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Relaxation Rituals for Every Sign During Busy Gemini Season


Is it getting loud in here…or is that just all the voices in your head talking? All month long, the Sun has been zinging through expressive, analytical, multi-tasking Gemini. If your mind is on overdrive and seemingly everyone wants a piece of you, we suggest some serious self-care for all 12 signs just in time for the Sun to shift into caring Cancer on June 21, the sign of domestic bliss.

If busy Gemini season weren’t already exhausting enough, what’s more is on June 17 a tough Saturn-Neptune square rears its ugly head. Saturn is all about establishing clear boundaries, while Neptune specializes in blurring them. How rigid should you be? How trusting is too trusting? Saturn wants us to lean in, do the hard work, stick it out and face “reality,” while dreamy Neptune tempts us to escape into denial. Skeptical Saturn’s bumper sticker says “Seeing is believing,” while New Age Neptune’s says “Believing is seeing.”

This week, ethereal Neptune also turned retrograde in its ruler Pisces. Over the coming five months, we have an opportunity to heal some core wounds, deal with our addictions (from liquor to love to limiting beliefs). Awareness is the key to evolution—and with fog-machine Neptune in snooze mode we can actually see better, glimpsing our own unhealthy patterns and learning how to break them.

While we suggest you take some time to pamper yourself during this confusing starmap, you may also find that creativity is cathartic now—and some of our best ideas will come to us while we’re sleeping, meditating or just staring at the clouds. We’ll have to keep our psychic shields up, since Neptune’s backspin through empathic Pisces can make us more sensitive.

If you find yourself yourself grouchy or spacey for no apparent reason, slip into an Epsom salt bath or Himalayan salt cave, wave the sage wand or hold on to a crystal. Neptune is the god of the seas, so flushing out our systems with plenty of filtered water will do wonders as well.

For more relaxation tips by the stars, we partnered with our friends at Nordstrom and came up with some relaxation tips for each zodiac sign to take special care of themselves during this draining season. To read more about your sign, click here to read the full post!

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