2014 Annual Horoscope: The Year Ahead


Find out what the stars hold for your sign in 2014.

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General 2014 Yearly Overview for All 12 Signs

Enjoy this overview of 2014’s stars below. And to learn about your specific zodiac sign, download your copy of the 2014 Planetary Planner!

A little water, a little heat. In 2014, several major planets continue to circulate through water signs for a good part of the year. Structured Saturn is in Scorpio until the very last week of the year, where it’s been transforming our approach to shared resources and intimacy since October 2012. Dreamy Neptune is a short way into its 12-year visit to its home sign of Pisces, ramping up our desire to heal ourselves and the planet. And expansive Jupiter is cruising through nurturing Cancer until July 16. All of this adds up to the continued rise of the “feminine” principle, which has been urging us to take a softer, more connected and compassionate approach to all matters for the last couple years.

While 2013 was so flooded by planets in the water element we practically needed surfboards to stay afloat, 2014 introduces a little fire power. On July 16, Jupiter will move into fierce and fiesty Leo (a fire sign), until August 11, 2015. And on December 23, Saturn departs Scorpio for free-spirited Sagittarius. While the introspective period has been lovely, these extroverted fire signs barge in before we become too insular in our caring, cozy little cocoons. It’s time to get out and mingle with the rest of the world, to put on our party hats and kick up our heels with the trademark theatrical flair of Leo and Sagittarius. (Karaoke, anyone?)

The winds of change are also blowing. Go-getter Mars will also spend an unusually long time in Libra, a balanced and intellectual air sign. Mars is here until July 25, emphasizing relationships, diplomacy and a measured approach. While Mars is the astrological aggressor, Libra is it’s peacekeeper, so we may get all fired up about fairness (a worthy cause indeed!). Will our politicians play nice and be civilized enough to avert hotheaded and extremist actions? One can only hope.

We’ll be cautiously optimistic, though, since 2014 will bring the fifth and sixth out of seven “squares” (harsh, 90-degree angles of tension) between Pluto and Uranus. Controlling Pluto and freedom-fighting Uranus are engaged in a three-year series of these difficult aspects. While Pluto digs its heels into old-guard Capricorn, rabble-rouser Uranus fights back in outspoken, individualistic Aries. As we’re tugged between these contrasts of old versus new, we’re all being forced to examine our deepest values and motives. We know we need to open our minds, adapt and try a new approach. At the same time, we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some rules were not made to be broken—but sussing out which ones to keep has been quite a process. This year’s squares will take place on April 12-29 and November 26-December 27. Last year’s triggered a U.S. government shutdown in October 2013. In the best case scenario, some new world leaders can rise up who truly represent the people’s needs instead of their own selfish agendas.

Chinese Year of The Horse

Giddyup! On January 31, the Chinese Year of the Horse begins, infusing us all with restless and passionate energy. Throw open the barn doors and let out your inner pioneer! Amble down new trails or find some wide open space and feel the wind on your back. Ah, liberty! Horses love to roam free, but they are also kind and tolerant. After an intense Year of the Snake, we could all stand to become more curious about our neighbors, too.

It’s a timely arrival: the world could use some of the Horse’s optimism and drive right now. The Horse is associated with the Western sign of Gemini; both are gregarious, opinionated, and a riot at any party. (Who’s that dapper gent in the orange Hermes tie holding court about solar flares while mixing everyone a cocktail and flirting shamelessly? Oh, probably one of those two signs.)

If you were born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 or 2002, you probably arrived during a Horse year, which always begins at the Aquarius new moon, usually late January/early February. Want to learn more about your Chinese sign? Our favorite book is Suzanne White’s The New Astrology, which combines your Western and Eastern sign.

Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses

In 2014, two solar eclipses fall on the Scorpio-Taurus axis this year in April and October. This series of eclipses began in 2012, causting the balance between the material 3D world and the mystical 4D world will fall in sharp relief. Although both signs love their material possessions, our addiction to consumerism will be called into question. These eclipses will force us to address the impact of commerce on our natural resources, and the stress it creates for the human psyche. Taurus is an earth sign, Scorpio is a water sign. From pollution to melting polar ice caps, these eclipses will make us face the reality of our impact on the planet.

