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A Ritual for the Virgo Full Moon to Spring Clean Your Body & Mind

virgo full moon ritual 2018

The full Worm Moon blooms in verdant Virgo on March 1, 2018 at 7:51PM EST, and is already giving us a little spring fever. You can channel the cleansing energy of the zodiac’s purist with an alchemical full moon ritual.

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As a grounded earth sign, tender Virgo is known for both innocence and purity—much like the tiny shoots of early spring that already beginning to pop up from the ground: mama Gaia’s reminder that life will always go on.

Ritual: Plant-Based Diet for a Day (or longer, if you feel like it)

As much as we love a good metropolis—not to mention the virtual reality of the digital landscape—it’s always a treat to tune in to something far more ancient and eternal: Mother Nature.

The Virgo full moon gives us the opportunity to connect to the true source of our sustenance: the plants that emit oxygen through photosynthesis and give us air to breathe. The same plants, that, when ingested, fill our bodies with life force energy and vitamins that keep us thriving. In celebration, devote the day to a vegetarian (plant-based) diet, giving thanks to all the greens that grow and nourish us and even become our medicine.

Caring Virgo is also the sign that rules our pets, so take today to give some love to the animals on the planet, by keeping them in your heart and not on your plate. We’re not condemning carnivores; we’re not even vegetarians ourselves. But eating meat means a life was given to feed us—something humans can easily forget to be grateful for.

Take a day off from burgers and salmon and give gratitude to the animals that shared their lives to nourish us. Try out delicious plant-based recipes. There are tons to be found online.

Other Ideas:

  • Make a flower essence elixir, putting 6 drops of a flower essence (like the Bach line, which can be found at many natural foods grocers or bachflower.com) into an 8-oz glass of water three times daily. Repeat this for up to two weeks and see if an area of life transforms. Choose an essence like Rock Rose to overcome fear or Holly to help with jealousy. You might also book an appointment with a practitioner.
  • Spring clean your home!
  • Delete junk mail from your Inbox and organize messages into folders.
  • Nerd out and organize your bookshelves or record collection. Alphabetize or color code by spine. Donate older books to a little free library or thrift store.

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