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October Monthly Horoscopes: Peace at last?

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Fire up the duets! October is Libra season—thanks to the Sun’s resplendent tour of the peace, harmony and equality sign through the 23rd. This year, we need Libra’s balance more than ever. We’ve just emerged from September’s two ground-shaking eclipses (on September 13 and 27), which turned life as we know it upside-down. The chaos was a necessary disturbance of the peace, though, waking us up from complacency. Did you blank out on your life purpose? Fall asleep at the metaphorical wheel? Now, it’s time to put some Libra love, care and artistry toward the things that matter most. Where will you focus your energy for the last quarter of 2015?

Finding equilibrium will take extra effort for the first week of October, because Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Libra from September 17-October 9. In case you haven’t read the glut of posts on THAT topic, take extra care with communication, contracts, travel and technology. (For some Mercury retrograde humor, enjoy these memes: http://astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde-gifs/). Summon your patience, because it’s a “hurry up and wait” cycle. With Mercury putting Libran indecisiveness on overdrive, everyone wants to deliberate and discuss ad nauseum before making a move. Come ON already!

The October 12 Libra new moon sounds the all-clear signal—almost. Since Libra is the zodiac’s partnership sign, a decision or commitment could finally come through. However, the new moon will oppose disruptive Uranus, which is in self-focused Aries. There could be a curveball or cold feet en route to making things official. The bigger message? Relationships are wonderful, but they don’t have to cost your individuality. Create duos that leave room for autonomy and self-expression.

Lucky Jupiter, now firmly ensconced in Virgo until September 2016, makes two exciting connections to the love planets, Venus and Mars, which are both in Virgo this month. On October 16-17, Jupiter blends its expansive energy with steamy Mars, which could make for one epically erotic weekend. If you’re overdue for a sexy getaway, good news: globe-trotting Jupiter will spice up any impromptu travel plans.

Just be prepared for surprises with these two candid, shoot-from-the-hip planets mixing their mojo. Someone could confess a sexual desire that leaves you speechless (and either reaaaally turned on…or totally turned off!). You could have an excruciatingly honest conversation that goes into some uncomfortable truthful places. Clear the air…but don’t clear the room! Your forthrightness could cost you an audience if you come on too strong (and you certainly could now). Luckily, both Mars and Jupiter will form a helpful trine (120-degree angle) to transformational Pluto in Capricorn, so whatever emerges from the woodwork today could pave the way for a permanent change.

Libra season is a social time, so expect a glut of invitations during the first three weeks of the month. The Sun exits Libra for spiritual Scorpio on October 23, turning the world’s energetic focus inward. Libra time can scatter our attention, so welcome the chance for more soul-searching and intimate moments.

On October 25, Jupiter makes a second conjunction to romantic Venus, a much softer reverb of the Jupiter-Mars summit. This is the third of 2015’s three meetups between the “great benefics,” as these two positive planets are called—and #LoveWins when they make a rare alignment. This year’s other two Venus-Jupiter meetups were in dramatic Leo, but this one is in selfless Virgo, indicating that our hearts will expand through acts of service. Virgo is the sign of wellness and clarity, so this Venus-Jupiter mashup can set your love life on a healthy track.

The month ends with an October 27 full moon in Taurus, which is also a potent supermoon. Taurus is the sign of the builder, seeking security and routine. This full moon will reveal where our lives are not on terra firma, and where we can make practical adjustments to schedule, budget and priorities. That said, Taurus also rules luxury, so this full moon also encourages you to revel in earthly delights and sensual experiences. Take pleasure in the ordinary moments and they’ll turn extraordinary before your eyes. Express gratitude for the little things. They all add up.

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