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The Blessing of Venus Retrograde: Rebirth and a “New Venus”

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We’re smack in the middle of Venus retrograde, a challenging six-week cycle that can make love, friendship and interpersonal harmony go awry. But there’s a hidden blessing halfway through this cycle. On October 26, 2018, the Sun and Venus unite, birthing a “new Venus”—and granting us all a fresh start with our most important ties.

There’s no denying it: Venus retrograde is not fun. And since this year it’s splitting its time between Scorpio (from October 5-31) and Libra (October 31 to November 16), we’re feeling it even more intensely, because these are two highly intimate and relationship-oriented zodiac signs.

Astronomically, however, Venus retrograde is pretty profound. This 40-day backspin marks the period when Venus begins her shift from an evening star—bright and visible in the sky near sundown—to a morning star, rising just before the Sun. (Read about the morning and evening star Venus here.)

In the middle of this transition, Venus vanishes from the sky—well, at least from our view here on Earth. The disappearing act happens approximately two weeks after the retrograde cycle begins—and lasts for around eight days.

While invisible, Venus holds a secret session with the Sun as the two meet up at the exact same zodiac point in the sky. In astrology, we call this an inferior conjunction between the Sun and Venus. This one took place in Scorpio on October 26, 2018, at 7:13 AM EST.

This planetary playdate (called the “Sun-Venus inferior conjunction” in astro-speak) also marks the beginning of a brand-new, 584-day Venus cycle. Much like a monthly new moon, we can think of this day as a “new Venus” or a “Venus rebirth.”

As Venus goes totally dark, we have blank canvas upon which we can imagine the future we want to create in our love lives.

Prior to that, as Venus retrograde winds down her evening star cycle, we may see things that need to be “put to bed,” so to speak: limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, unreasonable demands, destructive and abusive behaviors.

After the Venus rebirth, as she crosses the threshold and becomes a morning star for nine months. In the process, we may become “impregnated” with new visions of what love could be and giving us a chance to bring them to life and to light!

Fun fact: While the Mayans weren’t fooled, the ancient Greeks once thought that Venus was two planets. As such, she has two names. In the morning, she is Phosphorus, which means bringer of light. In the evening, she is Hesperus which means Western since she appeared near the Sun at dusk. It 5 B.C. it was mathematician/stargazer Pythagoras who realized that Phosphorus and Hesperus were one and the same.

After that, Venus emerges as a morning star and begins a brand new 584-day cycle.

Using Venus Retrograde for a Romantic Transformation

Think about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. Before emerging as a butterfly, the insect seems to disappear. In fact, if you were to crack open a cocoon mid-cycle, it would look empty. In truth, the creature becomes one with the cocoon as part of its alchemy.

Metaphorically, the “New Venus” day (October 26, 2018) might be a moment when all our old stories and hang-ups about love could disappear. Of course, so too can our sense of groundedness, safety and trust, which is why this is NOT the day to make any rash decisions or sudden moves.

We might also feel the influence of Venus’ powers in more invisible ways as it affects and directs us spiritually, emotionally and energetically—rather than by delivering any outer events or results. We may not feel clear-headed or able to make rational decisions about romance on a New Venus day. Instead, we simply have to surrender and “just be” in the flow of Venus.  May we recommend scheduling a luxurious spa day, a decadent dinner party with your S.O. or most richly creative friends?

Shortly after her rebirth, we’ll see Venus again, rising as a morning star in the Eastern sky, shortly before the Sun. Her morning star cycle lasts until July 2019 giving us nine months of creative, visionary energy. After that, she becomes a dreamy evening star until her next retrograde cycle (in Gemini) from May 13 – June 25, 2020)

Preparing for a “New Venus”

Before the “New Venus” on October 26—and throughout the entire retrograde—the cosmic directive is to turn inward and examine our patterns of behavior, particularly the ones that aren’t bringing us the love and satisfaction we crave. This 40-day phase is a powerful time for excavating hidden desires, discovering and setting healthy boundaries, and even exhuming a few past demons we haven’t fully dealt with. As all things Venus-related go dark, we may experience power outages around love, be confused by feelings or forced to grope around in the shadowy feelings we’ve been avoiding (shame, jealousy, resentment, fear of abandonment, isolation, despair).

The prefix “re” is where the magic’s at: revive, reunite, repair, restore, etc. So don’t bolt too fast if there’s a little trouble in paradise. This may just be an opportunity to fortify your foundation and learn more effective ways to communicate in relationships. But some relationships may indeed come to a close during Venus’ retrograde—and in cases like this, Venus can support with deep healing and self-love.

If you happen to have planned your wedding or another epic romantic milestone during Venus retrograde, you are not doomed. (And no, you shouldn’t cancel the cover band and call off the cake decorator.) Just plan to honor your first anniversary in a super meaningful way. Since Venus only turns retrograde every 18 months, you don’t have to worry about the backspin repeating annually.

Opportunities of Venus Retrograde:

  • Healing any issues in your relationship
  • Discovering hidden blocks to love so you can overcome them
  • Recognizing when you’re in the wrong match and move on
  • Gaining closure with an ex…or reuniting if the timing is better
  • Plunging into deeper dialogues and strengthening intimacy

Challenges of Venus Retrograde:·   

  • Romanticizing instead of seeing people for who they truly are; falling for the fantasy and ignoring reality
  • Acting out instead of speaking up (and communicating needs)
  • Replaying unhealthy romantic patterns
  • Returning (or hanging on to) a toxic player

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