2015 Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius 2015 Yearly Horoscope

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2015 Planetary Planner:

Let’s make it a double! The energy of 2015 is all about the dynamic duo for you, Aquarius. Expansive Jupiter is visiting the most relationship-driven zones of your chart this year, cruising through Leo and your companionship sector until August 11, then spending 13 months (until September 9, 2016) in Virgo, your eighth house of intimacy, merging and shared resources. Not only are relationships the main event, they’re going deeper than they have in a long time!


It’s an interesting twist for you, as the zodiac’s free spirit and friendship sign. This year’s emphasis on committed, one-on-one relationships is stronger than you’re used to, honestly. It’s not that you’re a loner—far from it! You’ve got a million friends and you’re plenty comfortable with that breezy, “meet the Mayor” level of engagement. You spread the Aquarian love around, let’s just say. Now, however, one special person could rise through the ranks, either romantically or professionally.

In some cases, you could outgrow a longtime partnership, amicably going down your own separate paths. It won’t be long before a newcomer steps in—and that person could be from anywhere! Jupiter is the global connector and traveler, so you could team up with someone from another country, culture, background or zip code.

Your independent spirit is far from dimmed this year, despite the emphasis on twosomes. 2015 will feature not one, but TWO new moons in Aquarius (January 20 and February 18), giving you a bonus date for fresh starts around your personal dreams and solo ventures.


But we saved the best news for last: a challenging two-year career cycle is over at last! From October 2012 until December 23, 2014, restrictive Saturn was in Scorpio, your tenth house of professional endeavors and long-term goals. Having weighty Saturn on your back might have slowed down your plans or ambitions, perhaps drying up work or making it tough to rise through the ranks with your normal meteoric ascent.

The tenth house also rules fathers and men, so you may have been forced to mature in your relationship to an important male in your life. Authority figures also fall under Saturn’s reign. Perhaps you felt suppressed by a higher-up or had to follow someone else’s exacting standards instead of your own native genius. Or, maybe YOU became the authority figure and go-to accountability person.

And now, you get a lovely break from all that. Saturn has sailed into Sagittarius, your eleventh house of friendships, groups and technology, where it will stay until December 19, 2017. This will spell opportunities, and perhaps invitations to join powerhouse in prestigious but progressive groups. Digital endeavors will get a lovely boost from Saturn here, too. (Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here: www.astrostyle.com/saturn-in-sagittarius.)

2015 brings four paradigm-shifting eclipses. We have an April 4 total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra, your ninth house of travel, study and the higher mind. You’re aching for MEANING in your life—something big and visionary that makes a difference and leaves your unique stamp on the world. The September 27 Aries total lunar eclipse touches your communication house, bringing news, messages, books, conversations and information that could shift the course of events. Writing, teaching and publishing could also be part of the events that accompany these two eclipses.

A concurrent new eclipse series also begins this year, on the Virgo/ Pisces axis. These solar (new moon) eclipses are in your financial houses, so circle March 20 and September 13 for dates when the cosmos could bring new opportunities or approaches to spending, saving, budgeting, earning and investing. These eclipses will run until 2017, so get ready for some exciting new fiscal adventures, courtesy of the stars.


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