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Learn Astrology In Tulum: Our May 2017 Women’s Retreat!

2017 astrotwins retreat in tulum

There’s no question about it: The divine feminine is on the rise in 2017. As underscored by January’s worldwide Women’s Marches, a collective call for equality is resounding. But as the Law of Polarity teaches us, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As women ascend to heal the power imbalance, a patriarchal old guard has stepped up its stronghold. Indeed, this cosmic clash is right on schedule with the stars. 2017 marks transformational Pluto’s halfway mark of a 2008-2024 tour through masculine Capricorn and we are at a crucial turning point.

This is a test. We repeat: This is a test.

Will the strength of sisterhood win in the end? A thousand times YES, we say! At this crucial moment in history, women uniting in feminine strength is essential to planetary evolution. And it’s with this emphatic belief that we announce our fifth annual women’s Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat in Tulum, Mexico from May 6-12, 2017.

PyramidPointers      Shambala2

This starpowered sisterly gathering is one of the brightest spots on our calendar every year. Four times over, it has proven to be as much a soul tribe reunion as it is a revitalizing and decadent getaway to one of the world’s most sacred sites. If your idea of heaven is:

  • Kicking off your shoes for a week (who needs’ em when your “floor” is a white sand beach?) and having a turquoise beach as your front yard
  • Mastering the basics of chart interpretation with a group of twenty incredible women
  • Tucking away in a chic cabaña with the waves as  your lullaby
  • Recharging with clean, green organic meals
  • Exploring ancient Mayan ruins
  • Snorkeling in the ocean…or a cenote (fresh water cave)

well…let us be your travel agents. (Sorry men, this one is just for the ladies.) We literally reserve the entire Shambala Petit Hotel as a private residence for our group. All meals are included and lovingly prepared by the hotel’s incredible staff. There are still few spots left in our May 6-12 retreat, so if you’re hearing the call, come and join us!


Daily astrology classes will be taught by us, Tali and Ophira (your friendly neighborhood AstroTwins). You’ll leave Tulum with a crystal clear grasp on what all the signs, planets and houses mean—and how they come together to create the unique cosmic blueprint that is YOU.

You’ll learn how to apply astrology for prosperity and love . We dedicate a full session to relationship charts and another to predictive astrology so you can learn how to “plan it by the planets.” Classes are lively and fun with laughter, deep reflection and profound revelations. You’ll have plenty of free time since we keep afternoons open for shopping, “beachwork,” wandering, journaling, and whatever your sweet corazon desires.





Yes, this WILL make sense to you after the retreat!





Doing "beach work" after class. #obsessed



Since la luna is the feminine force in the chart, we always time our retreats around a new or full moon. We’ll be doing a special ritual during the alchemical and seductive Scorpio full moon on May 10, 2017. And we’re teaming up with amazing guest stars for this very purpose. Our savvy soul sister Gala Darling will lead a Radical Self-Love workshop. Sacred seductress Kitty Cavalier will dance us through daily Qoya movement classes while yoga instructor Andrea Rice will teach an afternoon Astrology & Asanas course. We’ll also be joined by astrologer and shaman Suzanne Gerber who will be offering healing treatments throughout the retreat for anyone wishing for some soul restoration. Bring on the goddess energy!




There’s just something special that happens when twenty cosmic women gather together to learn about the stars—and in a sacred vortex like Tulum no less. The Shambala Petit Hotel is an oasis that has hosted many spiritual leaders, seekers and magical guests. It’s also the site of Tali’s honeymoon so the vibe is enchanting in so many ways!

So, soul sisters, is this retreat for you? There’s been an undeniable “meant to be” click for everyone who has joined us in Tulum annually since 2013. Find out everything about the retreat here or contact our retreat coordinator Melissa with any questions you may have about logistics. We hope to meet you there!

Mayan Magic & Aquamarine Love,

Tali & Ophi



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