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9 Tips to Ignite Transformation at the Scorpio New Moon

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Ready, set, alchemize! On Saturday, November 18, 2017, at 6:42AM EST, the new moon in transformational Scorpio inspires us to search within and explore things that have been previously hidden.

As we plunge into the shadows of the unseen universe within ourselves, our eyes, as well as our inner vision, will eventually adjust to the darkness. It is here where we can begin to finally see the light, as parts of ourselves that were once hidden are illuminated. New moons are typically invisible to the naked eye, but we can look to the dark night sky as though it were a a blank canvas—symbolic for new beginnings and intention setting.

It’s all-or-nothing when it comes to the intensity of Scorpionic energy, which can often veer to extremes. While Scorpio is associated with control, dominance and intensity, it bears an incredibly spiritual and shamanic energy, too. Scorpio is the ruler of transformation, making this lunation extra powerful when it comes to shifting parts of our lives that have been—until now—previously blocked.

In 2017, Scorpio season hasn’t exactly marched to its usual undercover beat, though. That’s because on October 10, live-out-loud Jupiter began his once-every-12-years journey through Scorpio which lasts until November 8, 2018. Within days of this transit, the lid was pried off the chamber of secrets in all matters governed by Scorpio: sex, power, and, sadly, the egregious abuse of both. It may be a tale as old as time, but high-minded Jupiter in Scorpio is calling for a different future, bringing things out into the open. It’s possible that the galvanizing Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the past four weeks had a hand in helping victims find the courage to speak out against the crimes of countless influential men, or share their stories through the #MeToo movement. Equally unprecedented is that the world is believing the victims instead of blaming them.

For the rest of us, it’s time to get the ball rolling on our transformational efforts. Real change takes work—and it never just happens overnight. The Scorpio new moon is all about jumping off the starting blocks. Look ahead to April 29, 2018 as a date for achieving a milestone. That’s when the corresponding full moon in Scorpio completes the cycle of growth that starts this Saturday. Tip: Since Scorpio works in the shadows, don’t try to force anything—not without paying attention to the full range of feelings involved with the changes being made.

The fear of the unknown is what keeps most people stuck in a cycle. Instead of giving yourself a sunny pep talk, embrace what’s coming up. By acknowledging what’s buried—and finding some savvy guides and mentors—you can embark on a new, lifelong journey that’s not only successful, but also amazingly nourishing to your soul. Letting go can be scary at times, so here are a few tips to harness your inner alchemist as you prepare for transformation at the Scorpio new moon:

1. Transmute trash into treasure.

Scorpio is the regenerator of the zodiac: The proverbial Phoenix; the ultimate recycler. Its alchemical powers can turn metaphorical lead into solid gold. At the Scorpio new moon, you just might find something in a scrap heap worth salvaging: a relationship, a pair of shoes, a journal entry that turns into an award-winning short film…there’s something you’ve abandoned that’s ripe for reinvention now. Rediscover it. Re-spin it. Make something old shiny and new again.

2. Look at what lies beneath.

Scorpio is the sign of internal health, and the Scorpio new moon is a golden time to renew your internal well-being before winter comes. Ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, Scorpio is obsessed with what’s happening on the inside. Haven’t had your blood drawn for a while? Make an appointment for a little needling. (Scorpio is especially linked to hematology, so if you’re feeling worn down, you might discover a need for more iron at this new moon.) Cleanses, detoxes, colonics or extreme facials will siphon out all the gunk, rejuvenating and renewing your glow.

3. Reignite your sex drive.

Scorpio is best known as the “sex sign,” as it rules the reproductive organs. However, sex is far from recreational under Scorpio’s reign. It’s a means of reaching higher planes of ecstasy, consciousness and spiritual awareness. The Scorpio new moon is a good time to up your libidinous literacy. T is for tantra, so begin your sexual alphabet lessons there. Then back up a few letters to O, and brush up on orgasms and oxytocin. Check out the documentary Orgasm, Inc: The Strange Science of Female Pleasure, or the one on “orgasmic birth” (sounds like another “o” word oxymoron, but apparently some women have achieved it). As for oxytocin, it’s the “bonding hormone” that’s released when women breastfeed, look lovingly at a baby/kitten/puppy and (drumroll) at an orgasm. Scorpio rules perma-bonding, so this hormone is of special interest today. If you don’t want to end up infatuated with a no-strings fling, learn about your inner pharmacy and its transformative chemical powers.

4. Follow the urge to merge.

So you’re making money, but what are you really doing besides spending it? Scorpio understands that true wealth comes from ownership: real estate, assets, intellectual property. Scorpio rules joint resources, whether it’s a home that you co-own (with a partner OR the bank), money that you’ve borrowed from a creditor, or intellectual rights to a piece of work that pays you passive income.

Today, take a gander at your portfolio and count your assets. Maybe you’ve got a diversified spread of stocks, a country house and royalties from an optioned movie. Perhaps you’ve just got your great-grandma’s wedding ring…or nothin’ much at all.

