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Sagittarius New Moon Podcast: Unlock Abundance & Unleash Adventure


Where do YOUR limits lie? Our Sagittarius new moon podcast may hold the key to unlocking abundance and expanding your boundaries.

On Tuesday, November 29, the new moon in #StrongerTogether Sagittarius could send those walls a-tumbling down. A new devotion—or mere attention—to diversity will be in the air. Make a point of reaching across any self-imposed blocks or boundaries and mingle multiculturally this holiday season.

The Sagittarius new moon could also set travel plans into motion. Book tickets to a new corner of the world for a trip you’ll take by the corresponding full moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017. And no matter where you find yourself near this new moon, this truth will be self-evident: People are people.

The new moon in global Sagittarius could be especially eye-opening, especially since la luna will form a challenging square to probing Neptune. But don’t be stopped by your own internal resistance. Even if it feels awkward to bridge the “divide” initially, waiting around for someone else to make the first gesture is no guarantee of progress. Be courageous and spark up a conversation; or, if you already have unity in your community, draw new people into the fold who might not be as experienced with swimming in the melting pot.

The Sagittarius new moon also douses us in pre-holiday cheer and reminds us to look on the bright side of life. With all the uncertainty in the world, a few of the Archer’s sunny, golden-tipped arrows might not be the worst thing to strike. It’s time to put our faith in love and focus on what’s working, instead of letting our egos dominate what we can’t stand about people, circumstances, or even the current political climate.

Remember too that new moons are a time for planting seeds, which you can harvest six months from now. In this month’s Sagittarius new moon podcast, Tali breaks down how to harness the adventurous energy of the Archer that makes this wordly and expansive sign so famous.

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