s most mysterious sign until November 22. This is a time for psychic healing and emotional processing, as parts of ourselves that have been hidden come into focus. Scorpio sharpens our vision, allowing us to focus on the most important details. This can be an excellent month for research, therapy, energy healing and any kind of inner work.

It’s said that there are three “phases” of Scorpio energy: the ground-dwelling and vengeful Scorpio, the soaring eagle, and the transformational phoenix that surges up from the ashes. We all have the capacity to tap into any one of these states this November, so choose wisely.

Got baggage to shed? Scorpio is the master of reinvention. Author Brene Brown is a Scorpio; her new book, Rising Strong, is about getting back up after a failure, a mess, or any shame-based moment in our personal narratives that we’d rather erase. Her work deals with the key Scorpionic theme of vulnerability—something most humans try to hide—and how to make it a strength rather than a detriment. (November looks like a good time to download or dust off our Brene books…or to re-watch her TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability?language=en.)

Scorpio energy is also about bonding and merging—the place where “I” becomes “we.” As romantic as that sounds, it’s also scary as hell for most people, because it requires a negotiation of power (also Scorpio terrain), and an eventual ceding of some control. Funny how people all SAY they want relationships…but they don’t want to give up an inch of the upper hand. (Can you relate?)

Fortunately, our hearts get some help from the stars on November 2, when Venus and Mars­—the love planets—make their third of 2015’s three conjunctions (meetups). Venus grants us compassion and Mars gives us courage, and the cocktail of these two energies can create a real breakthrough in our bonds. Venus and Mars are in Virgo this time, encouraging an attitude of helpfulness and service. Whose relationship couldn’t use a bit more of those?

This year, a Scorpio new moon falls on 11-11, a date many people are obsessed with, including us (read more at https://astrostyle.com/1111-make-a-wish). Get ready to pass through a super-powered portal. If there’s a part of your life that’s due for a major shift, the Scorpio new moon acts as your transformation station. (We’ll be spending the day here: www.integratron.com. Photos to follow.)

The energy makes a dramatic U-turn on November 22, when the Sun swings into buoyant Sagittarius. Up, up and away—buoyant and jovial Sagittarius lifts our spirits from the Scorpio morass and turns our focus to the big picture. Suddenly, all those microscope details we obsessed over start to make sense. Wise and worldly Sagittarius helps us put things into context and regain perspective. We become more tolerant of differences, open to hearing other points of view. What have we learned from this epic annual Scorpio journey, those dark nights of the soul? How can we use it to make the world—or our corner of it—a more positive and inspiring place?

When the month ends with a November 25 full moon in communicative Gemini, we find just the words to express that vision. We can fortify our bonds with productive conversations. Ideas take flight. Keep a notebook or voice recorder app handy to jot down ideas, or fire up your Snapchat to capture a friend’s hilarious impromptu monologue. The month of depth and (necessary) darkness closes in the light of wit and wisdom, making it worth any struggle after all.

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