Aries/Libra Eclipses

Is all about me…or all about us? This year also brings two powerful lunar eclipses in Aries (October 8) and Libra (April 15). Libra is the sign of partnership and compromise, so spring could resound with themes of togetherness. Hello, dynamic duo! But before you lose yourself to the power of the plus-one, a second eclipse puts your autonomous needs in the spotlight. Aries is the sign of individuality, so fall could bring a shining solo moment for us all.

From a broader view, some would argue that the rise of social media and constant connectedness (Libra) has cultivated a culture of narcissism (Aries) as a side effect. Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now asserts that our sense of time has been warped into a frenzied, futureless present tense—filled with flash mobs, pop-up shops, pinging devices and what he calls “digiphrenia”: how social media allows us to be in multiple places, and to be more than one “self,” all at once. The impact of being together and alone all at once will become a hot topic in 2014. In fact, the Spike Jonze movie Her, which literally premiered at the last Aries lunar eclipse (October 2013), stars Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely man who falls in love with the female voice in his operating system.

Perhaps it’s time for one less selfie, or as our friend JoAnne suggested, to throw a party where cell phones are checked at the door along with coats. A new spin on the “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it, did it happen?” riddle could be: If a great time was had by all and nobody Instagrammed it, did the party exist? Already people are doing cell-free Sundays along with their meatless Mondays, or seeking new ways to feel connected without being device-dependent. The Aries/Libra eclipses in 2014 (and 2015) could continue to help us strike a balance.

Work & Money in 2014

Keep it in the family? With expansive Jupiter in thrifty, domestic Cancer, conserving resources can be a theme through mid-July. While Jupiter is at its most abundant in this sign, there can still be a bit of nepotism that goes along with its visit to Cancer. Jupiter in domestic Cancer could bring a rise in home-based businesses, or see families working together. With so many millennials forced to move back home due to outrageous college loans, a little intergenerational enterprising isn’t the worst idea. (The family that stays together…pays together?)

Then it’s lights, camera, action: On July 16, Jupiter moves into dramatic Leo for 13 months. We could see a rise in the entertainment industry (yes, even more than already), or a creative rennaissance for the arts. The luxury market and couture capitals could thrive in new geographical terrain, since Jupiter is an international planet. Au revoir, Paris! Perhaps the hottest 2014 Fashion Week shows will take place in Dubai or Shanghai. The only potential drawback? Lavish Leo can make our tastes go over-the-top (big cars, big homes, big bling), and we need to guard against extravagances that leave a damaging carbon footprint on the planet.

Fortunately, the year’s two Taurus/Scorpio eclipses may stimulate more sustainable, eco-friendly companies. Organic, cruelty-free, and consciously raised will be labels that hold sway. Banking could have another heyday…or hit more rough patches, as these eclipses reveal the hidden potential and the shadows of Wall Street. Some aspects of the economy will continue to crumble in 2013…and while it doesn’t look like progress, it is.

Transformational Pluto is entering its sixth year in Capricorn, the sign that rules big businesses, government and the economy. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the year of the mortgage crisis, bailouts and Obama’s election, and will remain there until 2024. The chaos and crisis is part of Pluto’s “Extreme Makeover” plan. Old structures must fall in order for new ones to be born.

It can help to look at Pluto’s last cycle through Sagittarius from 1995-2012. Sagittarius rules publishing, travel, and global relations. In the mid-90s many traditional print magazines folded unexpectedly (RIP, Sassy) but simultaneously, the Internet was born. By 2008, we’d mastered the broadband formula, and were chatting in real time with people halfway around the globe. The blogosphere was buzzing with self-published works. No longer did anyone have to pitch an editor to see our words in “print.” So, think of the economic instability the same way. When will the “Internet of the economy” be born? We haven’t even figured out the dial-up version of this equation yet, but with Pluto’s remarkable ability to regenerate and make something from nothing, we’ll get this hammered out.

