16 Days Until 2016: Our Periscope Horoscope Countdown is On!

The countdown to 2016 is on! And according to our calculations there are a sweet 16 days left to go until the confetti fluffer makes it rain. While we’re all eager to turn to a fresh page of the calendar, why not milk a little more magic out of 2015? This was a hella intense year (can you say Saturn bouncing from Scorpio to Sag, Aries lunar eclipse and Saturn-Jupiter squares?). But we optimistically believe that every day brings a chance to glitterbomb our lives with some soul-enhancing sparkle, whether that means rocking the karaoke mic until the wee hours or having a damn cleansing cry while soaking in the tub.

To walk you through this final leg of the 2015 journey, we will be broadcasting live on Periscope daily through December 31 with tips for maximizing each day’s planetary possibilities. Tali already kicked it off today (Wednesday, December 16) jamming on the Pisces moon, which will bring sweet dreams—or wild messages from spirit guides—as in conjuncts Neptune tonight. Follow us there at The AstroTwins! And you can also watch the broadcast below.

Periscope-LogoPinIf you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, it’s one of our new favorite apps. Basically, we record the video live and you get to hop on and send us messages as we speak. We love it because it’s raw and unpolished, like having an awesome living room chat with your BFFs. And if our eyes aren’t too strained from banging out these end-of-year horoscope assignments (kidding…kinda), we promise to say hi back and answer your questions on camera. Our broadcasts will happen late morning/early afternoon on most days and you can watch them for 24 hours after. We promise to consider setting a time when the Sun hits Capricorn next Monday the 21st. But while it’s still #SagittariusSeason, we’ll ‘Scope when the muse strikes. Come on ovah and count it down with us like Beyonce. If you miss the broadcast we’ll post the video on our site each day too. Enjoy!

What does 2016 hold for your sign—in life, love and career?

Our 2016 Planetary Planner ebook comes out Monday, December 21. Pre-order it now and you’ll be entered in our giveaway to win amazing weekly prizes…plus a chart reading with us!


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