2014 Sagittarius Horoscope

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2014 Sagittarius Yearly Overview

Dive deep, Sagittarius. After an inwardly focused 2013, you’re not exactly living up to your zodiac sign’s gregarious and outspoken reputation. With so many planets in water signs, the more reflective and emotional regions of your chart have been awakened. This trend will continue into 2014, as you peel away defenses and allow yourself to be vulnerable, open and connected.

What’s causing this softer side of Sag to emerge? For starters, your ruling planet Jupiter is visiting watery Cancer, your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, from June 26, 2013 until July 16, 2014. Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12 years, and the effect is to have you evolve and deepen your closest ties. Instead of partying with 50 of your closest friends every weekend, you’ve come to enjoy the sweetness of a couple genuine connections. Having curious Jupiter here has given rise to a lot of self-reflection, and perhaps even the evolution of a key relationship. An engagement, pregnancy or move to a more permanent type of bonding could be on tap for many Sags in 2014. Joint ventures, investments, real estate and legal matters also fall under the eighth house domain. This could be the year that you score a deal with a big advance, boost your earnings with residual income or roll the dice on a joint venture. Learning to play well with others is an important lesson for independent Sags, and Jupiter here is helping you branch out and delegate…READ MORE >

Love & Relationships

Let’s make this official, shall we? Expansive Jupiter is in Cancer, your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and soulmates, until July 16. You’re in an all-or-nothing mindset as a result. While Sagittarians are notorious bachelors and free spirits, you’re suddenly craving more closeness and less of the autonomy you normal require to feel, well, sane in a relationship. In the past, you may have feared the idea of losing yourself in a relationship; now, you may actually want to know how it feels to merge with another person. This could be the year that you get engaged, pregnant, move in together or just settle into the permanence of your partnership…READ MORE >

Money & Career

Money’s on your mind as the year begins. On January 1, five planets are in Capricorn, your second house of work and finance. It also happens to be a fortuitous Capricorn new moon, which is traveling alongside penetrating Pluto. Your resolutions could center around prosperity, either making more money, or seeking work that’s spiritually aligned instead of draining. If you’d like to make more money, go ahead and tell the universe, Sagittarius. Then follow it up with a practical plan, simplifying your life and prioritizing activities that build security…READ MORE >

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

Do your routines sustain and nourish you? With beautifying Venus retrograde (backward) until January 31 in Capricorn, your zone of daily agendas, you might be feeling a little ungrounded as the year begins. Take the month to revamp your schedule and integrate more self-care. You may not realize how strong the link is between downtime and your well-being. After all, you could rationalize that you’re too busy working and taking care of everyone else to go to Pilates, take a bath or to sit down for a peaceful minute. But if you don’t value yourself enough to do that, how can you expect others to cherish you the way you deserve…READ MORE >



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