Love & Relationships in 2014

Let love reign! Sexy Mars will spend an extra long time (through July 25) in Libra, the sign of relationships. We predict a glut of self-help gurus devoted to helping couples spice up their commitments—or improve their communication. Want to understand your mate, or become savvier about the opposite sex? Our favorite resources is (Libra) Allison Armstrong’s PAX programs, designed to intelligently decode men and women (www.understandmen.com).

This year, both Mars and romantic Venus have retrograde (low-power) periods, which are times to evaluate, repair and in some cases, to call off relationships. Venus will be retrograde for the whole month of January in Capricorn, the sign of long-term plans. Couples could reconsider whether their union has the strength to go the distance. Others might strengthen their bonds by creating a shared goal. Single? Use Venus retograde to heal old wounds, forgive, and even to work through daddy issues, since Capricorn is the sign of fathers. You might also see the return of an old flame, since retrogrades are famous for bringing back people from our past.

Truce! Mars will be retrograde from March 1-May 19, which could be a contentious time for couples. Suddenly, your agendas may not overlap so smoothly. One of you may have suppressed a need for the “good” of the relationship, compromising past your boundaries. Try to fight fair even as you express yourself. If you’re single, you might take a little break from aggressively searching for “the One” now. Spend time cultivating the relationship with yourself.

Saturn’s presence in Scorpio through December 23, 2014 will push us to develop a deeper level of intimacy, but a more structured one as well. Date nights won’t just automatically happen. Scheduling nookie may seem highly unromantic, but it may be the only way busy couples ensure that they get their needs met and don’t go boffing the secretary out of sheer desperation. The way couples share resources could become a hot-button topic. With the economy in flux, the whole “man as provider” model may not be the reality every pair can live into. Couples may have to consider other currencies besides money that they can contribute to the relationship in the name of keeping things balanced.

Health & Happiness in 2014

Make it a double! With energizer Mars in companionable Libra until July 25, finding a workout buddy can make the difference between sticking out a fitness goal and giving up. With healing Neptune in Pisces all year, our attention continues to turn to preventative medicine and more holistic treatments like energy healing, Reiki, acupuncture, and massage. Although hospitals fall under the rule of Neptune in Pisces, we may see a rise of less-sterile wellness centers or a more comforting redesign of these institutions. The watery planets remind us of the importance of replenishing our systems with fresh H2O. Install a water purifier or alkalizer on your faucet. Although the initial expense may seem steep, it’s cheaper than buying all those plastic bottles—and far kinder to the Earth too!

Saturn in Scorpio turns our attention to the health of our blood. Getting enough iron in our diets will be essential (hello dark leafy greens). We can oxygenate the blood with breathing exercises…a better pick-me-up than espresso. Getting our blood levels checked can reveal where we may need to boost our diets with supplements like Vitamin D or B. Interestingly enough, the AIDS crisis swelled when Saturn was last in Scorpio in 1983. Perhaps we’ll see a vaccine or cure arise for AIDS and other blood-related conditions in 2013. Here’s hoping! Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces can provoke some fears and anxieties. A meditation practice is a must for most people this year. Calming the mind can have major healing effects on the body. If you can’t sit still, try a moving meditation like yoga.

Reproductive health could be the big topic while Jupiter visits Cancer until July 16, and more so because Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign that rules our reproductive organs. Domestic Cancer could keep us busy at home, but that’s no reason to skimp on workouts. Set up a home gym, order those workout DVDs and break a sweat in your living room. You might even get the whole family involved! Cancer rules our food intake, so we’ll spend the first half of the year bettering our nutrition, learning how soil quality can impact the nutrients in food, and the power of raw, fresh ingredients to flood our bodies with vitamins. When Jupiter moves into showy Leo on July 16, vanity can be our motivation for staying fit. Just don’t overdo it on the “youth juice” if you dabble in the world of cosmetic procedures. It’s not just about looking good—a reminder we may need to hear a few times over.

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