2014 Pisces Horoscope

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2014 Pisces Yearly Overview

A colorful year is in store for you, Pisces, so practice your red-carpet strut. Lucky Jupiter is in Cancer, your fifth house of passion, glamour and creativity, until July 16. Romantic renaissance, anyone? Since Jupiter rules global connections, you could fall for someone different than your usual type, perhaps from another country or culture. Many among your imaginative sign have artistic talents, and this could be a great year of opportunity to put your work on display. Either way, you’ll be expressing yourself boldly, perhaps even on stage or film. Lights, camera, action!

As outgoing as Jupiter makes you, 2014 also has a strong private element for your sign. Energizing Mars is in Libra, your eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures and behind-closed-doors action, until July 25. Mars normally spends just six weeks in a sign, but it’s taking an extended nine-month tour of Libra, which will intensify your emotions, ramp up your sex appeal (hey now!) and even bring a possible pregnancy. With Jupiter in your fertile fifth house, you’re even more susceptible to a visit from the stork, so consider yourself notified. Intense emotions could surge up with Mars in this hyper-intuitive zone of your chart, so watch for jealous, possessive or competitive streak…READ MORE >

Love & Relationships

A romantic year is definitely in store, but it won’t get off without a hitch, alas. Amorous Venus is retrograde (backward) until January 31, which can be a tricky time for love. Venus takes this backspin every 18 months, and some astrologers consider it a bit of a blackout time for relationships, weddings and overall harmony. While we take a less extreme stance, we do know that retrogrades can bring back the past. An old flame could reappear, or unresolved issues could come up that need to be handled. If you’ve been sweeping things under the rug (and Pisces can indeed lapse into denial at times), it’s time to deal. On a positive note, retrogrades can bring couples back together who have drifted apart. With Venus in regimented Capricorn, you might decide to make an extra effort to schedule together time with your honey, or to date with a more concerted effort if you’re single….READ MORE >

Money & Career

Fortune favors the Fish in 2014, so set your sights on long-term gain. If you play your cards right, you could end the year with a lovely lump sum in your bank account, and even some property in your name. True wealth, at least in a capitalist economy, is determined by the ownership of assets. Lucky for you, energizer Mars will be in Libra, your eighth house of joint ventures, shared assets and financial planning, until July 25. This is an unusually long time for Mars to visit just one sign, so make the most of the opportunity. Learn about investing, explore passive income opportunities, pay down debt, and even buy or sell real estate. If you’re a paycheck earner, seek creative new ways to make money while you sleep: commissions, royalties, investments, affiliate earnings. You’ll also feel this strong at the April 15 Libra total lunar (full moon) eclipse, which could bring a huge payout. Cha-ching!…READ MORE >

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

Your health is an inside job as the year begins. Revitalizing Mars is in Libra, your intimate and internal eighth house, until July 25. The eighth house is all about rejuvenation, so you might try a cleanse or a detox, especially while Mars is retrograde (backward) from March 1-May 19. Your whole life may be in need of clearing, and with Mars in this spiritual zone of your chart, you could feel the difference from feng shui, decluttering and changing the energies in your daily environment. Who cares if your friends look at you like you’re crazy when you hang “spiritual protection” objects in the doorway of every room or give away half your worldly possessions because they don’t match your energetic vibration anymore? If you can feel the difference, that’s what matters…READ MORE >

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