2015 Annual Horoscope: The Year Ahead

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General 2015 Yearly Overview for All 12 Signs

What astrology trends are in store for all of us in 2015?

Whiplash, anyone? The past few years have ben action-packed, driving us toward change, reform and revolution. It’s been speedy, alarming at times, and kind of exhausting! The world’s landscape is not as we once knew it: people are rising up against oppressive governments. Our modern lives are growing more digitally dependent by the hour. And the chasm between the haves and have-nots has widened. To wit: Forbes reports that 2014 brought a record-breaking 268 new billionaires (including a chart-topping 42 women). At the same time, 3 billion people (that’s almost half the world) lives on less than $2.50 a day, and more than a billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to clean water. Talk about disparity!

Pluto-Uranus squares: the grand finale.


Rapid changes continue in 2015, as we round off an intense cycle of seven Pluto-Uranus squares (90-degree angles), which have been altering life as we know it since 2012. This clash between the old guard and the new world order has gotten fiercer than ever during this three-year cycle. Pluto and Uranus only square one another every 80 years (approximately), and this March will be their last square until 2073. However, radical Uranus will remain in independent Aries from 2011-17. Shadowy Pluto’s extended tour of conservative Capricorn runs from 2008-2024, and during this time we’ll see more governments topple, reform and reshape themselves—along with the economy, banking, business, architecture and family structures.

Pluto reminds us: nothing can stay the same forever. Yet, old-school Capricorn is the historical preservationist of our cosmos, the guardian of the old guard. As they team up for yet another year, systems and structures that no longer serve us will wobble on their once-mighty axes. With Uranus giving Pluto one final shove, we can expect to see more uprisings and even rebel groups forcing this along. The message to the mighty: transform or perish! Read more in our 2015 guide >

Jupiter is in Leo and Virgo.


Expansive Jupiter will spend much of this year in expressive Leo (until August 11), adding some razzle-dazzle to our lives. Television, music, fashion and film could experience a heyday, and we’ll all be looking for new creative outlets or fresh sources of entertainment. In August, Jupiter will start a yearlong spin into Virgo, the sign of health and wellness, helping us to atone for eight months of excess and instead seek healthy, enlightened new options. Leo is the sign of the self and Virgo rules service. So if we’ve grown too fond of our reflections and selfies and swipe-left Tinder dramas, Jupiter in Virgo reminds us to engage with the world beyond our smartphones. Where can you make a difference? Read more in our 2015 guide >

Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.09.25 PM

Meantime, restrictive Saturn will spend almost all year in worldly Sagittarius, a wakeup call for international and cross-cultural relations. Sagittarius rules education and religion, and with stern and systematic Saturn here, both of these institutions are up for reform. (Interestingly, Pope Francis is a Sagittarius, and he may rise up as a leader in stopping the child sexual abuse that has run rampant in the Catholic Church.) From June until September, Saturn will reverse back into Scorpio for one final visit, highlighting issues of crime, communicable disease, real estate, investments, sexuality and long-term finance (yes, Scorpio rules quite an interesting array of topics). Saturn in Scorpio brought the unwelcome return of the Ebola virus in 2014, and here’s hoping that it will be properly contained and done away with by the summer. Read more in our 2015 guide >

The outer planets keep on chugging.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.36.10 PM

The outer planets remain in the same signs they’ve been in for a while. They move slowly in their zodiac dance around the Sun, influencing big-picture and generational trends. Dreamy Neptune continues moving through its home sign of Pisces, where it’s been since 2011 and remains until 2026. The upside: continued strides for music, art and spirituality (hmmm, should you spend your bonus on kundalini yoga teacher training or Coachella tickets?). The negative facets can include privacy issues, identity thefts and scary militant terror groups coming out of the woodwork. Neptune in Pisces can bring escapism (zoning out on that iPad? Keeping up with the Kardashians?), but it also celebrates the “weird” people and “freaks” in our culture, making them the new heroes—and even the new normal. Read more in our 2015 guide >

Say “baa”: It’s the Year of the Sheep.

Year of the Sheep painting

2015 is also the Chinese Year of the Sheep­—associated with the Western sign of Cancer—bringing a more mild, even passive, energy to the world. This might nicely counterbalance all the fiery energy that’s blazing through our cosmos. Read more in our 2015 guide—including a new BONUS Chinese Astrology section! >



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Saturn and outer planet photos by Cory Verellen. Sheep painting by Ophira Edut. Jupiter image via WeHeartIt.

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