2014 Cancer Horoscope

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2014 Cancer Yearly Overview

Ready, set, reboot! As 2014 begins, lucky and expansive Jupiter is midway through its yearlong visit to Cancer. Hosting Jupiter in your sign happens once every 12 years, so while the planet of good fortune is hanging out in Crabville through July 16, seize the opportunity to make a fresh start. Jupiter first entered your sign on June 25, 2013, setting off a new 12-year life cycle. (Jupiter was last in Cancer from July 2001-August 2002, so look back to that era for themes that could echo now.) Familiar routines, people and places might have faded into the background, while everything new and foreign has become a front-burner matter. If you attempt to cling to the past in your crablike grip, you may now realize that it’s time to stop glancing over your shoulder or wallowing in nostalgia. The action is here and now—so ground yourself in the (thrilling) present, and turn your shoulders squarely toward the future. Since 2014 is also the Chinese Year of the Horse, it’s time to break free and gallop into your highest calling. Forward ho!

Since Jupiter is the planet of travel, long-distance connections and adventure, your normal homebody ways may have fallen to the wayside. Perhaps you’ve had to travel for business or live out of a suitcase for a while Security-loving Cancers aren’t always accustomed to the rapid rate of change that Jupiter can induce, and you may have become like an actual crab, carrying your “home” on your back (or in your backpack…especially since Jupiter rules higher education). Fortunately, you get a little relief, as Jupiter is in slowed-down retrograde (backward) motion until March 7. Afterward, prepare to book those planet tickets, or maybe even to hit the books. Some Cancers might decide that your new 12-year chapter involves a change of career path, or demands a few more academic credentials that will set you up for success…READ MORE >

Love & Relationships

Looking for love? Whether you are or not, love comes looking for you. 2014 will begin with FIVE planets—the Sun, a new moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto—in Capricorn, your relationship sign. If your resolutions don’t include some kind of awe-inspiring actions a deux, look to ways you can form a dynamic duo. Amping up this power-pairing energy, penetrating Pluto is conjunct the new moon, adding an edge of intensity. Forget about dabbling in matters of the heart…you’re playing for keeps. The stakes are definitely high here. For single Cancerians, you’re clear that this is the year to go big or go home. Consider the Calling In The One book or teleclass (www.callingintheone.com) to help remove any energetic blocks to finding the love of your life…READ MORE >

Money & Career

The year begins on a reflective note, as Jupiter is retrograde (backward) in Cancer until March 7. Expansive Jupiter is spending a year in your sign (from June 25, 2012 until July 16, 2013), bringing big lifestyle changes. It’s been retrograde since November 7, giving you four months to catch your breath or integrate all the new growth that’s come your way. Solo ventures or startups may slow down a little, or you might step back to make some tweaks in January and February. With communication planet Mercury also retrograde from February 12-28, that’s all the more reason to take time, revise your plans and do an overall life inventory…READ MORE >

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

Ramp up the self-care, Cancer. Motivator Mars will visit Libra, your fourth house of roots, family, nurturing and emotional foundations, until July 25. This unusually long visit cranks up the heat in these personal parts of your life. You might be inspired to move, take on a home renovation project or even to start exercising at home (time to build that yoga studio/workout room, Cancer?). Check out the innovative apps from Appcession.com, which include boot camp, yoga, Pilates, ballet, and kettlebell workouts you can play on your smartphone or tablet. Aggressive Mars can really stir up some intense emotions, so you’ll want to have an outlet for those. Hmmm, is it time to lace up those boxing gloves and take it out on the bag, like fellow Cancerian Sylvester Stallone? Cue the Rocky anthem…READ MORE >

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