Connect to the powerful vibration of your zodiac sign with these hand-crafted totems.

As longtime fans of Satya Jewelry, we're thrilled and honored to present our collaboration collection!

For years, we've worn Satya's jewelry, and we're inevitably asked, "Where did you get that? I love it!"

We've long admired Satya—a yogi, philanthropist and savvy business owner (who's the mom of twins!). So when she approached us to create a custom line, it was an instant "yes!"

In time for holiday gifting, we've got a limited number in stock. 

These totems help you tap into the divine resonance of your zodiac sign—with white topaz gemstones, 18-karat gold and powerful intentions infused into every piece.

With love,

"The symbols we wear are sacred—especially when we wear them over our hearts." —Satya Scainetti

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