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Works in all e-readers (iBooks, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, iPad, Android, GooglePlay, etc.) except Kindle. To read on Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Mac, download the free Apple iBooks app from the iTunes app store. For Android devices, download Aldiko, a free e-reading app, or open in Google Play. To read on your PC/laptop, download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions reader.

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Works on any Kindle or smartphone installed with the apps Kindle for PC (reads .mobi), Kindle for Mac (reads .mobi) or the popular FBReader (reads .epub, .txt, .mobi and multiple other formats).

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If you plan to print out a copy of the book or read on a computer, buy this beautiful, full-color version. Works on laptop & any device with Adobe Acrobat (pre-installed on most computers) or Preview (Mac). Designed in standard 8.5 X 11″ (letter size) page format; text does NOT reflow to fit mobile device screen.



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