2014 Scorpio Horoscope

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2014 Scorpio Yearly Overview

Launching soon: Scorpio 2.0. The reinvention tour you’ve been on since 2012 continues into this year, but fortunately, you’re getting close to unveiling your masterpiece. Since October 2012, structured Saturn has been on a three-year tour of Scorpio, helping you rebuild your identity from the ground up. Saturn only visits your sign every 28-30 years, and while it’s not always easy, it can help you lay the foundation for the next three decades of your life. No small feat! Saturn will be in Scorpio until December 23, 2014, returning briefly from June-September 2015. This year, focus on setting the framework for your next life chapter, which might involve paying dues or just doing the hard but essential groundwork. Under weighty Saturn’s influence, you might earn key credentials, work with heavy hitters, or establish yourself as an expert in your field. You might also be preoccupied with answering lofty existential questions such as, “Who am I and what am I here for?”

The answers might keep changing, as you’re in the home stretch of a two-year series of eclipses on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Around the same time that Saturn entered Scorpio, these changemaking eclipses swept in to reshuffle your personal identity and closest relationships. Every six months or so, there’s been a shift or a dramatic evolution for many Scorpios. While eclipses can be disorienting—especially when they fall in your sign—their job is to move you closer to your ultimate truth. If you’ve been feeling wishy-washy about your direction or a key relationship, these eclipses helped you find clarity. In 2014, there are two final eclipses. On April 28, a Taurus solar eclipse brings bold new energy to your partnership house. The October 23 Scorpio solar eclipse energizes a personal project or decision, or helps you strike out on yet another new path. This year’s eclipses both fall at new moons, and since they’re partial eclipses, their changes won’t be quite as potent…READ MORE >

Love & Relationships

Oops, did you just say that? The year begins with five planets in Capricorn, including a new moon, intense Pluto and a retrograde (backward) Venus. Capricorn rules your third house of communication, and peacekeeper Venus retrograde here until January 31 can cause tense exchanges or misunderstandings. Coupled Scorpios will need to be a little kinder, and single Scorpios might want to flirt with more discretion, as your judgment could be a little bit off. Retrogrades bring back the past, so an ex could resurface out of the blue, or an old issue could flare up for couples. Take extra measures to speak directly without being accusatory. An old flame could also contact you while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, your fifth house of love, from February 6-11…READ MORE >

Money & Career

Dream big, Scorpio! Enterprising Jupiter splits the year between Cancer and Leo, two of the more success-driven parts of your chart. Jupiter is in Cancer, your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurship, until July 16. New horizons beckon, and this could be the year that you launch that startup, earn a degree or rack up serious frequent flyer miles. You’ll feel this even more potently once Jupiter ends its retrograde (backward) slowdown on March 7…READ MORE >

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

Conserve your resources, Scorpio. Energizer Mars spends an extra-long time in Libra, your twelfth house of rest and closure, visiting until July 25. Mars normally spends six or seven weeks in a sign, so hosting it here for nine months (it first entered Libra in December 2013) can admittedly be a bit of a drag. There will be times when your energy is just low, or when you’d rather curl up on the couch than rally for friends and networking…READ MORE >



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