Whatever the case, the Scorpio new moon is idea for setting your mind on making your money work smarter for you. If you’re in debt, establish a repayment plan, or reduce your interest by switching to a zero-percent balance transfer card. You might  even hock some stuff on eBay and put the profits into an interest-bearing account. Reduce your carbon footprint AND your expenses creatively: bike to work (or carpool), host potlucks to bring down the grocery bill, or start an investment club with some savvy friends.

5. Channel your inner mystic.

Scorpio has a reputation for being uncannily intuitive, even downright psychic. This new moon will open a potent portal, bringing forth gut feelings and knowing flashes. In this uber-practical, material world (the domain of Scorpio’s OPPOSITE sign, sensible Taurus), most of us may tend to brush these messages aside, never giving much credence to our inner guidance. But in Scorpioville, nothing is too freaky, psychedelic, or uncanny to be explored.

What would happen if we spent the whole day communing with the little voice in our heads? If we did 5-10 minutes of free-writing at the top of each hour, letting our hand dance across the page, revealing the inner workings of our minds? What might seem like crazy-talk could actually be the kernels of brilliant thought. Shush the inner critic and let it flow. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed by yourself at least once throughout this new moon.

Meditation could also yield new “sight,” or these Scorpio-themed yoga poses could cultivate eagle-eye clarity. You might even place a crystal for Scorpio season on the space between your eyebrows, that little area called the third-eye chakra which is the physical point through which higher consciousness and intuition flows. Pounding out an ancient rhythm in a drum circle can get you in a near trancelike state as well, quieting the mind and awakening your extra sensory perception. Let go and let it flow. The universe is your psychic hotline now.

6. Unplug!

In keeping with Scorpio’s “tune in, turn on, drop out” ethos, circle the Scorpio new moon for a 24-hour media diet. Silence social media and give yourself a breather from the blogosphere. You may not realize how much you’re zombie-walking through life, absorbing the ads, feeds and thousands of images you each day. In the words of Scorpio thought leader Terrence McKenna, “Stop consuming images and start producing them.” Paint. Draw. Create a collage…and don’t be surprised if your pictures manifest into form in the days ahead under Scorpio’s powerful influence.

7. Fan the flames of desire.

To allow sexual energy to course through our bodies is to touch the force of life—this is something Scorpio well understands. Although this sign gets a rep for being vampy and obsessive, in its highest expression, Scorpio can evoke a sacred sexuality. Think: tantra, mind-body-soul connections, a timeless and ageless appeal. Our sexual sparks never go out, but we must keep the pilot light lit.

Forget what the fashion mags have proclaimed as appealing and stop obsessing in the mirror. Sexuality doesn’t live there. It lives in our connection to eros, which comes from being powerfully present and excited about life. Moving your body in a way that makes you feel sensual is the way to get this magnetic force flowing. Embrace the night owl vibes of Saturday’s new moon and dance ’til the wee hours. (For more on this, check out the sacred seduction teachings of Kitty Cavalier.)

Scorpio is the sign that is also associated with death and rebirth. At times, inevitable finalities must take place in order for us to come alive—and into our sexuality—again. This new moon could portend “the beginning of the end,” as we muster the courage to say goodbye to situations (or limiting beliefs about ourselves and others) that are deadening, draining and downright unsexy.

Of course, goodbyes are not always a fatal matter. The French refer to an orgasm as “La petit mort,” translated as “the little death.” May this new moon bring you such, ahem, happy (consensual) endings.

8. Attract abundance.

Scorpio rules our larger, lump sum material resources (commissions, royalties, bonuses, inheritances) as well as the money we share with others. But how best to sow the seeds of prosperity? Not by jumping in the rat race, playing a cutthroat game of shark-eat-shark. That would be the lower energy of Scorpio in action… which always comes ’round to bite us in the ass in the end.

Instead, we should fly like the eagle—the secondary symbol representing Scorpio. Manifesting abundance from a visionary place is as much a matter of faith as it is skill. We can sign up for seminars and classes until the cows come home, but if we don’t believe that we actually deserve this money, it will flow out of our lives like water through a sieve. In her book The Law Of Divine Compensation, miracle-maven Marianne Williamson (a Cancer) schools us in shifting our mindset so we can open to the miracles and prosperity the universe has to offer.

Simple mantras can be powerful, too. Make a list of the limiting thoughts you have about your resources…for example, “There’s not enough money to go around.” Once these limiting beliefs have been illuminated, reframe them as positives, as in “I am well taken care of by the world and my loved ones.” Tape that mantra to your mirror and repeat each morning. Soon enough, this credo will become more than a platitude…it will be the way you view the world.

9. Rise from the ashes.

The mention of Scorpio sends shivers down some people’s spines, but that’s because they only know part of the story. Scorpio actually has three phases, or energetic vibrations. The lowest is the ground-dwelling Scorpion, the easily-threatened creature with the deadly, vengeful sting. Above that is the soaring eagle, the wizened Scorpio who’s learned his life’s lessons and keenly observes everything with laser insight. The highest manifestation is the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of destruction to create new life.

At the Scorpio new moon, we can choose to access any one of these energies—including getting even. If you must stoke a desire for payback, do so proactively. Remember the adage that success is the best revenge. Win the battle AND the war by making your own life amazing, rather than taking someone else’s happiness down.

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