2014 Virgo Horoscope

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2014 Virgo Yearly Overview

Ready, set, socialize! Your Virgo reputation as shy or standoffish is falling by the wayside in 2014. Expansive Jupiter is in Cancer, your eleventh house of networking and group activity, until July 16. In fact, Jupiter has been here since last June 25, so you’re well into the process of broadened social horizons. During this cycle, you’re branching out and meeting new people, attracting colleagues and comrades from diverse backgrounds. Some you’ll meet in real-time, while others could become virtual connections, since the eleventh house also rules technology. With enthusiastic Jupiter giving you the gift of gab, you should have no trouble finding kindred spirits and building your tribe. You’re opening up more, sharing your own life instead of simply being the sounding board, a role Virgos so often play. Since the eleventh house is Aquarius-ruled, you might even take on traits of the nomadic sign until July, keeping your lifestyle loose and unstructured in some way. So not the usual M.O. for fastidious Virgo.

Jupiter is retrograde (backward) until March 7, so early in the year, you might reconnect with people from your past or busy yourself with tweaking a team project that will launch in the spring. With businesslike Saturn in Scorpio, your communication sign, until December 23, some of your new friendships could also turn into money-making synergies. For example, say you’re a designer and your friend is a brilliant coder—how about starting a cutting-edge app company together? This could also be a year when writing, teaching or publishing become part of your job, especially with a tech twist courtesy of Jupiter. Is it time to get into the blogosphere or Twitterverse—or to see your name in print? Some Virgos may want to take a class to polish up skills or even to join Toastmasters for more confidence with public speaking…READ MORE >

Love & Relationships

Hang onto that mistletoe! The year begins on a passionate note, and carries on that way for a good couple of months. New Year’s Day features a new moon in Capricorn, your fifth house of romance and full-bodied lust. But don’t mistake that kiss for casual: this moon is conjunct (together with) penetrating Pluto, which could spark an attraction that turns into a Hollywood-worthy obsession. Pluto is spending its fifth of 16 years in Capricorn, slowly but undeniably altering your approach to love. Casual isn’t usually the Virgo style anyhow, but now you want romance that encompasses mind, body and soul…READ MORE >

Money & Career

Let the crowdsourcing commence! Enthusiastic Jupiter is in Cancer, your eleventh house of teamwork, until July 16. It’s an auspicious time to collaborate, network, or gather with an avant-garde group. There’s strength—and inspiration—in numbers now, so don’t try to go it alone. The eleventh house has a nomadic flavor, so this could be the year that you work as an independent contractor or freelancer, or take time off to travel. (Very un-Virgo, we know!) Technology is highlighted by this zone of the chart, so go ahead and launch that blog, open an Etsy shop, or sell your album on a website like TuneCore. Social media can build your community fast, so use those tools to build your brand and exposure. Already ensconced in a day job or a more traditional industry? Make like an “intra-preneur” (doing your creative enterprising from within the company) and network, both with coworkers and colleagues in your industry…READ MORE >

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

The year begins on an indulgent note, with five planets all in your pleasure-seeking fifth house. Your trademark Virgo self-discipline won’t return until January 19, when the Sun moves into Aquarius, your sixth house of health and fitness. Enjoy the holiday leftovers and hibernation until then. If motivation still doesn’t kick in, fear not: on January 31, an Aquarius new moon sparks a six-month cycle of well-being. Turn over your new leaf then. Just start the new practices and habits before February 12, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius until February 28, which could make it hard to stay organized, healthy and on track. Remember, the goal is to create a balanced lifestyle that you can sustain for the long haul, so if you’re being overly rigid or unrealistic (as Virgos are prone to be), you may need to seek more moderation…READ MORE >

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