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A Ritual for the Sagittarius Full Moon to Activate Your Primal Instincts

sagittarius full moon ritual

Fiyah! Fiyah! On May 26, 2018, at 10:19AM EST, the full Flower moon blooms in firebrand Sagittarius, the zodiac’s eternal optimist, buoying our faith in the universe and heating up our lust for life. You can channel the potency of these wonderstruck moonbeams with an alchemical full moon ritual.

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As the full Flower Moon in globetrotting Sagittarius illuminates the skies, we’re all given a friendly cosmic nudge to expand our horizons in every way—from journeying to new corners of the globe, to diversifying our friend circles, starting an independent venture or a new course of study. Symbolized by the adventurous Archer and ruled by abundant Jupiter, the Sagittarius full moon activates our primal instincts and wildest natures.

Ritual: Hip Circles

There’s truth to that Shakira song—hips don’t lie! In fact, they wind up being the energetic storehouse for our emotions and our deepest vulnerabilities. When we experience fear or trauma, we naturally clench the pelvic region. The trouble is, we can also forget to relax and release this area of our bodies, which can remain tightly bound up for years.

Honest, high-minded Sagittarius is associated with the hips—the area of the body that houses our second, or sacral, chakra. This chakra is the energy center for our emotions, sexuality and our intuition. There’s good reason to loosen up this area of the body! This keeps us in the flow with our feelings; in touch with our truths. On a physical level, healthy hips also ground core strength and help with posture. And let’s be honest—a sway of the hips is an undeniable sign of sexual confidence.

This ritual is a simple one that can be shockingly powerful. You might do this exercise in front of a mirror to connect to your reflection. Play a song that makes you want to move your hips and dance. Soften your knees and circle your hips around and around, as if you’re hula hooping. Do this for at least one minute—but longer is definitely good.

As you circle, bring your full attention and awareness to your pelvic region. Don’t be surprised if emotions come up—even ones that have to do with sexuality or blocked anger from ignoring your own intuition. Continue to circle, allowing the feelings to spiral out with each revolution. When the song ends, journal about what arose for you; or, keep the dance party going!

You can also do this exercise in a chair, circling your hips while you’re seated. Your coworkers don’t have to know what’s going on over there if you feel like a little noontime revolution.

Consider doing hip circles for 3-5 minutes daily until the next new moon. Loose lips may sink ships but loose hips can liberate your soul!

Other Ideas:

  • Sign up for an evening workshop or summer semester continuing education class.
    Take off for a spontaneous overnight trip: It’s Friday, so why not? Nature-obsessed Sagittarius loves to camp, so this might even involve a tent.
  • Plan a horseback riding adventure for the weekend or go on a trail ride.
    Mingle multiculturally, feting the weekend with a diverse crew or tagging along with a friend of a different background for some Friday night fun.
  • Take an archery lesson.
    Light a bonfire to celebrate this fiery full moon.

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