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A Starpowered Ritual for the Scorpio New Moon to Activate Alchemy

scorpio new moon ritual 2018

Transformation is on the horizon, when the new moon in shamanic Scorpio arrives Wednesday November 7, 2018, at 11:01AM EDT. You can practice the art of release with an alchemical new moon ritual.

Welcome to Scorpio’s chamber of secrets, a magic cauldron where our intense and shadowy emotions swirl. Covert Scorpio works in the shadows, so don’t try to force any changes without exploring the depths of your emotions. The year’s only new moon in watery Scorpio on November 7 wants us to dive into the darkness and embrace that which is hidden from our views. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this new moon supports us in what no longer serves us and transforms lead into pure gold.

Ritual: Envy Map

We first learned of the concept of using jealousy as a compass from Julia Cameron’s inspiring workbook, The Artist’s Way. Since we also happen to have four planets in Scorpio—a sign known for rousing the green-eyed monster—in our natal charts, this was a game-changer. Instead of treating envy as a deadly sin, what if it was the ultimate guide to our desires? Rather than coveting thy neighbors, we could create our own remix of what they already have.

  • To create your envy map, start with a blank piece of paper (or, uh, maybe two if you have a strong Scorpio influence in your natal chart!). Draw a vertical line to separate the page into three columns.
  • Label the first column Envy Triggers. Then, make a list of all the situations or people who have pushed your jealousy buttons. This can be personal like, “My sister’s engagement” or general like “Rich people who flaunt their wealth.”
  • Label the second column Hidden Desire. Here’s where you get real about wanting what these lucky souls have manifested. For example, “To find my soulmate” or “To have financial ease.” Tip: try not to use words like more or better. Just get real about what you want!
  • Label the third column Envy Remix. Here’s where you alchemize your jealousy into something tangible. For each Envy Trigger, write down ideas for how you could incorporate that covetable quality into your own life. Focus on tangible actions like, “Scrap Tinder and try Hinge” or “Sign up for a continuing ed course to reach a higher pay grade.”

Bonus exercise:
Reach out to the person who is triggering your envy and offer words of admiration, some social media love or a retweet. If you know them personally, ask for advice on how they manifested their dreams. You might just win a way-shower or helpful champion to your side.

*Replenish your sensuality drawer with lingerie, erotic toys and novels.
*Start a jigsaw puzzle: Scorpio energy loves to solve things.
*Pay off a debt, or make a payment plan—this is the sign that rules our wealth.
*Take a dance workshop to get in tune with your sensuality—even burlesque or pole-dancing.

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